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Table For Two

On a rainy, blustery evening the table was set for two. Take-out was on the menu. But why not set the table and elevate the experience, right? Honor the meal, as I like to say. The lilies were a screaming deal at the grocery store, filling up a glass compote dating back to my showroom days. Then a bunch of candles got lit and we were off and running. Or dining in this case. We have a new place right around the corner called Neon Taco that makes these killer ribs. Their rice & beans along with a cabbage slaw we whipped up and dinner was served.



The Holiday Gift Guides Continued

With a week left for guaranteed shipping by Christmas, I thought I would post another round of gift guides. Lots of Watson Kennedy goodies to give, or receive. All wrapped up in our signature paper. Many of these things will never make it onto our website as they are either one of a kind or in limited supply. Give us a call at 1.800.991.9361 to order if something catches your eye. Happy shopping! Shipping around the globe, daily.

Gift Guide No. 22

Gift Guide No. 23

Gift Guide No. 24

Gift Guide No. 25

Gift Guide No. 26

Gift Guide No. 27

Gift Guide No. 28

Gift Guide No. 29



A Fresh Round of Hugo Guinness Works at WK

Just In, and back from our new framer in Seattle, over 40 new works by Brooklyn artist Hugo Guinness. We house his linoleum cut prints in vintage frames we find on our travels. Both shops have a lovely variety of them. Hugo’s work is collected around the world–his iconic singular image pieces spiff up any wall they grace.



Inspiration In Red and Green

This time of year I especially love red and green together. Or separately. Does not matter. But when combined they do have a jolly-ness to them. The hues in many forms are the inspiration for the post today.



The Holiday Gift Guides Continued

As promised from last week, an update of the gift guides I have posted in the last 7 days. Many of these things are not on the Watson Kennedy website so if something catches your eye, give us a ring at the shop at 800.991.9361 or shoot us an email at and refer to the guide number and we can assist you. Happy shopping!

Gift Guide No. 15

Gift Guide No. 16

Gift Guide No. 17

Gift Guide No. 18

Gift Guide No. 19

Gift Guide No. 20

Gift Guide No. 21



Livia Cetti Paper Geraniums

Bundles of single stems and potted paper geraniums by Livia Cetti from New York arrived at the shops recently. Her work is exquisite, the detail work of the painting of the leaves quite something. The petal of the blooms hard to tell they are not real. I knew some would have to come home with me. We have been so smitten with the jasmine that has been growing through a small crack in our living room window I wanted to recreate it in a few other windows in the apartment. The geranium stems would be just the ticket. The potted plant on the bar in the kitchen finding a happy home as a real one would not get enough sun. No watering required! Livia’s work makes me supremely happy. Whether a single stem or many, they can’t help but make you smile. Both shops have a lovely variety.



More Holiday Gift Guides

Lots more lovelies to give or receive. All wrapped up in our signature Watson Kennedy tissue. As promised, the next seven guides. More next week…

Gift Guide No. 8

Gift Guide No. 9

Gift Guide No. 10

Gift Guide No. 11

Gift Guide No. 12

Gift Guide No. 13

Gift Guide No. 14



Holiday Gift Guides

A few weeks ago I started posting a daily ‘Gift Guide’ on Instagram which then gets picked up our FB and Twitter feeds. I woke up the other day thinking, why am I not sharing these on the daily blog? So here you have it! Many of these things will never make it onto our website as they are either one of a kind or in limited supply. Give us a call at 1.800.991.9361 to order if something catches your eye. Or shoot us an e-mail at Refer to the guide number if questions arise. Happy shopping! More tomorrow…

Gift Guide No. 1

Gift Guide No. 2

Gift Guide No. 3

Gift Guide No. 4

Gift Guide No. 5

Gift Guide No. 6

Gift Guide No. 7



Holiday Open House/WK 20th Anniversary Celebration

Please join us today, Saturday, as we celebrate our 20th anniversary as well as our Holiday Open House at our Pike Place Market shop. From 10 to 6 libations will be served, Ella (among others) will fill the air and we will be wrapping the day away.



Watson Kennedy Turns 20 Today!

How appropriate that it is a rainy here in Seattle today, much like it was on the Monday we opened our doors 20 years ago to the day. I still feel a rush of excitement when I walk into the courtyard of the Inn at the Market for the shopkeeping day ahead. It has and continues to be an awesome journey. Thanks to all of you who have been a part of it. If you are in the hood these next few days, please stop in and say hi, we would love to see you. The Anniversary/Holiday Open House is tomorrow at the shop, so come on in for a little shopping and a libation. Cheers to the next 20!