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On the Menu, a Heavy Dose of Greens, Please

Each Hawthorne visit, a few new goodies from the shop make their way into our suitcase. That helps add that layered ‘collected over time’ look & feel we both like so much. This trip it was the trellis placemats and the large gingham napkins I kept eyeing every time I walked by the display at the First & Spring shop.

The green ribbon orb a gift from our friend, the artist Denise Fiedler, also made its way cross country in our bag. White lilacs from caretaker Bill’s property that he brought over the day after we arrived as he knows how much I like them. Then a variety of other green things pulled from the cabinets and dinner for two was served.



Ted’s Tip No. 150

Revel in the simple–the small every day things. Find joy in all the beauty that surrounds us in many ways. We just have to see it…



A Sunday Quote On The Power of Love 



A Hanging Flower Basket, Another Way

There it was, looking all pretty and so full of flowers it was just bursting at the seams. Well, make that bursting out of the pot. Only challenge is I was not looking for a hanging basket of blooms, but rather a big pot of flowers for one of the galvanized buckets we found at Brimfield last year. Out came the wire cutters and away went the strands that formed the hook. A pot from the kitchen turned upside down went in the middle of the bucket to give some extra height to the flowers. We were off and running. These should be perfect for all the alfresco meals we will have this stay. 



Crazy for Lilacs 

When we drove up to the house the other evening, the first thing that caught my eye was the overflowing lilac bush. Caretaker Bill had sent me a photo days before of it, but seeing it in person had me almost weepy it was so abundant. I hopped out of bed early yesterday morning with the excitement of filling up the house with them. TPS went to work cutting bunches & bunches and soon the heady scent filled not only the spaces, but my heart. Here are a few spots they landed. Happy Flower Friday all!



Enveloped in Green

After a many hour delay spent hanging out in the Milwaukee Airport we had a smooth flight to New York and a rainy ride up to Hawthorne arriving late last night. The greens of the house enveloping us with a big hug. Lots of fun stuff on the docket this stay. The above image of parsley from the Hawthorne Valley Farm. Seemed pretty fitting & perfect in every way. Oh, and the lilacs are looking pretty darn swell! Sending love from the Hudson Valley, T2+B



Friday Night Pizza and Martinis 

Wine & Dine Wednesday has nothing to do with wine this week but it does about dining. I have written a bunch in the past of our Friday night tradition of having guests over for pizza & martinis. The above table was from last Friday where we had the artist Mindy Carpenter and her friend Kelly over the night before she presented her floral painting workshop. Oh the laughs we had! The post today is really about starting a tradition and changing it up to fit your needs. Pizza becomes Chinese take-out and martinis become wine. It really is about getting together with friends. Tweak the tradition how best fits the eve or group of folks you are inviting. I always set the table the night before or morning of so we can come home from work, light a few candles, turn on the music, order the food and wait for our guests to arrive.



A Tuesday Quote & Thought 

I was asked to be a speaker for a panel discussion last week for a professional services organization Mister Sive has been President of, SMPS, The Society of Marketing Professional Services. It was a lively discussion with folks from other professions. The idea was to get a good mix of other people from differing work arenas to see what we all had in common. The word ’empathy’ became the common bond between all of us. Here is the definition:




the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

I had found the above quote weeks ago and have been waiting for just the right time to post it. Today is the day as the word has been swirling around in my head since the presentation last Thursday. We flew to Milwaukee on Mother’s Day to see my mum. At 91 she is still as feisty as ever. Being with her is also a constant reminder of my father, who was and continues to be a daily source of inspiration to me, even though he died over 30 years ago. He lived the definition of empathy and instilled it in me as a value that was at the top of the list. In this time of much tumult and divide in our country and world, it is a word, a definition, an action that must be front and center. Call it humanity, the action of faith, or just wanting to be a better human being–to be able to understand and share the feelings of another in our day to day will help to make things better.



Ted’s Tip No. 149

Use the leaves of flowers, in this case hydrangea, as placecards. It is an earthy, natural, use what you have, resourceful way to be creative. Use markers or crayons or watercolors to write the name.



Happy Mother’s Day