Ted’s Tip No. 83

If you are setting a table this Thanksgiving, or really anytime, keep in mind flowers don’t have to be just for the center of the table.  You can scatter blooms about, in addition to a stunning grouping in the middle.  Or create little arrangements and have them at each setting or dotted around the table.  Bottom line, getting a little creative with your flowers, however simple or grand, will bring huge visual enjoyment to your guests.  And you.

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  1. I love this tip! I am in charge of setting the table this year at a dear friend’s house. This is such a great idea to create little arrangements for each setting – that allows room for the food to take center stage without sacrificing beauty!

  2. Hope it was a fun event! SOOOOOOO good to see you last month. We should make it a yearly dinner. Happy New Year!!! Much, much love,

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