Loretta Trevino Painting Raffle at WK

We had the great pleasure of having artist Loretta Trevino painting at our Anniversary Holiday Open House this past Saturday. A Pacific Northwest native who now resides in Texas, she charmed all who stopped to chat with her while she painted her iconic houses. In the spirit of the passing holiday of thanks, Loretta thought it might be fun to raffle off one of her works. “Washington Barn” will go to the lucky winner, chosen this Friday. Simply leave a comment here, or on the Watson Kennedy social media platforms of Instagram or Facebook, of what you are MOST GRATEFUL FOR this season. You have until the end of the day this Thursday to enter. Good luck! 

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  1. Becky deVries-Wong

    I am grateful for the choices I have in life. To have choices is a wonderful gift that many do not have. It gives you so many opportunities. I’m also so very grateful for the love of many family and friends who share their lives with me.

  2. I enjoy the simple moments of each day. I treasure the time I spend with family and friends.
    I like to be still and listen and be present. That is when I know that this life is truly a blessing.

  3. I am grateful for our green, drippy, edgy, sparkling, populated by blue people Pacific Northwest.

  4. I am most grateful for friends and family who are all thankful to be in each other’s company. No dramas just being kind to one another. It is the best.

  5. Deanna Nollette

    I am thankful to live in a city that supports art and shops that celebrate beauty, comfort, and joy.

  6. Karen R. Watson

    I am grateful for health, family & friends. I am grateful for the beauty that can be found in every day things – a snow dusting in winter, an azalea blossom in spring, early sun in summer and a fallen colorful leaf in the fall. Your blog brings inspiration and smiles often – thank you!

  7. So grateful to have my whole family together this season for the first time in two years. My youngest son just returned from two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Comoros, West Africa.

  8. Hi Ted,

    There are a myriad of things for which I am grateful this year, but Ted, since you asked for the thing for which I am MOST GRATEFUL, it would have to be the good health of myself and those I love.

    Without this blessing all other gifts cannot be fully enjoyed and this can too often be overlooked as the holidays beg us to dash about madly without giving sufficient thanks for our blessings . I appreciate this opportunity to focus on the thing for which I am MOST GRATEFUL.

    Kind regards,
    Carol in Tennessee

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