Latin for Bird Lovers

20160301-075744.jpg New book titles are arriving at the shops each week. Books about design, art, food, life and yes, birds. Birds have played a very big role at both shops since they opened, with a section devoted to them, always. There are lotttts of us fans out there. Latin for Bird Lovers explores over 3000 bird names, with beautiful illustrations to follow them up. The perfect gift for any bird lover in your life. I think it makes a swell coffee table addition as you can refer back to it time and again plus you can read snippets here and there. We are always more than happy to write an inscription in a book for you, do a fab wrap on it, as well as ship it out.

A lovely first day of March to all!
From rainy but oh so green Seattle,

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  1. Oooh, Ted, don’t tease us! I truly hope you will be sharing some of the new books in the shop with those of us who must browse online.

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