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Holiday Open House & WK 16th Anniversary Weekend

20141121-032758.jpg Big weekend ahead. Our second Holiday Open House will be tomorrow, Saturday from 10 to 6, at the Pike Place Market shop. Mimosas & sparkling apple cider will be served. The space is bursting at the seams with gifts galore. I have found so many fun new things these past few months. It is also the 16th anniversary of the Fine Living shop at 86 Pine Street. The first 16 people to mention to me personally on Saturday that they saw this post or reference to it on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds gets a special WK gift… It will be a festive, jolly good time–I so hope you can join us! XX, Ted




2015 Flash Card Calendar

20141120-063946.jpg Some folks think paper calendars are outdated, but I still like seeing something each day that reminds me of the date. That is where these flash card calendars come in. They combine a bunch of some of my favorite things–flash cards, letters & numbers and paper. Propped up on a window ledge or on your desk, they are a gentle reminder of the date and season. They become great bookmarks as the months pass as well as postcards that you can write on the back side of and just drop right into the mail. We have carried these for several years and will continue to do so for many more as they really are just the niftiest versatile little calendars.



My Favorite Things Today

A walk around the shop at the end of a busy day yesterday had me snapping images of brand spanking new things and some old favorites.


20141119-023430.jpg New dog leashes with a vintage vibe and a nautical flair. We bought one for Bailey a few years ago and we love it. Happy to add these to our selection.




20141119-023825.jpg Wood handled French silverware, vintage Ball jars, a pad of lovely thoughts for the year, English crackers–it really is in the mix. I try and keep things slightly mixed up so you never really know what you might find on a Watson Kennedy shopping excursion.



20141119-024307.jpg Clear glass & crystal always finds a winning spot in my heart.


20141119-024453.jpg A new round of Hugo Guinness back from the framer mixed in with some existing lovelies in vintage frames.


20141119-024656.jpg Sweet nibbles with a Holiday spin.



20141119-024850.jpg Platters and magnifiers and coupes–oh my. All things to give. Or keep.



Salty Road Salt Water Taffy

Peppermint, Sea Salt Caramel & Bergamot, yum. Those are the 3 flavors that arrived yesterday of the Salty Road salt water taffy from the Brooklyn based candy maker. Of course you know I love the packaging. But what is inside is just as fab. Made with only the finest ingredients, like vanilla bean and bergamot, which is so rare in the candy world. A sweet treat.






{BOOK SIGNING} at Haystack Antiques

20141107-040829.jpg I am excited to report that I will be signing copies of Style & Simplicity tomorrow, Saturday from 10 in the morning until noon at Haystack Antiques in Bellevue, Washington. Owner Debbie Nordstrom has amassed a stellar group of dealers to create a vintage heaven of goods. I wrote about my love of antique malls in my book–there is always so much extraordinary variety as each dealer presents things in her/his own way, creating tons of visual interest. It will be fun to be surrounded by all that cool vintage while I sign books. If you are on the Eastside, stop in, I would love to see you. Top it off with a little vintage shopping. That is just what I will be doing after. Our car is ready to be filled up!

A lovely Friday to you all as we ease into November…



Make It Ahead by Ina Garten

20141101-061948.jpg She can most certainly can cook AND write cookbooks–she is prolific indeed. The newest Barefoot Contessa books arrived the other day and our stack has already started to dwindle but more are on the way. I have spoken/written a bunch in the past of my Ina love. She just gets it. Food brings people together and does not have to be fancy. This book concentrates on foods that can be made in advance so you are not stressed when company arrives and are tied to the stove instead of hanging with your friends. Kind of classic Barefoot if you ask me. The people who are being cooked for are more important than being in the kitchen. Beautifully shot as always, her books are filled with recipe after recipe of approachable and doable dishes. With a heck of dose of style injected. Ina’s books make great gifts, and this one with the red spine is just perfect for Holiday gifting. Another winner on so many levels.

It really is all about cookbooks the next few days. The Prune book arrived yesterday. I am still a bit lightheaded with excitement. I will write about that one later next week. We still have spots open for the Dorie Greenspan signing this Tuesday night from 5 to 7. Call the shop if you would like to join in. A very happy, happy beginning of November to you all!



Holiday Windows on Halloween




20141031-042529.jpg My oh my how times have changed. When we opened up the Market shop going on 16 years ago, you would not really dream of putting Holiday goods out until after Thanksgiving. I remember working frantically the eve before Thanksgiving and even on the day to get things out so the Friday would be all Christmas-y and then Holiday shopping really began. Then as the years have passed it has begun earlier and earlier. Now waiting until November 1st seems like waiting too long. Certain customers start getting a tad grumpy that Holiday related goods are not available. Now, we start slowing weaving in things like ornaments and candy when they arrive in the middle of October. But the windows, I just feel I can’t do them until the end of the month. I know many big box retailers having trees out the first day of October. Some even earlier. Halloween has never been a big deal at my shops, so yesterday was the day to get them dressed in their Holiday finery. There really is no right or wrong with any of this really, I just thought a post about the windows today seemed fun. Plus I love that they are done and ready to ring in November 1st with a bang. A red window and a green window it would be. Lots of product weaved into them to grab the attention of folks as they strolled by on First Avenue. They are always such a blast to do, as there is so much new stuff that has arrived over the past 2 months that this is where I derive the ideas for each window. Plentiful simplicity was where my head was at. Let the season begin!







Thank You, In 5 Different Languages

20141030-040003.jpg Thank You, Grazie, Merci, Gracias, Danke–however you would like to say it, this boxed card set has you covered. What a perfect little group to have at the ready on your desk or in your drawer to be able to break into when you need to send off a little note of thanks. Or merci. Or gracias. You get the picture. Sending notes becomes so much easier, efficient & doable when you have a card at the ready. This stylish set with an international flair has you covered.



My Favorite Things Today

Getting back from a trip, the first thing I do is walk around the shops and see what arrived when we were away. My oh my, some goodies certainly were unpacked and made their way out onto the shop floors. This is such an abundant, crazy busy, but crazy fun time of year to be a retailer. Here is what caught my eye yesterday afternoon as I snapped away images.
















Ted’s Tip No. 15

20141020-074320.jpg As we move into gift wrapping season, be on the lookout for interesting old papers, ledgers & maps. They make great wrapping paper with a highly creative bent. Tied off with simple string or twine then a finishing touch of a wax seal and you have a pretty nifty package to present.