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Beauty Abounds

The grocery store floral section had the sweetest hyacinth bulbs started in clear containers that found their way to our dining table. The beauty of the roots captivating me as much as the bloom. I think there might be a metaphor for life rolling around that thought. To see it all and to appreciate it all. Cheers to that on this crazy snowy Hudson Valley day!  



Surrounding Ourselves with Beauty

The idea of each of us surrounding ourselves with beauty is so much of what I try to capture on the daily blog post. As well as reminders for all of us to be on the look-out for it, in many things, in many ways. For each of us, beauty can have a different meaning. For some, a big slightly wilting bundle of tulips can be poetic and capture our heart, while some might not find that appealing. I try and show you what makes my heart sing (be it a person, place or thing) in hopes that it sparks in all of us to be looking/searching for those moments surrounding you that bring happiness & beauty in our day. Here is my final look back over the last 5 years of a few things that made me smile and brought me huge happiness.

















20160526-074057.jpg Getting very excited to receive your letter, note or card in the mail…
X’s & O’s,



The Doors of Troy

Our niece Aisling lives in historic Troy, New York, not terribly far from us. We visited her the other day for lunch and meandered around Troy. My oh my, I was in heaven. The architecture was unbelievable. Street after street of beauty. The front doors on many of the homes caught my eye. They had me at “hello” so I thought I must share. Just stunning.





P.S. The Pottery Barn post went up later in the day yesterday than I was thinking it would, so here is the direct link if you want to take a look. Click Here. They decided to make the story a two-parter, so the rest of it will run next week.

A happy, happy Saturday to you all! We are headed to the Hudson Farmers Market in a bit. The weather this stay has just been beautiful, it being such a treat to see the start of so many things blooming.
Hope you have grand week-end,



Unexpected Beauty

20151025-084303.jpg There they were, bucket after bucket of them. Such unexpected beauty. Incredible stalks of flowering Brussels sprouts. We went to the Hudson Farmers Market in search of apples of a crisp, which we also found in spades, but this took the top prize for the wow factor. A big stalk came home and was our arrangement on the back porch, where we had a fire roaring the whole day. We feted my friend, author Lisa Birnbach, on the 35th anniversary of her best-selling book, The Official Preppy Handbook. She drove up from the city for the day with her partner Michael, to hang with us at Hawthorne. The flowering sprout looking over our group as we chatted & laughed the afternoon away. Beauty abounds, we just need to keep our eyes open and be on the look-out. Tonight we will roast all the Brussels sprouts from the stalk. Best 4 bucks we have spent in a good long while…





The Beauty of Food

Before we eat our food, really take a moment to look at the beauty of it. Let it feed our souls as well as our bodies. Revel in the textures, the color variations, the aromas. Giving thanks for the abundance and beauty before us.








The Stillness of the Moment

I did a quick walk through the Market yesterday to shoot some flowers for the post today, but nothing grabbed me. Then I got back to the shop and my in box of e-mails had a bunch of images sent to us by caretaker Bill from this last big Hudson Valley snow. Snow will take the place of flowers today. I was taken by the stillness of the images and by the way the snow clung to the branches on the trees and bushes. While typing this last sentence, my mind went right to the word ‘flocked’ and the memory of flocked trees of my neighbors when I was a little kid. Does anyone still flock trees anymore or was that a very 70’s thing? I digress. I hope you like the images.







A Sunday Coco Chanel Thought




Finding Beauty at Every Turn

20141029-043643.jpg Standing in line waiting for a coffee, making breakfast in the morning, doing a little shopping on a Saturday–beauty is around us always. You all know I have said this so many times, and I am sure I will say it a bunch more, but we just need to be open to it and keep our eyes, hearts & minds open to seeing beauty. Marvel in the small things that make up our day.







Beauty In a Carton of Eggs

20140905-053916.jpg I am often struck by the simple beauty of simple things that fill our day. I marvel in them often, finding it really helps to slow down the moment and makes me ever present in it. All from a carton of eggs, you ask? Yep. Just the other day I opened this up and was just taken with them–all the slight color & size variations. They say we eat with our eyes first. So true. My point with all of this really is we have to eat to stay healthy. We might as well nourish our soul in the process and enjoy the visual of our food too. I left these out on the counter from the very beginning of the cooking process, working with them last, so I could gander at them throughout. Their singular beauty catching my eye as I worked away making a meal.