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Pink & Green Blooms

Flower Friday brings us these jaunty blooms with a preppy pink & green vibe. The are quite, quite pretty just as they are, but once the magical dance of them opening begins, look out. Each one a little masterpiece.



Two in One

Sometimes you get an extra special bloom, where there are two heads on a stem. They are like finding a four leaf clover in my book. Which leads me to–Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and Happy Flower Friday!



Wintery Whites

There is just something I find wonderfully soothing about white blooms. Massed together, they create a symphony of beauty. A quick few snaps yesterday at one of my favorite flower stalls captured both hyacinth and tulips. Wintery whites on a chilly, rainy day but they have me thinking of Spring on this Flower Friday.



More Yellow Fluttery Goodness

The sun was streaming through the shutters so beautifully, creating lines all over the dining room table and illuminating the creamy slightly washed out yellow tulips, almost to the point where they looked like they were being lit from within. Flowers can often have a spiritual quality. These certainly did. They also had a bit of a peony vibe to them. I just had to stop and gaze every chance I could. They are our Flower Friday bloom for all of you to enjoy too.



Yellow Fluttery Goodness 

These yellow tulips are brightening up the rainy/chilly days and can’t help but make me smile on this Flower Friday. Hope they do for you too!



Happy Hyacinth In Any Time Zone 

My oh my, what a sight to see those buckets of hyacinth last week at the Market on a chilly, rainy Seattle Winter day. Pure heaven. Looking at the images while in snowy New York makes me think of Spring on this Flower Friday.



Flower Friday, Tulips

My Market strolls have been a little flower light the past months, so I am happy to report that Alm Hill Gardens is back in full swing with bucket after bucket of glorious tulips. While I think of them as a Spring bloom, they make my heart sing even greater on these chilly, rainy days of Winter, injecting hits of energizing color and major Flower Friday happiness.



Alm Hill Gardens Tulips Have Arrived!

It is always a supremely joyful sight & day to see the colorful TULIPS sign that Alm Hill Gardens hangs above their stall at the Market is flying about.  Such is the case late last week.  Bucket after bucket of their divine hothouse tulips just in time for the festive holiday week ahead.  Their stall is at the end of Pine Street–tell them Ted sent you if you are in the neighborhood and in need of a hit of tulip happiness.  



The Market Tulips Have Arrived

They have arrived! On these chilly, rainy days, it is so great to be greeted by bucket after bucket of happy tulips. It is quite a site. Alm Hill Gardens, one of my very favorite growers has once again set up shop in a Market stall at the base of Pine Street. They actually started selling the tulips on the first, but yesterday was my first foray of this new year. Seeing them all just starts the day off with a creative bang.








A Market Favorite

20141005-075033.jpg I really try and not play favorites, doing my best to spread the love around on my Market shopping days. But there are a handful of vendors that I always make a point to visit. Alm Hill Gardens is one that is always at the top of my list. I wrote about lemon cucumbers awhile back and I have had so many inquires as to where to find them as folks are just not finding a source. They are tough little ones to find, but Saturday mornings at the Alm Hill Gardens stall on the cobblestone at the end of Pine Street is where I have been buying them almost weekly the last few months. Tell Max Ted sent you. 3 lemon cucumbers for a buck will end up being the best dollar you have spent for the week. Their organic produce is always top notch. The little heirloom tomatoes we have been getting this past month make my mouth water typing this. Here are some other lovely things that caught my eye yesterday morning in this truly visual space of stellar produce.