Watson Kennedy Fine Living Turns 18 Today!

And what a glorious 18 years it has been!  The shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, where the Watson Kennedy retail journey began, celebrates its birthday today.  I catch myself saying more often how “time flies” and that once again is quite applicable.  Even after all those years, I still pinch myself a bit when I slip my key into the door, thinking how lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have a shop in the iconic Pike Place Market in that incredibly special spot in the courtyard.  I thank all of you who have been such loyal supporters over the years.  You are what make this whole journey so deeply meaningful.  Cheers to you and cheers to 18 more years!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your 18th anniversary. I wish you many more happy years! Robin

  2. Congratulations on not only the Pike Place store but for everything else that you do to show how special retailing can be! You set the bar for all others, and your daily blog is a living masterpiece that I can’t live without. Thank you and your team. Have a great Holiday Season!

    Dave Baron

  3. Congratulations Ted! I think it is the courtyard that is fortunate to have YOU!

  4. Cheers and congratulations Ted! I still love your book. It still inspires…

  5. Thank You! And Happy New Year to you!!!

  6. Happy New Year Jennifer! Would love to see you if you ever make it to Seattle to visit. I know there is a bottle of Veuve with our name on it and we can catch up. XX, T

  7. Thank you, thank you! So happy you enjoy the shops and the blog. Hope your Holidays were grand, Ted

  8. Thank you! Happy New Year Robin!!!

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