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Watson Kennedy at Hotel 1000

20150227-054918.jpg I have always loved that the shops are located next to really swell hotels. Customers who are traveling and visiting Seattle add such great interest & energy to the shops. It keeps new folks walking through the doors each and every day. So I was thrilled when the very lovely Hotel 1000 down the street from the Home store approached me and asked if I wanted to take over their gift shop in their lobby. Like our website which I wrote about yesterday, the open 24/7 concept is not an easy thing to pull off for a retailer. Keeping a brick & mortar shop open continuously is not really in the cards. That is why having a website works so well. This little shop in the lobby works a bit like this too. The hotel is staffed around the clock at the front desk. So if you are in need of a host/hostess gift at 9 o’clock at night, just pop on down to the Hotel 1000 for a little WK goodness. It is a very highly edited selection, as space is at a premium, but there are loads of things to make gift giving easy at any time of the day.







20150226-033837.jpg Yesterday we spent the better part of the day shooting images of goods to add to the Watson Kennedy website. Fun to pick & choose and add to the assortment. With over 750 items, it gives a bit of the flavor of what we offer. I try and shoot the goods just as they are in their displays, to capture the ‘feel’ of being in the shops.


20150226-034022.jpg Everything from baubles…


20150226-034234.jpg To tasty treats….


20150226-034348.jpg To tunes…


20150226-034501.jpg To vintage hotel silver…


20150226-034707.jpg To yummy smells…


20150226-034843.jpg To whimsical artwork and one of a kind finds…

Open 24/7 at



Our Opera Books Are Back

I adore these. First we had them, then we could not get them any longer, now they are once again happily sitting on our shelves awaiting a home. These very well might be one of the best value $20 items we sell. Each book contains the full opera on 2 CDs. The book itself is rich with information, containing the complete libretto with annotations. Perfect for all ages, novice to seasoned opera lover too. We listened to them the entire day at the shop on Wednesday and it just put us all in good spirits.







A Day of Visual Inspiration

20150218-035114.jpg I spent the better part of a day yesterday at the showrooms placing orders for new goods for Watson Kennedy. It always feels a little bit like going home, as that is where I started on my retail adventure over 20 years ago. I find such visual inspiration being surrounded by so many things. Very similar to me walking a show, it is a bit like a puzzle. Finding pieces that fit together to tell the story I am trying to tell at the shops.

20150218-035700.jpg I also picked up lamps I was having rewired as well as did a little vintage hunting. It was a full day of inspiration. Both of the books pictured will be coming our way too. I started the day ordering books and I ended my day at the showrooms ordering books. Yes, I was in heaven. To be surrounded by rooms filled to the brim with books to sort through can be daunting, but I find it the ultimate needle in the haystack experience.




Sending Love & Valentine Wishes

20150214-031938.jpg I ran across this photo of these extraordinary roses I found awhile back and thought they were appropriate for the day. What are Valentine wishes you ask? My thought was that everyone reading this have a day filled with the ones and things you love.

A side note, both shops are brimming with Valentine treats galore–so if you are still in need, stop in. My hands are a tad sore from all the gift wrapping I did yesterday. It was a blast wrapping like crazy so many sweet gifts for customers. We will be doing the same all day today.

From all of us at Watson Kennedy, we send tons of X’s & O’s.




Valentine Treats Galore

So many new goodies arrived while we were away, it was fun to walk around yesterday and take it all in. I clicked away a few images. Valentine’s Day is one of my very favorite days. A day focused on love–between friends, spouses, those you work with. The world could always use a heavy dose of love each and every day. It is just fun that there is a special day that it is regaled. Cheers to love!









Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket

20150203-094334.jpg Imagine my surprise/delight/glee when I rounded the corner and saw stripes galore. Bold colorful stripes. The trademark of a Hudson’s Bay blanket. But there was more, like bags and socks and iPhone cases. I became a bit lightheaded. These blankets are iconic and preppy to boot.

From Wikipedia:
A Hudson’s Bay point blanket is a type of wool blanket traded by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) in British North America (now Canada) and the United States during the 18th century and 19th century. The company is named for the famous saltwater bay in Northeastern Canada, and the blankets were typically traded to First Nations and Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts.

Look for these to create a colorful, stripe filled happy area at the First Avenue shop sometime soon.



Finding New, New, New at NY Now

20150202-042318.jpg As I type this in the wee hours of the morning, the snow is falling like crazy in New York City. It actually woke me up as I can hear the snow plows moving about. Is beautiful watching it from the 32nd floor blanket the city. My mind might be changed just a tad at the beauty once I am out in it later this morning trying to maneuver and get to the show. For now I am thoroughly enjoying it. And once again, I have been remiss in taking lots of photos at the show. I am finding oodles of new things and I just get so deeply concentrated, taking my phone out to snap away just does not pop into my brain until later. But I have captured a few, so you get a little taste of some of the yummy goodness that will be coming our way to Watson Kennedy in the coming months.








One Kings Lane Photo Shoot

20150122-063542.jpg Yesterday was a full day of shooting the goods I have assembled for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale in March. It is so fun to see it all come together. The word ‘curated’ is so overused at this stage, but it really is the word that best describes the grouping of things that will be offered. My idea was to gather 125 objects that tell the story of Watson Kennedy. Think a Limoges bowl filled with Santa Maria Novella potpourri or a pair of vintage French ivory candlesticks filled with our hand-rolled beeswax taper candles. The date range is sometime in March, but I will let you all know as soon as an exact date is finalized.




French Candies

20150116-063206.jpg On our trips to France one of the sweet things, pun intended, are the candies we see at the little tabac corner shops. Tins and jars of sweets filled with flavors that are unusual to what you find here, like rose and bergamot. Plus the packaging is always spot on. So I snap them up whenever one of my food vendors brings them into their line. The Valentine table has been set at the Home store, so the French candies have found a good home as we head into this holiday of love. I know, it is a bit early, but it is one of my favorite holidays so I like that it gets a whole month of attention.

20150116-064144.jpg A happy Friday everyone in your part of the world.