Our LJF 2017 Watson Kennedy Calender Towels Have Arrived!

Box after box arrived from France last week filled with our 2017 Le Jacquard Francais Watson Kennedy calendar towels.  I order more each year and we sell out quicker each year.  This is the earliest they have ever come in, so it is fun to have them available so soon. These make one stylish gift.  I like to wrap one around a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or wine as a host/hostess gift.  Customers have told me they frame them, use them as a small table cover, and of course use them to dry dishes.  Give us a ring at the shop if one or many interests you.  800.991.9361  We are always more than happy to ship some for you too.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Scrumptious! Can’t wait for them to arrive!

  2. Very much enjoyed receiving one of these as an “extra” from you when I stocked up in the store, oh, over a year ago now. Must return. You are one of my favorite places in Seattle, from when I started visiting a long time ago, until, now, living here.

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