Saying Thank You, Often

20160407-032610.jpg Thank You. Those 2 words when placed next to one another can be so powerful. I really feel those words can’t be said, written or expressed enough in our world. This post is meant to be a thank you to all of you–for reading the blog, following along, sending e-mails, saying kind words in person, sending notes. From Boston to Brisbane, Berkeley to Bangkok, to right across the lake in Bellevue, and so many other places and from so many kind folks, I have received such incredibly heartfelt words of thanks. That the daily posts brought inspiration, a smile, thought, happiness, connection. I have been asked often over this close to 5 years since I started writing each morning, why I do it. I think each and every one of us has something unique & special in our lives to share, along with so many different avenues in which to do so. In ways big and small. For me writing each day to you all is a way of sharing a thought, idea, flower, quote, shop good, recipe–whatever inspires me at that moment. It is about sharing, making us all, myself included, aware of all the beauty that is around us each and every moment. We just have to see it, be aware of it, be thankful for it. Life can throw at us all sorts of not good things. These things can at times outweigh or dampen the ability to see the good. My hope is that the post each day is a reminder of that good & beauty in our world. Again, in ways both big and small. I find it such an honor to be part of a moment of your day. Your kindness along the way has always been such an inspiration to me. For that, I say, thank you, to you.

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  1. And I was going to write you today to say “Thank you.” I spent a cold and rainy Chicago afternoon yesterday reading Style and Simplicity. What a wonderful book. I am ordering copies for my daughter and daughter-in-law. Your love of details and hospitality are wonderfully welcome. I know I’ll be re-reading it often. As a former giftware buyer, I love your retail tales! What a beautiful shop you must have.

  2. Shelby Patient

    Always a pleasure to read your blog Ted and shop the stores. I especially wanted to comment today (I don’t usually make comments) as I couldn’t agree more with those two words and everything you said. My mom just passed away and I am in Arizona taking care of things and I have spoken those words so much this past week for a multitude of reasons.glad to have some time today to pull up the blog and enjoy what you are sharing.

  3. Oh Shelby, so very sorry to hear about your Mom. Sending tons of love your way, Ted

  4. Janet, so kind of you. Thank YOU! Happy you are enjoying my book and a big MERCI for giving it as gifts. Ted

  5. No. Thank you. You are the sweetest, kindest person.

  6. Thank you for your thoughtful posts. I always know there will be one everyday. Visiting your store would be amazing. Have a beautiful weekend! Kellys

  7. I’ve commented when bailey was ill…
    and when I’ve been simply ‘blown away’ by a particular post… which is more often than my comments!
    but I have not nearly thanked you enough EVER!
    each day you bring delight… thoughtfulness… beauty… advice (I tried a wine you recommended and loved it) and simply glorious inspiration for life itself!
    we treasure you my ted. both teds! never forget that! XOXO♥ and hug bailey for me!

  8. Ted: I love your blog and loved your book. Both are a treasure. We have way too much “ugly” overload in this world. Everything you said today is so true. This world needs you, your thoughts and your vision. Simply, you “scatter joy!” You are a gift to all of us!

  9. Ted, you are an absolute gem! I feel fortunate to have found your blog. The posts, the photos (especially the flowers) are a treasured part of my day. As a charter member of the TKW fan club I reserve the right to share the magic of “Style and Simplicity” whenever and wherever I please. Honestly Ted, you truly are the best!

  10. Right back at you Mary–you are the BEST!!!

  11. Sandra, so very kind of you. Thank you for your lovely words/sentiment. Ted

  12. Thank you for such lovely words and merci for following along. You made my day! Ted

  13. Ted, Thank you for the kindness you show everyday in so many ways. It is always such a lovely way to start my day by reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful homes with us, your family, friends, Bailey and everything else that is an inspiration to living a beautiful life.

  14. You are so welcome! Thank you for the kind, kind words. Merci for following along, Ted

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