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My Favorite Things Today

Summer is such a busy bustling season for us at the shops.  So many folks in from all parts of the globe, which makes each day incredibly interesting & full. Box after box arrives each day keeping our shelves nice and full.  A quick walk around, I snapped away some of my favorite things of the moment to enjoy on this Sunday.



My Favorite Things Today

A quick spin around the shop on a busy day produced some really fun new stuff that has shown up recently. Along with a few tried & true that always just make my heart sing. These are a few of my favorite things at the moment. Little delights that caught my eye.

20150617-052203.jpg I like this image on just about anything. A Scalamandre classic. Who knew paper napkins could be so chic.



20150617-052431.jpg A variety of peppy and preppy picture frames that I found at the New York show on this last trip in May.


20150617-052615.jpg Maps, boats, shells and overall beachy things always make me smile.

20150617-052728.jpg As does a good travel journal.

20150617-052830.jpg The Summer issue has arrived. Be a smarty pants with your beach reading. Equals out the People magazine next to it in your beach bag.

20150617-053124.jpg I mean seriously, these are so good they bring a tear to my eye. Just lovely. A dish towel but would be swell as an oversized napkin for alfresco dining.

20150617-053350.jpg Sweet, sweet, sweet little Denise Fielder gift tags to make any package special.

20150617-053502.jpg For a stylish quick roll of the dice.

20150617-053708.jpg Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri has become a Watson Kennedy staple.

20150617-053812.jpg I know I had this image posted last week, but I am still a bit weak in the knees over all the Livia Cetti flowers dotting the displays, I just had to add this to the list.

20150617-053950.jpg And lastly, QUIN Candy assorted bags of their delicious sweet edibles. Bumps up the flavor quotient for a candy dish. My grandmother Watson always had a candy dish on the coffee table when I was a little kid. This bag of treats makes me want to do the same.

Happy, happy Wednesday everyone! Hope all is swell & dandy in your part of the world.



Denise Fiedler Custom Pet Portraits at WK

20140501-060215.jpg Denise Fiedler, artist extraordinaire, is soon to be in the house! I am so honored & thrilled Denise will be flying up for the book launch party next Tuesday, May 6th. Not only will she be bringing tons of her work for a trunk show throughout the day, but she will also be setting aside time for appointments for sittings to create custom pieces of your pet–be that pooch, kitty, bird or other creature you love and adore. For $150 Denise will create a one of a kind piece of art for you in her fab style using vintage pieces of paper in collage. You can bring your pooch in or you can bring photos and she can work off of those. If you are not able to attend, we can also work off of photos that you e-mail to me. Shoot me an e-mail at if you would like to reserve a time that day or would like her to create a piece for you via photos and the artwork will be shipped right to you. Such a cool remembrance.

Happy May Day to you all!
From sunny & quite warm Seattle,



Studio Tour of Artist Denise Fiedler

20140129-111453.jpg My warm & sunny San Francisco trip seems like a distant memory as I am surrounded by snow and a zero degree temp, but it was really only a week ago. Aside from buying at the food show, I was also able to fit in a visit to one of my favorite artists we carry at Watson Kennedy, Denise Fiedler. Her collage work using vintage paper creating cut-out pieces that are just whimsical & wonderful, are some of my favorite things we carry. I have known Denise since my showroom days, but it was fun to see her work space, get to see her in action with her scissors, and just get to know her a bit better. Her warm and witty personality shines through in her work as well as her work space. Housed in the historic Sentinel Building, her studio is filled with ephemera and vignettes that just filled my heart with detailed joy. Here is a look, in no certain order–of her space, the building, and Denise working on a piece for her Spring collection.














20140129-113109.jpg Hope you enjoyed the little snippets of the space. Thank you so much Denise, for showing me your studio and letting me click away the images. Such a visual treat.



Happy Dog

20120125-063904.jpg Our dog section continues to grow. I am just finding so much fun stuff to add to it. We found some apropos vintage flashcards that made a whimsical piece of art, staying with our ‘art’ theme of the last few days.

20120125-064404.jpg The Denise Fiedler pieces of dogs are always a hit, as well as our variety of pooch themed reading material.

20120125-064621.jpg We just got these in yesterday. The perfect water and food bowls!

20120125-064731.jpg The Hugo Guinness dog images are charming too.

20120125-064855.jpg Such a face, and what incredible eyes.

20120125-064954.jpg And our selection of Harry Barker goods is sure to delight.



The Gift of Art

20111220-062411.jpg Giving a piece of artwork can be an incredibly special and meaningful gift. We started the tradition of giving each other a piece of art for our anniversary. In January, it will be 24 years of exchanging artwork–the wall in our living room helps to tell the story.

20111220-063014.jpg For this collection of gifts, we decided to just have things framed in black, which really helps unify the wall. There is a variety of mediums, including photography and linoleum cut prints.

20111220-063450.jpg It is fun to look back and remember when each gift was given.

20111220-063638.jpg Some of the artwork on the wall was a gift from friends and artists whose work I sell at Watson Kennedy. The column was a gift from Hugo Guinness, and could not be more perfect in the spot next to the column in the hall.

20111220-063908.jpg Our goal is to have the artwork cover the entire wall from floor to ceiling. Almost there.

20111220-064117.jpg This Denise Fiedler cut-out is a nod to pooch Bailey.

20111220-064236.jpg I also like just propping a piece up against the wall and rotating it occasionally.

20111220-064356.jpg The gift of art can be a perfect Holiday gift too.



Bar Accoutrements

A well stocked bar can mean much more than having a variety of alcohol & mixer choices. It is also a chance to bring a little style into the area. With more and more people entertaining at home, a gift to jazz up one’s bar set-up can be a winner heading into this Holiday season. Below are a few things we sell that top the list of fun bar gifts.

20111118-063014.jpg The French Tire-Bouchon Zig Zag wine opener is a classic, and looks great sitting out on a bar.

20111118-063231.jpg We have a new supplier for these pump decanters, and they now work better than ever. Put your hand over the top of the pump, push down, and it pours a perfect shot. The bottle is etched with a variety of liquors, such as gin, vodka and scotch.

20111118-063610.jpg This is made for me by a local Seattle guy, Jack, who hand stamps his name on each piece. They are bottle openers with a very vintage feel.

20111118-063828.jpg These are vintage non-working seltzer bottles that are metal encased and just have the greatest look to them.

20111118-064154.jpg A cut out of a champagne bottle by San Francisco artist Denise Fiedler is always a good thing.

20111118-064351.jpg As is a piece of art by Hugo Guinness.

20111118-064526.jpg This urn shaped vase would also work great as an ice bucket, and look uber stylish left out on a bar.

20111118-064837.jpg A vintage Veuve Clicquot bucket would make any fan of the widow very, very happy.

All of the above are goods we sell at Watson Kennedy. If anything catches your eye or interests you, please feel free to e-mail me directly with questions or call one of the shops.



A Personalized Gift

Denise Fiedler, artist extraordinaire from San Francisco, sent me the sweetest gift the other day. We have been carrying her work for some time now, and I have struck up a lovely long distance friendship with her. That is the fun thing about the retail world, you end up working with fabulous folks from around the globe. She sent me one of her hand cut & pasted, one of a kind works–taken from a photo that appeared in Country Living magazine, of me with pooch Bailey at my side. Baseball cap and all, Denise captured a moment in time.

If you are wanting a personalized piece by Denise, all I need is a photo in PDF form, and off we go. The custom work starts at $350. I will be adding this service onto the Watson Kennedy web site soon, but if you are wanting something sooner, always feel free to contact me directly by e-mail, or call one of the shops.