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The Year in Flowers

Thought it might be fun to make this last Flower Friday of the year a look back of the previous 12 months and the blooms that were enjoyed.  Flowers are like air to me, I need them to survive and thrive.  I know that might sound a little dramatic, but I really do gain so much inspiration from them, even the tiniest stem.  Their beauty and often simplicity, finding a very special place in my heart. I know many of you feel the same way, as you often tell me of your joy in the flower posts when I chat with you in person at the shops or out & about.  So I bring you flowers. XX, T



Inspiration in Red

This week is all about getting the shops ‘Holiday’ ready, so I have been drawing much inspiration in all shades of red.  The above display at the Home store was what started it off.  A look over my photo feed over the last few months has lots of red inspiration injected into it, with an appearance of my beloved dahlias, here and there.  And of course tomatoes & apples in tons of variations on the hue.



Flower Friday on Saturday

It has been such a busy, incredibly fun week getting the start of Holiday goods out at the shops that I sort of forgot, ok, I totally forgot, to post flowers yesterday.  I was in the Uber last night coming home and just started mentally laughing that I had spaced on what day it was…  These season ending dahlias just toooooo good not to share. Found them last Saturday on my Market stroll, still a bit hazy from our Friday eve flight from New York, but these picked me right up!  They just look like the season, right?  Sort of a Veuve-y vibe to them, I knew they had to come home with me for us to enjoy for the week.  



Season Ending Dahlias

Each stroll through the Market produces fewer and fewer buckets of dahlias.  The season so prolific and quite long, the deep saturated colors a marker of the timespan as the last ones always seem to have a richness to them.  This color incredibly dreamy.



The Dahlias Keep on Going…

I love that Autumn has begun and the dandy dahlias keep on going.  A quick spin through Calico Gardens on Vashon Island with our visiting friend Cara, where I captured these divine blooms.  Happy Flower Friday everyone!



Ted’s Tip No. 77

Use small vintage plates or bowls that are no longer part of a larger set, as little dishes to hold a variety of things–like cherry tomatoes with sea salt, change from your pocket, or your keys. They can be incredibly beautiful so prolong their life and enjoy these solo gems.



A Season Ending Supper Table

This is a story of tradition, a table setting and saying farewell to our lovely, lovely Summer.

The dahlias just so perfect from the Market on Saturday I about shed a tear as they were being wrapped up.  They would be just the right colors as we say good-bye to Summmaaa and welcome in Autumn.  The red bowls a Christmas gift from last year that we have used time and again and adore.

Then the red Laguoile silverware, napkins in a vintage Lucite ring, a heavy French wine glass had the table set and ready for the fun stuff.

Part of my collection of number 11 pool balls would be called into action as well as dominos and a matchstriker plus 11 plates from the shops from ages ago along with a few other random red things.  All stuff that makes us happy plus it pulls from the colors of the dahlias so it brings it all together.  We were set to have our season ending meal with dearest of friends who we have a 10+ year tradition of sharing an alfresco supper with at WestWard during the sunny season.



Yellow Love

There is just something about the light this time of year that creates an ethereal quality to things.  The sun shining through the shutters the other morning creating shadows across the dining table illuminating the dahlias has me loving yellow this week in many forms.



Ted’s Tip No. 76

If you have a good number of one thing, in this case brass candlesticks, mass them together for a strong visual punch.



The Cafe au Lait Dahlia

Cafe au Lait dahlias are a simply gorgeous variety and come in shades of creamy pink, blush, peach, ivory, champagne and dusty rose.  One of the Market stalls was brimming with them.  Dinner plate in size, one will do the trick and make any space sing.  Many are just a slice of heaven.