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Charlotte Moss ENTERTAINS 

Charlotte Moss ENTERTAINS is one of the new titles to land at both shops this past week. Wow, just wow, this is one seriously beautiful visual journey into the world of entertaining & table settings. This, her 10th book, is filled with page after page of inspiration and ideas. In typical lovely Charlotte Moss fashion, her words come across like a friend sharing her stylish tips with you over coffee. 



Make It Simple

I think what stops most folks from entertaining on a regular basis is making the process much more laborious than it has to be. Sure, if you find yourself with tons of time and you want to cook everything from scratch, have at it. But if you want to have people over often and find little extra time on your hands, order out, or pick up some prepared food on your way home. Add a quick fresh salad, pass around a plate of cookies for dessert, and you are off and running. Set the table before you head to work in the morning takes a ton of stress away right before guests arrive and gets you excited during the day in anticipation of the eve. You want to see your friends, they want to see you, so making it easy makes these gatherings so much more possible.



Santa Barbara Olive Co.

Just In, oodles of olives from famed Santa Barbara Olive Co. To serve just as they are, to garnish a drink, to use in a recipe or to eat straight out of the jar. I met just the nicest folks from this company at the Fancy Food Show awhile back, and am honored to carry & offer their amazing goods. Wrapped up as a trio, these make extra special host/hostess treats.



Just In, Pitchers From Portugal 

Just In, oversized pitchers from Portugal that will be perfect as we head into Spring to hold a big bundle of flowers. Also lovely filled with lemonade or iced tea, really any libation. My true test for pitchers is do they look great empty just gracing a shelf or a counter. These do in spades. 



Ted’s Tip No. 129

An entryway table can be set with the scents of the season, using the singular elements in bowls and on platters for a visual ‘pop’ of color & scent for when your guests first arrive.



Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

The Christmas shopping marathon finish line is in sight for all of us who partake–shoppers and shopkeepers alike. Both Watson Kennedy locations are open this morning at 10 where we will be wrapping away the day until 6. As always, our WK signature gift wrap is complimentary on purchases. Tomorrow, Sunday the 24th, both shops will be open from 10 to 5, for any last minute gift needs and stocking stuffers. Which leads me to the below. A melange of goods all ready to be wrapped up. Have a glorious week-end everyone, with whatever you are doing, wherever you are on the globe!



Ted’s Tip No. 120

Single vintage utensils are a lovely thing to add to a cheese board or serving platter, instantly spiffing it up with their beauty. They are an easy and quite useful collection to begin, that you will find yourself reaching for time and again.



Ted’s Tip No. 119

Easiest simple supper. Scatter cherry tomatoes in a large baking dish, sprinkle heavily with extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper. Crush and add a few cloves of garlic. Bake in a hot oven until tomatoes just pop open and release juices. Mix all with waiting hot pasta. 



Ted’s Tip No. 116

Think outside the box (quite literally in this case) when it comes to an arrangement for your dining table. Head outside and choose branches or ferns, whatever catches your eye. 



Season Ending Rosé Tasting

I am a bit of a season purist, preferring to enjoy each right up until the day of the change as the calendar represents it. But I also know many folks head right into Autumn mode the day after Labor Day and say ‘so long’ to Summmaaa, and I get that too. This Wine Wednesday post is for both mindsets, one just gets a few more options to offer this rosé tasting. The rosé sections at most wine shops & grocery sections is looking pretty depleted at this point in the season. Now is the time to pick up those singular bottles that have been catching your eye, but you pass on it as you had been seeing your favorite, up until now. We did this on Sunday with a bunch of our nieces at Hawthorne, where we were hosting a slumber party. Starting at lunch, working through supper on into the eve and board games. We all tried a bit from each and our niece Haley took notes along the way on each bottle, so when next year rolls around, we might have a new favorite. It was fun to chat about likes/dislikes and hear how each person described the wine. Our oldest Sive niece Caitlin is an accomplished chef, having prepared a dinner at The James Beard House (sort of a big deal in the foodie world, and I am a super proud Uncle, so thought worth the mention…), so it was a huge learning lesson for us all hearing her describe each wine. Big gathering or small, this is a fun time of year to give this a go. Cheers to Summer, whenever it ends!