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Ted’s Tip No. 154

A collection begins with one thing. Vintage dinner plates found at flea markets and estate sales are an easy thing to collect. You can mix & match designs, or really be a sleuth finding more of a certain pattern.



A Collection of Vintage Bottles

A collection can be really anything. My main thought with a collection is that is makes the collector happy. There is the thrill of the hunt, then there is the elation of living with your finds. Integrating them into your life. Certainly a collection can just live on a shelf and be enjoyed visually. But I like to use our collections in our day to day. This Hawthorne stay we have been loving using some of the vintage bottles we have collected over the years. Some are French, some from England and many snatched up on trips throughout the US over the years. They most always are quite thick and I am most happy when they are embossed with letters. Often they have the place where they are made, as well as the name of the maker. Our love of letters & fonts comes out in this collection. Putting them into action is the most fun part. A bloom, a stem of leaves, herbs–they all get top billing. This stay I lined them up behind the kitchen sink and used things from around the property. Little hits of color to catch the eye as you wash up dishes or cook away.



Surround Yourself With What You Love

It all started with having our windows washed at our home in town. Our building was built in 1929 with classic large windows in each room, all of which we have shutters on both the top and bottom, which makes creating the space cozy by closing them in a quick minute. But most of the time we leave the top part open, streaming in tons of glorious light during the day and the twinkle of the downtown buildings at night. It had been quite sometime since we had the outside professionally cleaned, as it involves a bit, actually make that quite a bit, of work by a pro with a big ladder to get the job done. But when they are cleaned, oh my, our hearts sing. Which lead me to polishing hotel silver and moving a bunch of ‘things’ around in the living room & entry way, in the built in shelves & etageres and on a few of the table top surfaces. Which got me thinking about stuff. Objects to me hold history. I am so drawn to old things as I feel they have an energy and history to them. They remind us of travels, gifts from friends, and become a timeline of your life. The afternoon I spent moving things around was like a walk down memory lane. Even though our home is filled with lots of stuff, we edit ruthlessly and only keep objects that have deep meaning to us. By keeping only the things you truly love, even if it is quite a bit, both your eye and heart lands on each and every thing with happiness. Moving, polishing, and cleaning those beloved possessions just reconnects us with them and the memories they evoke. 



A Stack of the PARIS REVIEW

We arrived last eve to Hawthorne.  The drive up into the Hudson Valley as picturesque as always.  Was a balmy 100 degrees when we landed at Newark.  Just what we were looking for on this stay.  The heat & humidity reminding both of us of our childhood, and how much we liked the steamy-ness of this time of year.  I have so many wonderful memories of playing tennis in July and literally wringing out my shirt creating a huge puddle of water.  The house once again welcoming us with open arms.  This stack of Paris Review travelling along in our bags to supply many hours of reading enjoyment for this visit and many more.  We stock back issues at the shops–they create an instant collection.  I read a great interview on the plane with author Jay McInerney.  Each issue always packed with literary goodness.  We are up early for one of many journeys into Hudson.   Breakfast at our favorite spot on Warren Street our ritual to kick-off the welcome back.  Lovely, as always, to have you all along…



Ted’s Tip No. 49

20151125-050828.jpg If polishing silver is what deters you from having cherished family silver pieces out & about for visual enjoyment, then let them tarnish. Enjoy the patina it takes on. But have it out, use it, love it. They will bring back such fond memories of travels, family & gatherings.



A Whale of a Collection

It all started with this whale glass. The artist Margot Larsen sent me these as a very sweet gift, which we then started carrying at WK because we liked them so much. They were the first thing with a whale image we had ever received/had. Next came the metal whales we started selling at the shops that I found at a show last January that are made from recycled metals. Soon, that whale found its way onto our table and into our hearts. I think a collection has begun. Interesting how a collection can begin without even really knowing it.






Ted’s Tip No. 42

20150709-051719.jpg A collection can be as simple as objects with your favorite number on them. They become part of your hunt when you are traveling or out & about shopping. Display them together for a spirited reminder of your finds.




20150422-063125.jpg Collections can really be just about anything and they can start just about anywhere. It can be as simple as shells from walks on the beach. A collection can be a few things or many things. Rare or not. Expensive or not. A vintage pair of cufflinks you find on a trip and then you start doing that on each vacation. A small bud vase you spot at an antique mall that you like, then you build on that and start collecting more on future shopping excursions. A collection can be just to look at on a shelf, or my favorite, things you actually use. I know someone who has a collection of hot sauce culled from over the years. End result, a collection should bring you joy. Joy in the hunt. A satisfaction from finding the needle in a haystack sort of thing. A collection can be something you began in childhood, or something you begin today. However it is pulled together, collecting should bring enjoyment to your life. Happy collecting!



Ted’s Tip No. 22

20141208-083559.jpg One of the easiest collections to start is that of vintage plates. Flea markets, antique malls, tag sales–are all places where you can pick up assortments of plates. They typically are incredibly well priced as the set is not complete and each piece is priced separately. That way you can only buy one or a few. It is such a treat to change up the look of your dinnerware often. It makes setting the table, even for week night simple dinners, a joy.



Gifts From the Sea

20140617-042130.jpg A collection can really be anything. From expensive to not. From grand to simple. From many to few. It can start from out of the blue, like a walk on the beach. As we head into beach season, look down at all those stellar shells as you take your stroll and be taken in with their beauty. Shells make such a sweet collection as they are a reminder of the water and of the sun. Many a rainy day has passed and I look at some of the shells we have collected over the years and I am right back, in my mind, to the memory of that beach walk. We like to find shells that are a similar size and shape and create a collection within a collection. However you see fit, they really are little gifts from the sea.