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Of Hydrangea and Whales

The Sunday supper table was prompted by hydrangea that was a gift from our friend Catherine and whale glasses hand painted by the artist Margot Larkin for us. Often when setting a table, one or two things become the theme or driving force and then everything else falls into place. Paper placements picked up at Bell’occhio in San Francisco on my last trip that have maps of France with cheeses from each region were called into action as well as a recycled metal whale we sell like crazy at the shops. Blue also became a theme so the splatter plates picked up at Ikea for a song finishing things off. Then paella dinner was served!



Of Fish and Whales

The fish napkins we have had forever and the whale glasses that were a gift from artist Margot Larkin, the driving force for this sunny blue table setting. The island day so pretty it was one for the books.

The white peonies and the overflowing bucket of French lavender adding a bit of flowery-ness and off we went for a table for two. The sun creating all sorts of shadows, but worth every ray of goodness.



Green & Blue 

They always stop me in my tracks. The above tulips with the big green streaks, just stunning. There was one bucket of them at the Alm Hills Gardens stall in the Market on Saturday morning, so I snatched up the better part of them for our week-end out on the island.

Things tend to be pretty red, white and blue out there, but this time green took the front seat. I have always been a lover of blue and green together. Think the sky and grass and off we go. I pulled a bunch of blue plates, bowls, silverware and glassybaby and we were set. The combo has a freshness to it. As the rain pours down outside as I type, I will longingly think of this as a Springtime combination. With a little sunshine tossed in too!



Inspiration in Nautical Blue

The sun was shining in ever so brightly on Saturday at the Market shop that I just had to snap a few photos. The above an inspiration in all things blue and nautical pulled from the displays. When I think of blue I think of the sky on a beautiful day, how light reflects off of water, and all the goodness that brings.



Bits of Blue

The chocolate chip banana bread I posted yesterday in the blue splatter ceramic pie dish got me thinking of the color and how much my eye is drawn to it in many shades. A quick scroll through my photos and I noticed it often–whether in packaging, a quote, or a design element, it is our color inspiration for the day.



A Table in Blues 

This past week-end our Autumn ritual of bringing the dining table in from outside where it lives for the sunny months was a task on our list. It inspired me to light a few more candles than usual to kick-off our first supper inside. Various blue things got pulled to set the table, tea lights both big & small in recepticals were lit, a bottle of wine was opened, another log was put on the fire, Classic King FM wafted about the air along with the sound of the lapping water from Colvos Passage below and supper was served.

To all my readers in California affected by the fires, our hearts go out to you all and we send so much love. We have so many friends as well as artisans and growers we represent at the shops in those areas, I have been so worried about you and them all. Please stay safe. 



Mix & Match Blue Dotted Glassware

Just In, swell and oh so stylish blue dotted glasses that would be fun to mix & match to set a creative table. Water, wine, orange juice, a cocktail–they really are the perfect sized glass for a host of liquids.



A Blue & White WW Table

I had a meeting with an editor yesterday that worked on into dinner. I really wanted to set a simple table using the hydrangea that were a gift, now almost a month ago, that just keeping going and going. The varying shades of blue in the blooms becoming the theme of the table, with a leaf for each placed under the clear drinking glass that was the vessel holding the flower.

The custom anchor plates that we sell at Watson Kennedy being the hit of white, along with napkins, and vintage English dinner plates, to bring the whole blue & white theme together. A balsamic dressed arugula salad with feta and sliced Rainier cherries along with an herbed chèvre stuffed chicken breast was the meal as we chatted on into the eve.



Hydrangea Happiness

Actually, make that MAJOR Hydrangea Happiness! My oh my, they are out in full force and are quite something. On our drive to the ferry to take us to the island, we pass one of the most breathtaking masses of hydrangea I have ever been lucky enough to set my eyes on. We have never stopped for me to take photos. The other evening we did. That might have been when you heard a holler of glee! Had to share some of them with you all on this Flower Friday. Hope all is well in your world and you are having just the best July. From Seattle. Big Hugs, Ted



Continued Green Love

I try and celebrate a little green love each and every day, as we are all surrounded by it in so many different shades in so many different ways. I know we tend to bask in the green glow when we are at Hawthorne, but the passion for green is a constant. Summer tends to be a time the hue is ever vibrant, looking quite swell next to blue and pink too. Here are a few ways & things that caught my green fancy.