Cartwright & Butler Exquisite Biscuits 

You know I love good packaging, and these biscuit tins by Cartwright & Butler from Yorkshire, England score an A+ in my book. But equally impressive are the cookies, or being properly British, biscuits, which are pretty out of this world. We opened a tin the moment we unpacked them at the shop and it was hard not to finish the package. Served with tea or coffee, as dessert, or just when you need a treat, they are pretty scrumptious, or better yet, exquisite. AND, kind of the best part, when all is said & done, you are left with this delightful tin to use to hold whatever you desire. I think it would look pretty swell as a vase holding tulips. 

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  1. I don’t see these on the website, and agree they’d make a great gift! Should I call for pricing and shipping info?

  2. Which ones did you open? Looks like there are three kinds but I can’t read the labels.

  3. The salted caramel–sooooo good!

  4. Yes please, always call the shop if not on our website.

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