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Watercolor-ish Tulips

Flower Friday brings a vase of exquisitely dancing tulips that almost look like they have been painted with watercolors. The light coming through the shutters was incredibly diffused, creating all sorts of interesting things going on with the image. The tulips some of my very favorite as they start creamy, then opening up with stripes of red and turning the lightest, lightest buttery yellow. Thought you would enjoy. Happy Friday all. Have the BEST weekend!



Vibrant Fluttery Yellow Tulips

Yellow has been the theme so far this tulip season. Yesterday the vibrant fluttery yellow grabbed my attention most. These will just be extraordinary once they begin to fully open and do their dance. They will be perfect for our dinner host & hostess this eve. Happy Flower Friday one and all! 



The Yellow Fluttery Tulips Win Again

I just can’t get over the beauty of these yellow fluttery tulips, as I sort of missed having them at home last week, so they were top of my list again this week. The bunches have been sending me over the moon with happiness all bundled together, each day the vases get fuller and fuller, as each bloom stretches out a bit. A lovely Flower Friday to you all and have a stellar week-end!



More Creamy Yellow Fluttery Tulip Goodness

This Flower Friday is all about these fluttery blooms I just can’t get enough of. This is the 5th week straight they have come up the winner when choosing tulips standing at the Alm Hills Gardens stall at the Market. They last the full week and each flower has a specialness, whether bundled up as a pack or singly, when they begin to open and do their poetic dance. Happy Friday everyone!



Tulips, Shells & Votives

I just can’t get enough of these ruffly creamy yellow-ish tulips I have now snatched up for the 4th week. They grab my attention each time I am pondering which color to buy when standing at the Alm Hill stall in the Market. They open so beautifully, each bloom so unique, each doing their own special dance. They worked perfectly for a Vashon Island dinner with shells strewn about on the zinc topped table along with a grouping of clear votive candles, and made supper with our nieces extra special. They are the winner once again for the Flower Friday floral stars of the week.



Singing Tulips 

There they were, bucket after bucket of these extraordinary creamy tulips and the two kind women working the Alm Hill flower stand patiently went through each bucket for me picking the blooms that had the most bursts of red here & there. I told them what a difference it would make once they started to open up. When we woke up the other morning and went into the living room, they seemed to be singing to the opera that was wafting about the air. Happy Friday everyone!



The Market Tulips Have Arrived!

It is a happy, happy day when the Alm Hill Gardens colorful TULIPS sign returns to the Market bringing tulip sunshine to chilly December. As soon as a customer walked in the shop with a bundle on Saturday, I knew they had arrived and was lickity split out the door to grab a season beginning bunch of white. 

They graced us with their presence throughout the day for all shoppers to enjoy, then got packed up to come home with me for us to enjoy this action-packed week. The dining table now a sunny spot. I liked them all nice and tightly together, like they were at the shop. So rather than have them dot the table as I often like to do, the tulips got a fresh cut and got plunked in a clear glass vessel so the dancing stems could be enjoyed too.



A Sea of Lilacs

Flower Friday is an image I shot yesterday morning on a quick spin around the Market to get flowers for the shops. This sea of lilacs just making my heart so happy. Heaven. Thought you would enjoy too. A joyful kick-start to our week-end! Ted



They Dance, They Dance

Flower Friday brings us lots of dancing tulips in single stem vases. I found the most exquisite white with a touch of green variety last week at the Alm Hill Gardens stall at the Market. I dotted them here & there, so each room had blooms to catch our eye. They make the heart so happy, being visual food for the soul.



Pink & Green Blooms

Flower Friday brings us these jaunty blooms with a preppy pink & green vibe. The are quite, quite pretty just as they are, but once the magical dance of them opening begins, look out. Each one a little masterpiece.