Setting the Table Before You Leave In the Morning

Having a nice meal after a long work day is good for the soul. Whether that meal involves ordering take-out or cooking, sitting and enjoying the moment and reflecting on the day is a ritual I know so many of us enjoy immensely. But setting the table can also be an added stress and take time. If I know we are going to be home a tad later than usual, I like to quickly set the table before we head out the door in the morning. I find it energizes me a bit, thinking of the relaxing supper that awaits when we get back home. All that is left to do when we return is to light the candles and away we go.

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  1. What a beautiful table arrangement!

  2. How beautiful – I want to come over with a glass of wine and just enjoy the ambiance. I LOVE your style Ted.

  3. I always love your style – this just makes me want to bring over the wine and sit and enjoy the ambiance!

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