Flower Friday from Hawthorne 

Use what you have, be creative, and enjoy the very most out of all of it–my motto for flowers, and certainly for life, as well.  Flower Friday comes to you from Hawthorne where at the moment it is a spectacularly sunny, crisp Autumn October day.  There is a mixture of grocery store, farmers market and things culled from the property blooms in the house–hydrangea, mums and lilies.  They all make me wildly happy.  I hope they bring you a bit of visual enjoyment too!

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  1. Wow! Beautiful flowers ♥

  2. Just so so lovely. I can almost feel the cooler air and smell the drying of another season. After a long brutal day, this is where I come with a glass of red to de-stress and fall into my happy place. Even tho I so rarely comment, I am always lurking. TKW take me away!

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