Hydrangea Happiness

Actually, make that MAJOR Hydrangea Happiness! My oh my, they are out in full force and are quite something. On our drive to the ferry to take us to the island, we pass one of the most breathtaking masses of hydrangea I have ever been lucky enough to set my eyes on. We have never stopped for me to take photos. The other evening we did. That might have been when you heard a holler of glee! Had to share some of them with you all on this Flower Friday. Hope all is well in your world and you are having just the best July. From Seattle. Big Hugs, Ted

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  1. Debbie Albrecht

    I feel hugged by the most heavenly blue gorgeous flowers and the warmth of a friend! Thanks, Ted Happy Weekend! Debbie

  2. Deep dark blue hydrangeas always remind me of very happy summers spent on Block Island. We have a very energetic bright pink bush at home that is producing beyond all expectations this summer,

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