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For a relaxing or for a romantic eve, try lighting a variety of candles. Votives, tapers, tealights, as well as a scented candle in a container. Either have all the lamps off or on the lowest setting. You will instantly find your heart rate dropping a few beats as the mood you have set is incredibly inviting as well as relaxing. Turn on jazz or classical music. Enjoy a meal or just enjoy the beauty you have created.



Simple Daily Rituals

20131218-050024.jpg I have spent the last 4 days in bed, hit by this nasty upper respiratory bug that has been going around. I am mid-way thru my antibiotics, and last eve was the first night since Friday I felt up to having dinner at the dining table or even lighting a few candles. It got me thinking about our daily rituals and how important they are to our mental, physical & spiritual health. Sitting at the dining table comforted by a hearty meal and soothed by the flickering candlelight, I was gently reminded how much this all means to me each day. Simple rituals. The act of setting a table, if even ever so simply. The act of striking a match to bring flame to a few candles. Even though it had only been a few days, I had missed those small daily acts. I felt boosted just being able to resume them. We all have so many wonderful daily rituals that fill our days, and at this busy time of year, it is good to be reminded of them. To savor them–for they add meaning & richness to our day, and ultimately our lives.



The Ritual of Lighting a Candle

20130929-060216.jpg Yesterday was such a rainy day. At one point when I was working the Market shop, I looked outside and thought I had never seen it rain so hard in Seattle. It has been quite a week and I could not wait to get home, light candles, and be enveloped in the warmth of home.

20130929-060544.jpg Lighting candles to me almost becomes a meditation. The striking of the match, bringing that flame to the wick, creating more flame, light and warmth.


20130929-060900.jpg While many would think it a chore (there are quiiiite a few candles to be lit) I find it incredibly relaxing. It clears my head. Candle light feeds my soul. A simple act that brings so much joy.