The Start of a Tradition

Flower Friday is not so much about a bloom this week, but about saying farewell to our Christmas tree.  We don’t do a tree each year, so when we do we try and get the most enjoyment out of it, for as long as we can.  We were determined to try and keep it through the 12 days of Christmas as I just liked the symbolism of it.  We ate Panettone last night as we took off the ornaments while jazz filled the air.  It is our first time to do this.  If you partake in Twelfth Night as part of your family holiday, please let me know what you do.  I love the idea of the tradition of it and would like to incorporate it into ours. Happy Friday everyone!  

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  1. We celebrated the 12 days of Christmas this year as we have been renovating our home and it was finished on 12/23 and we still wanted to put up a tree for a few weeks.

    However, as a native New Orleanian, we celebrate Twelth Night every year as the start of the Carnival season with redbeans and rice and king cake shipped from New Orleans to Washington, DC.

  2. Here in Italy, we celebrate epiphany on the 6th of January. Same when we lived in Austria. 3 children, dressed up as the three wise men, made the rounds of the neighborhood, and inscribed the entry door, in chalk. I find it a lovely tradition. Best to you, Ted and Bailey, for 2017, Robin

  3. Robin, Happy New Year to you!!!

  4. LOVE that idea–thank you! And Happy New Year to you!!!

  5. I always celebrate January 6…. 12th night… Epiphany… We had dinner for 10 w/ friends… Had to do it today … The 7th as we had ice and snow here in Dallas yesterday … It was all gone by this afternoon…in Europe they Celabrate the season til the 6th…. At St. Michael All Angels(episcopal church I attend) they have a beautiful service to celebrate Epiphany…

  6. We, too, celebrate the arrival of the Wise Men, who begin travel around our house (and sometimes to office and school as well) on December 25. We chalk the doors, enjoy fresh baked Epiphany Bread, and treasure the last days with our French santons, collected over 30 years, before packing them carefully away for next year.

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