Mums The Word

Late, late Summer and you start seeing pot after pot of mums appearing. I pulled into the parking lot at the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store a few days after we arrived and the entrance was overflowing with pots. Yesterday when I ran down for a few things, just a handful remained. I had not been a big fan of chrysanthemum in the past, but the last few years I have changed my tune. A big pot of them are just happy. Plus they are hugely affordable. At $5 a plant, I picked up two and for a little more than a few coffees we were treated to their beauty out on the picnic table right outside the back porch. I am sure the price varies a bit from region to region, but my guess is they are not hugely more. What a fun gift to present to someone out of the blue! A lovey Flower Friday to you all…

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