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A Hanging Flower Basket, Another Way

There it was, looking all pretty and so full of flowers it was just bursting at the seams. Well, make that bursting out of the pot. Only challenge is I was not looking for a hanging basket of blooms, but rather a big pot of flowers for one of the galvanized buckets we found at Brimfield last year. Out came the wire cutters and away went the strands that formed the hook. A pot from the kitchen turned upside down went in the middle of the bucket to give some extra height to the flowers. We were off and running. These should be perfect for all the alfresco meals we will have this stay. 



An Artful Sunday Marc Chagall Thought 



Flowers & Mom

Thought it fitting that on May Day one of the front windows was transformed into an ode to flowers as well as upcoming Mother’s Day.

With musical roses strewn about the goods, the window started to take shape. The Livia Cetti potted paper geranium center stage along with a dreamy Hugo Guinness stems of geraniums linoleum cut print. Two happy Mindy Carpenter flower bouquets flanking the duo pulled the whole thing together. Then lots and lots of treat ideas for mom. 



Using What You Have

In a pinch, if you are not finding flowers to your liking, walk around your yard, your neighborhood or even just your own home–snip from plants, pull a few cool looking branches, cluster a bunch of ferns. Even a melon from the fridge adds to the mix. Using what you have around can be incredibly satisfying and gets your creative juices flowing to create a stylish tableau.



Mindy Carpenter Painting Workshop of Vintage Florals at WK

Very excited to announce our next workshop with the talented artist Mindy Carpenter. She will be teaching a floral painting class on Saturday the 12th of May from 11 to 3. All levels welcome! All supplies and a light lunch will be provided. Each participant will leave with a floral painting they created, as well as a goody bag from Mindy and WK. It is also Mother’s Day week-end so the shops will be hosting their Open House that day too. As a little extra added bonus, workshop participants will get 25% off their shopping that day. We have 24 spots, so don’t delay, as I know these will go fast. The workshop is $115. You must sign up & pay with me directly by calling 206.617.9678, not by calling the shops, e-mailing or messaging. I hope you can join us–it will be a blast! I have been friends with Mindy for close to 20 years, her talent and enthusiasm an inspiration to me always. It is sure to be such a fun day.



Ted’s Tip No. 144

Sometimes one single magnificent bloom is all you need to light up a room.



Ted’s Tip No. 142

Get to know the hard working folks you buy your flowers from–add to that your butcher, fishmonger, and on and on. It sweetens your shopping routines and makes the process so much more civilized. 



Ted’s Tip No. 138

When arranging flowers, several containers can be used and grouped together to create an arrangement. It helps to keep it cohesive and unifying if the vases are the same material, in this instance, glass. That way the eye sees a collective whole while also being treated to the visual of the variety.



Moments in Time

When reflecting on the tip from yesterday and trying to stay in the zen of the moment, my mind went straight to flowers and candles–two of my great loves. I think what draws me to both is they help me to slow down a bit, be present. Looking at a bloom or lighting a candle becomes a moment in time.

In the hustle & bustle of the day on Sunday, with customers swirling about, I lit a candle in a shop display. The moment so clear in my brain that time seemed to stand still for that second. The lily in the hallway at The Gainsborough and the paperwhites in the kitchen blooming catch my eye as I walk by, giving me a second of pause. To remember that time, that feeling, that pleasure.



Ted’s Tip No. 111

Often plants, both indoors and out, get ‘leggy’ where a stem needs to be clipped or breaks off. These can actually end up being little gems. Place in a vase or stylish drinking glass for instant enjoyment from a stem that some would discard. You are treated to an instant hit of color.