Anatomy of a Display

Putting together a shop display is really very similar to how I would arrange things at home. Color becomes the driving force. The above a table I put together the other day where the inspiration was the color of a tin of snack mix seasoned with Old Bay, that was in the vignette. The colors of red, yellow, navy and tan instantly got my mind racing. I pulled tons of product with those colors and started layering the table. The same concept would hold true if you were arranging a bookshelf or setting a table. Even choosing furniture for a room. Be inspired by color and then layer, layer, layer.

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  1. Hi Ted!

    Just popping in to say a sincere Thank You!, not specifically for this post but for all of your posts. They bring a brightness, convey a bit of joy, and inspiration but no criticism, cynicism, or doom. There are very few emails that I look for much less forward to except for your email. They are a bit of sunshine each and every day. On those days when you wonder if the effort you put into these emails matter, please know that it does matter and it is genuinely appreciated.

    Thanks again and have a lovely day!

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