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How Do I Love Thee?

Let me count the ways at Watson Kennedy. Both shops brimming with sweet treats to give to your sweetie, your friends, your co-workers. Valentine Day’s is such a lovely day of to show LOVE. Be it a card, a gift, a kiss or a hug. We have you covered for a few of those! Plus we will be wrapping away from the start to the finish of the day.



A Day at the Show

The first day of the show was a visual feast. Choices, choices, choices. I am like a kid in a candy store. A very large candy store, The Javitz Center. I remembered to pull out the trusty camera phone a few times so here is a look, from candles to cutting boards, at some of what is coming our way.



My Favorite Things Today

The new year brings new delights at the shops–to read, to taste, to hold, to give, to receive. Here are a few of My Favorite Things Today. 



A Quick Redisplay

The concept of redisplay is not all that much different in the shops as it is for all of us in our home. Whether it be a bookshelf or a tabletop, the same thought process I use when doing a display can be interchangeable.  In the above case, I did not want an entirely different look.  I was just looking to refresh what was already there, by adding some new items and taking away some of what was already there. This also allowed me to dust a bit, as I moved things around.  So when all was said and done, it was not only refreshed but it was cleaned–a two in one, in my mind.  It can take little to no time at all, but the results can freshen up parts of your home, always a delight as we move into a new year.  



Corporate Gifts & Party Favors at WK

As we head into the busy week before Christmas, just know we are here to help with your gift giving needs, big or small.  We can wrap up and have ready treats for office parties,  a soirée at your home, or corporate gifts for your crew.  Give me a jingle directly at 206.617.9678 if in need of some stylish group gifting. 



My Favorite Things Today

We are coming up on the last day to order from the Watson Kennedy website which is this Wednesday, to guarantee delivery by the 24th.  We can expedite shipping after that, but it becomes a little more costly. So I thought I would show you this variety of images today of things I have posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter this last month.  Just a variety of fun foursomes, of things to give, or keep, this festive season.  




Just In, DO/PRESERVE, a perfect book for that someone on your list that likes to make things. Really tasty things.  A gift that will create gifts.  Our friend Mimi is one of the authors.  You might remember me mentioning her as she and her husband Richard own Little Ghent Farm.  Mimi makes some of the best bread I have ever been so fortunate to enjoy.  We always have a loaf going when we are at Hawthorne. The shelves at their farm shop are always brimming with jars of things she has made.  Now she shares some of her secrets on making some of those gems. We have a good stack of the book at the Home shop all ready to be wrapped up. Just give us a ring if you need one or a few shipped out.  



Design Books As Gifts

We have a section at both shops of design books.  It is an area where I see folks go to and become gleeful with ideas as they leaf through page after page of inspiration. Almost seeming to get lost amongst the pages.  That is why design books make great gifts. They become almost like giving a little mini-trip. Where the recepient is given a host of rooms/places to dream.  A bit like giving a piece of functional art, as the book itself looks great out on a coffee or sidetable or on a stylish bookshelf.



WK Fine Living Holiday Open House

Please join us tomorrow, Saturday, at our Watson Kennedy Fine Living shop in the Pike Place Market, for our Holiday Open House.  From 10 to 6.  Gruet & grapefruit mimosas and sparkling cider along with Louis Sherry truffles will be served.  We will be busy wrapping up gifts galore.  To give, or receive.  It is always such a fun, festive day. I so hope you can join us if you are in the area.  For those of you readers from afar, feel free to click away 24/7 at for close to a thousand of the goods we offer.  



Watson Kennedy Fine Living Turns 18 Today!

And what a glorious 18 years it has been!  The shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, where the Watson Kennedy retail journey began, celebrates its birthday today.  I catch myself saying more often how “time flies” and that once again is quite applicable.  Even after all those years, I still pinch myself a bit when I slip my key into the door, thinking how lucky/fortunate/blessed I am to have a shop in the iconic Pike Place Market in that incredibly special spot in the courtyard.  I thank all of you who have been such loyal supporters over the years.  You are what make this whole journey so deeply meaningful.  Cheers to you and cheers to 18 more years!!!