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A Sunday Christmas & Chanukah Thought



Last Minute Gifts & Shop Hours Today

Whether it be a stocking stuffer or your a main gift, both shops are well-stocked and merrily staffed today for your holiday shopping needs.  We will be wrapping throughout the day.  Both locations will open at 10 this morning.  The Fine Home store at First & Spring will close at 5.  TPS & I, along with Miss Bailey, will continue our tradition and work the Fine Living shop together as we have since we first opened–this being our 19th holiday season.  We then head across the courtyard and continue the tradition, staying at the Inn at the Market, waking up in the Market on Christmas morning.  We stay open a tad later, catching any last, last minute folks in need, closing at 6.  

From all of us at Watson Kennedy, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah.  



A Passionate Sunday Thought



A Saturday, Fill in the Blank Quote 

singing loudly, even though I sing terribly, and making up funny voices.  Just ask any of our nieces…
How about you?