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A Valentine Window

Happy 1st of February everyone! I like to think of it as the kick-off to Valentine season. A few weeks of a little extra emphasis on LOVE is A’ok in my book. I adored this time of year as a kid, and little has changed in that department. It is a time that we get to tell & share with all of our loved ones how much we care for them. Which leads us to the Valentine window we worked up awhile back to get us rolling into the season…



A Quick Redisplay

The concept of redisplay is not all that much different in the shops as it is for all of us in our home. Whether it be a bookshelf or a tabletop, the same thought process I use when doing a display can be interchangeable.  In the above case, I did not want an entirely different look.  I was just looking to refresh what was already there, by adding some new items and taking away some of what was already there. This also allowed me to dust a bit, as I moved things around.  So when all was said and done, it was not only refreshed but it was cleaned–a two in one, in my mind.  It can take little to no time at all, but the results can freshen up parts of your home, always a delight as we move into a new year.  



A Candy Cane Striped Amaryllis

When I first spotted this amaryllis, it had not yet bloomed, but the image on the tag had the flowers reminding me of a striped candy cane.  I thought it was perfect for the season and for Flower Friday.  When it did bloom, I could not have been happier. Hope your day is grand!



Design Books As Gifts

We have a section at both shops of design books.  It is an area where I see folks go to and become gleeful with ideas as they leaf through page after page of inspiration. Almost seeming to get lost amongst the pages.  That is why design books make great gifts. They become almost like giving a little mini-trip. Where the recepient is given a host of rooms/places to dream.  A bit like giving a piece of functional art, as the book itself looks great out on a coffee or sidetable or on a stylish bookshelf.



Holiday Windows

I clicked these images last night as we were heading out the door.  Sorry, they are a tad blurry, as was I, after a crazy fun, full day getting everything ready for the kick-off Holiday Open House.  But wanted you to get a peek at the windows all ‘Holiday-d’ up.  Wasn’t it just sunny July?  Anywhooo, we are officially on the Holiday train! So hope you can join us today if you happen to be downtown.  Happy Saturday all!!!



A Bowl Full of Seckel Pears

The season may be short but it is oh so sweet, for the diminutive Seckel pear.  Autumn is in full swing when I start to see these sweet little gems pop up.  In a big bowl, on a platter, or just scattered about a table–their beautiful variation of colors & size make for a lovely reminder of the season.



The Peonies Travel Once More

20160506-070712.jpg Flower Friday is about the fab peonies that traveled out to the island, part two. They had worked overtime out there but I just could not bear to leave them. I wrapped them up in a dish towel, wrapping the bottom of the stems with a wet paper towel. They then made the journey back into town and graced our dining table for most of the week. This time instead of single stem vases running down the middle of the table, they got nice and cozy next to one another in my new favorite vase we just started carrying at WK, the little feet holding them up in a place of honor at the end of the table. The petals falling ever so gracefully doing their final dance, we were so appreciative of them & applauded their exquisite beauty along the way. A delicate but oh so hearty bunch, the colors changing each day ever so slightly. All just part of the peony magic.



The Tale of Two Tulips

20160314-100350.jpg These two tulips photos are actually of the same type of tulips, bought several days apart. I could not get enough of them visually so I bought more. Actually, the top image bunch was to go to the island for the week-end, but heavy, heavy winds (WestWard is surrounded by extremely tall trees–which unsettles me just a tad, ok, way more than a tad, in wind storms) had us staying in town, so they were enjoyed with the rest of them from days earlier. The below image you can see how the green in the middle has faded substantially. I am forgetting the name of this type of tulip, but they are one of my very favorite. I rarely see them for sale, but they just bring out my Irish pride, this week especially. Insert big St. Patrick’s smile. That and I just love the combination of the white with the green. I know, very surprising. Thought you all might enjoy as the week begins.




It’s the Little Things by Susanna Salk

20160311-074945.jpg It’s the Little Things: Creating Big Moments In Your Home Through The Stylish Small Stuff the newest book by Susanna Salk is out this week. I say cheers to the stylish small stuff! All the little extras in our homes are truly what make a house a home. A favorite piece of pottery bought on a trip to Italy, seashells gathered on memorable beach walks, artwork snatched up at an art school auction–all little things that bring meaning into our spaces and our hearts. This book is filled with page after page of design inspiration to delight & encourage us all to find joy in the little things. Susanna has amassed a roster of some of my favorite design folks (Alessandra Branca, John Derian, India Hicks, Bunny Williams, Ken Fulk, Tilton Fenwick, Howard Slatkin, Charlotte Moss) who have opened up their homes to show us rooms/vignettes that inspire them. I am always most interested to see their own homes as it is so personal and often distills the very essence of their style. I was delighted when Susanna asked me at my New York book signing party for Style & Simplicity if she could highlight our kitchen at The Gainsborough for her book. Filled with green, green, green we are honored to see it on the pages in such esteemed company. This is most certainly a great gift book, but one you will definitely want to keep for yourself too. She has graciously sent me signed bookplates so each copy we sell with have a little extra special bonus. We are more than happy to wrap as a gift, just ask. A true gem filled with oodles of fresh ideas.




A Quick Window Refresh

20160226-071520.jpg Changing out the windows and keeping things nice and fresh is akin to what we all can do at home when you have a few moments. Moving things around does not always mean having to move the big pieces. For these windows, I left all the bones in place. I kept the tables, lamps, chairs and mirror right where they had been. Only the small items were replaced. It is amazing how different they look and feel with only swapping out goods from the shop floor. For home, just changing out or moving around accessories/objects can give you an instant refresh to a room, which can take little to no time.