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More Brimfield LOVE

20130518-110620.jpg The love continues… I have antiqued and flea marketed much of my life, and nothing compares to the vast amount of stuff you will see at Brimfield. And like I said yesterday, the majority of it is pretty darn good stuff. My arms feel an inch longer from carrying things. It is a tired but exhilarated feeling. It is a day of rest today at Barrett Pond, then into the city early tomorrow for an action packed 5 days. Here is a further look at what caught my eye. I was also shooting things for my book, so it meant shifting from camera to iPhone, but it is a fun mix of ephemera and all the good things like portraits, numbers & letters you know I adore.







Brimfield LOVE

Oh my word, where to even begin. Brimfield is extraordinary. Not only is it a massive antique show/flea market, but so much of it is so good. I mean really good. Often times at flea markets, you are surrounded by quite a bit of bad to mediocre ‘stuff’ while Brimfield offers so much good. It is a visual feast for the eyes. We have found so many treasures that will make their way back to the shops & website. I am doing my darndest to remember to click images. Here are a few things and vignettes that caught my eye. More tomorrow too…









20130516-073107.jpg We are up early for the 2 hour drive from Hillsdale to Brimfield this morning. I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Brimfield happens 3 times a year, and is one of the largest antique/flea markets. I have heard stories about how immense it all is. We are ready for the adventure. As well as finding tons of vintage treasures for Watson Kennedy!

I am loving this new app called, Beautiful Mess. It allows you to add words and a few select icons to photos. Fun to play around with to add a little added flair to images.

Happy Thursday!