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A Flock of Goats

Hands down one of our best-sellers this past season were our hand painted goat pitchers from England. Perfect for serving milk, holding pencils on a desk or filled with blooms. Such a whimsical, while also being quite utilitarian, object/gift.  



Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise Molton Brown at WK

20160416-080213.jpg Just In Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise bath and shower gel from Molton Brown of England arrived yesterday. Perfect timing for Spring gift giving, like Mother’s Day or just a yummy gift to give yourself. Either in a bath or on a washcloth in the shower, Molton Brown gels are regarded as some of the very best. A perfect refreshing start to your day.

Happy Saturday all!
From sunny (which is making me quite happy) Seattle,



Kenneth Turner Signature Room Spray

20150901-073900.jpg This room spray is a WK classic. More so, Kenneth Turner is WK classic. I represented Mister Turner’s line of scented goods when I had The Watson Kennedy Collection. We go way back. Now called signature, then called original, this spray & matching candle have been on the shop shelves since we first opened our doors. The scent unmistakable. A mix of a variety of things, it is warm and floral and inviting all at the same time. We received a new shipment the other day and the packaging has been updated but the original scent has not been touched or altered. Hopefully it never will, as that is what makes it a classic.

Happy first day of September to you all! 22 days of Summmaaa remaining here in Seattle and we fully intend to squeeze out the very most of them. For those of you in parts of the world where Winter is coming to a close, we can all look forward to a new season upon us.



The Goats Have Arrived!

20150730-035756.jpg Excited to report that the fabulous ceramic goat pitchers from England made the voyage to Seattle and are now enjoying a life on the shelves at Watson Kennedy until they find their permanent homes. We bought one of these when I did a book signing last October at Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, New York. The owners were so gracious and shared with me the artisans in England who make these. I have posted images of the goat pitcher on our kitchen counter at Hawthorne on Instagram and have received oodles of inquires. Happy to now have them as part of our offerings at WK. Two sizes, $30 for the small and $36 for the big. Such a whimsical pitcher to have out to serve milk with coffee or to pour syrup from. Give us a call at 800.991.9361 if one speaks to you. A bit of the English countryside awaits. Fun to have them set about the First Avenue shop. Kind of like the little ones are watching after things.




Bit by Bit, Piece by Piece

20141213-051747.jpg Bit by bit, and piece by piece, we add things to our home that makes them unique, personal. Our own. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a collector, we all really are. For our home is one big collection of things that tell our story. Being in the biz of “things” I am constantly/daily seeing, looking, buying goods for the shops and website. My motto for buying has always been that I have to love something so much that I would be happy to have it in our own home. So at times, it can be quite tough not taking everything home. But every once in awhile something just speaks to me even louder than usual. I came across these napkin rings a few weeks ago and just knew they were ours. Wood banded with sterling silver and tiny little crests with the numbers 1 thru 6 on them. I think we are really just custodians of things for the time we have them. I could just tell these had lived a good life–and we will do our best to make sure they continue to do just that.





Gleaming Hotel Silver

A freshly polished assortment of new, well actually vintage, but you know where I am going with this, hotel silver arrived the other day. Always a bit like Christmas when we open these boxes. Each piece such a treat to unwrap. First ever for us candlesticks and bud vases. Small bowls galore and little handled pitchers. All just so darn good and so darn pretty/handsome. Very, and I mean very, hard for me not to take most of it home. Our section just keeps growing. Please shoot me an e-mail or ring the shop if something catches your eye.






More Hotel Silver Love

More vintage English hotel silver arrived this week. Our shelves are just shining and shimmering with delight. These pieces make such beautiful gifts, I am stocking up for the coming months. Here is a look at some of the beauties from this last shipment. It is incredibly hard not to take each and every piece home. Incredibly hard.






20131027-044706.jpg If anything catches your eye or intrigues you, just shoot me an e-mail and I can get you sizes and prices.

A restful, lovely Sunday to you all. Ted



Vintage Hotel Silver English Toast Racks

20130904-074403.jpg Recently arrived at the shops from my buying trip, vintage toast racks from England. This assortment are hotel silver quality and all have been re-silvered, so they have been brought back to shiny goodness. Most have a hotel name stamped into them, such as The Ritz. These bring back such great memories for me. The family I lived with when I went to school in London had one and it was put to good use each morning. Seeing one of these filled-up with toast just warms my heart. They have become harder and harder to find over the years, so I was thrilled when I found such a good number of them. Not just for toast. They are dandy on a desk holding mail or a side table holding photos. They are just pretty, pretty objects on their own looking great with nothing in them at all.




The Ship Has Arrived

20130426-055239.jpg Yesterday was spent unpacking the incredible shipment of vintage hotel silver that had just arrived. These are all the gems I have been waiting for these last few months to really make our hotel silver assortment sing. And sing it does! We had folks buying it as I was unpacking it and putting it onto the shelves. This has all been re-silvered, so it is meant to used, and is completely food safe. All from England, all quite extraordinary. Because of the popularity, many pieces will be sold before we have a chance to put it on our website, so if anything catches your eye, please shoot me an e-mail or give one of the shops a ring. Even if you don’t collect it, a look at all of it massed together is just a pretty sight. It is that utilitarian/beautiful mix I just love. Amazing to look at, but meant to be used and enjoyed each day.








Carlton Ware

20130407-081337.jpg A new collection has begun. I found a vintage lettuce & tomato plate by Carlton Ware about 6 months ago that quite caught my eye. Now I am seeing more and more of it. That is how a collection begins. I don’t even recall really ever seeing this style and now my eye goes right to it when I am on vintage buying excursions.

20130407-081922.jpg Carlton Ware is a pottery manufacturer that began in 1890 in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

20130407-082113.jpg Salad Ware was one of the more popular designs the company created, and the designs remained in production for more than 50 years.

20130407-082437.jpg Being a huge tomato lover, I am drawn to the hand-painted tomatoes that are on each plate I have found.

20130407-082647.jpg I just love the varying shades of green and the varying sizes of the plates. For me, a collection is best when it can be enjoyed visually, but equally important is that it can be used. These work so nicely holding a variety of things–with tomatoes, not surprising, being my favorite.