Seeking Beauty More Than Ever

20160614-072028.jpg I find myself seeking beauty even more than I normally do when my heart is so heavy. Again, feeling at such a loss for words. So today I send you all tons of love and thoughts of beauty or whatever it may be that brings you happiness at a time of turmoil.
A big hug from me,


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  1. Ted, I feel your pain. God bless you. Linda

  2. Some quiet time reflecting in my rose garden today
    There are no words……
    Big hugs and love to you both

  3. Hugs back to you and yours.

  4. Oh yes. Beauty, kindness, friendship, love. Living a full life with intention. Learning, forgiving, making a difference. You get it my friend. I try to pass it on … to inspire others to see the good, forgive the foolish, challenge the bullies. Oh I hope we can get it right this coming year. I’m worried. Thank you for an uplifting, inspiring post each day.

  5. Ted: I especially enjoyed and appreciated your post today. The events in Orlando have once again torn at the very core of all that is good and beautiful. The exact reason we are all here – to teach good, kindness, love, respect and an appreciation of all things beautiful in the world. My column, I write for the online newspaper “The Clarksburg Post,” is called Creating Beauty. Someway, somehow from my little corner of the world, small town West Virginia, my goal is to help my readers to understand beauty and that it is central to our well being as humans. It causes us to be better people and it has such a ripple effect. My hope is those ripples will help to soften the hatred in our world.

    Ted, you are such an inspiration to those of us seeking beauty and all things good. You scatter joy in the daily lives of so many. You are all about creating beauty, seeing the good in the world and helping us to see everything around us with different eyes. Be so happy for that, because you do it very well and it is your gift.

    In closing, a favorite quote of mine is by Fyodor Dostoevsky and it is: “Beauty will save the world.” And, I know it will.

    Love to you,

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