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Flowering Kale

The variety of flowering kale or cabbage roses at the Market right now are pretty spectacular. VERY of the season as the chill in the air swirls about and we plan for Thanksgiving. You can tell from these images how tough it was to decide which to take home, with all of them so uniquely beautiful. They are our Flower Friday pick of the week.



My Favorite Things Today 

My Favorite Things Today could also be called ‘Things I Like’ which includes this decoupaged tray by New York artist John Derian. Many, many treats caught my eye this past week as the unpacking & displaying was at a steady hum. 



Happy Dance Flowering Kale

I often buy our flowers on Saturday morning from the stalls at the Market. I like buying from the farmers who actually grow the blooms–so appreciative of all the hard work that goes into their entire process. From growing, to bringing to their stall, to selling the blooms, to packing it all up at the end of the day, to starting all over the next day. Many are so kind and often soft spoken. A few of my favorites have a sparkle in their eye when I ask them a question about their flowers, as I know how proud they are of them. The sign for these said ‘Flowering Kale’ but when I asked she said in a softly sweet tone, “But I like to think of them as my cabbage roses” as she wrapped up the big bundle for me. They did a happy dance down the middle of the Sunday supper table out on the island.



WK Holiday Kick-off Open House This Saturday

Please join us this coming Saturday, the 18th of November, for our kick-off to the season Holiday Open House at our First & Spring location. It will be a festive day with all sorts of fun happening. Robin from Pollard Coffee will be pouring our Watson Kennedy Special Blend from 10 to noon. From noon to 2 the kind folks from Seattle Canning Company will be serving their beyond yummy treats atop Sea Wolf bread. Jeanne McKay Hartmann will be painting in shop from 1 to 4, creating her annual Holiday piece that has become a WK tradition-they are the fabulousness below. Throughout the day we will be pouring a special bubbly Gruet concoction as well as sparkling apple cider. We will be offering our signature gift wrap to all your shop purchases. It is always such a delightful day, I so hope you can join us! 



Ted’s Tip No. 123

Leafy plants in your yard can become a quick, simple but oh stylish arrangement in a pinch. Plus they make great gifts too.



An Albert Hadley Sunday Thought 



Seattle Canning Co. at Watson Kennedy 

Just In, a tasty new line of treats for us from our beloved Vashon Island, by Seattle Canning Company. A maker of handmade, small batch, specialty sauces, chutneys, relishes, and pickled fresh vegetables. They preserve natural goodness one jar at a time! As we head into the busy Holiday season, lovely to have jars of things at the ready when you are hosting as well as to have handy for gifts. A person favorite, Vashon Island pickles. Oh my! Look for lots of new things being highlighted in the next two months on my daily blog posts. Not all will make it onto the Watson Kennedy website, but never fear, just give us a ring during shop hours toll-free at 1.800.991.9361 if anything catches you eye. You can also e-mail me directly too. Happy Saturday!



A Bundled Up Flower Friday

May your November Friday be a grand one as we head into the week-end… A big hug from Seattle, Ted



Setting the Table Before You Leave In the Morning

Having a nice meal after a long work day is good for the soul. Whether that meal involves ordering take-out or cooking, sitting and enjoying the moment and reflecting on the day is a ritual I know so many of us enjoy immensely. But setting the table can also be an added stress and take time. If I know we are going to be home a tad later than usual, I like to quickly set the table before we head out the door in the morning. I find it energizes me a bit, thinking of the relaxing supper that awaits when we get back home. All that is left to do when we return is to light the candles and away we go.



Cartwright & Butler Exquisite Biscuits 

You know I love good packaging, and these biscuit tins by Cartwright & Butler from Yorkshire, England score an A+ in my book. But equally impressive are the cookies, or being properly British, biscuits, which are pretty out of this world. We opened a tin the moment we unpacked them at the shop and it was hard not to finish the package. Served with tea or coffee, as dessert, or just when you need a treat, they are pretty scrumptious, or better yet, exquisite. AND, kind of the best part, when all is said & done, you are left with this delightful tin to use to hold whatever you desire. I think it would look pretty swell as a vase holding tulips.