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The Year in Flowers

This last Flower Friday of the year is a look back on the last twelve months of blooms. Whether a single stem or a large mass, the beauty of flowers for the soul is like air or water to me, as I know they are to many of you, necessary on many levels. Here are some of my favorites I think you might remember, and for certain know you will enjoy…



Ted’s Tip No. 121

With Autumn in full bloom, if you get a gorgeous sunny day, grab it! Dine outside and soak up every last drop.



Dancing Dahlias

Flower Friday has me savoring every last dahlia as the season begins to wrap up. A bunch of simple fluttery white caught my eye, each living in a single stem vase at the end of the dining table. Their dance enjoyed with each meal and each time we walked by the table. 



Autumn Dahlias

This Flower Friday is about the dreamy dahlias this time of year. How they seem beautifully patina-d from their time in the sun, a slight wash over them like a perfectly faded over time pair of jeans. Savoring every moment they stay around.



Inspiration in Red 

Whether it be a flower, goods from the shops, a table setting, you name it–my eye has been drawn to red this past week. I find it energizing as well as comforting, the warmth of the hue goes right to my heart.



Supper With An Old Friend 

The dahlias going strong, anchoring the dining table for a meal with one of my oldest friends. Devin was my college roommate, fraternity brother and someone I laugh more with than almost anyone. Simple white plates and a bunch of other white vintage porcelain bowls and objects were pulled out to add visual interest. The green striped piece of fabric we found at an antique store right when we bought the house just keeps getting better & softer after every washing. Music filled the air and old stories were re-lived, that poor Mister Sive has now heard a ton of times, that still make us all laugh until we cry. 



Cedar Farm Dahlias

A happy Flower Friday to you all and a happy first day of September. Our first dahlias of this Hudson Valley visit are highlighted from the fab folks at Cedar Farm right here in Ghent, ready to welcome guests this eve. For you all to enjoy too.

P.S. A word about ‘happy’ and all that means. It is a word I use often as it has holds such importance to me. For those around me, the world, myself. I really try and make the blog posts a happy place. I know so many of us have heavy hearts from all going on in the world with natural disasters and politics. I so desperately want the posts to be uplifting, as I think the importance of ‘happy’ at this time is critical. So if I don’t reference global issues, it is not out of me having my head in the sand, it is just me wanting a respite for all of us for a moment in our day.  My thoughts, prayers and positive vibes go out to those affected by all that is going on. Much love, Ted



The Cafe au Lait Dahlias Are Flowing

Wow. Wow. Wow. I am going to leave it at just that. A happy Flower Friday to you all!



The Market Dahlias Have Arrived!

Was the morning of July 4th and I took a quick spin around the Market before opening up the shop. I spotted a lone bucket with my beloved white dahlias, the very first of the season. My guess is that solo container means more and more will be showing up this week-end as the Pike Place Market is pretty gloriously nutty busy on Saturday so everyone stocks up with the bounty of the season. But we sure are enjoying the heck out of this first bundle. It sat in the shop for all to admire on Tuesday, then made the trek via the ferry to the island that eve where they are still going strong. The above image with outdoor natural light and the below inside with low light. They are actually the same blooms, just so interesting how different they look in varying light. Happy Flower Friday all!



The Year in Flowers

Thought it might be fun to make this last Flower Friday of the year a look back of the previous 12 months and the blooms that were enjoyed.  Flowers are like air to me, I need them to survive and thrive.  I know that might sound a little dramatic, but I really do gain so much inspiration from them, even the tiniest stem.  Their beauty and often simplicity, finding a very special place in my heart. I know many of you feel the same way, as you often tell me of your joy in the flower posts when I chat with you in person at the shops or out & about.  So I bring you flowers. XX, T