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Ted’s Tip No. 71

Wrapping paper can be as simple as Kraft paper & twine and still be ever so chic.



Surprise Balls Are Back!

Happy to report that a big box of surprise balls arrived the other day.  We were without them for awhile and I really missed them.  These really are just joyous little things.  The lovely woman who made them for me had all sorts of cool stuff she added herself + I sent her a bunch of vintage ephemera from the shops, so they are filled with goodness.  Each includes a shiny new penny for good luck too.  Whether a party favor, place setting treat, or just a fun little gift, these surprise balls are equally sweet for any age.  We sell them as much to adults as we do kids.  Happy to create custom versions too, if you are ever in the market for truly one of a kind treats for a festive party or large gathering.
Happy Saturday everyone!



My Favorite Things Today

Summer has kicked into high gear, the hustle & bustle of guests visiting our fine city makes each day at the shops such a treat.  I love hearing foreign languages being spoken while visitors enjoy the shop experience, to folks who are spending the day in Seattle who have come over from Bellevue.  Near or far, we always try to offer an assortment of goods to delight.  Here is what caught my eye in the past few days.



The Gift of Greens

My friend Margo and her son came to WestWard on Sunday for a visit.  She brought a huge bag of greens from the garden.  What a truly awesome gift!  Sharing the bounty of Summer is such a gracious act.  It was all whipped up into a big salad the next eve.  The giving of what we have is so personal, and always makes a very special gift.



Our LJF 2017 Watson Kennedy Calender Towels Have Arrived!

Box after box arrived from France last week filled with our 2017 Le Jacquard Francais Watson Kennedy calendar towels.  I order more each year and we sell out quicker each year.  This is the earliest they have ever come in, so it is fun to have them available so soon. These make one stylish gift.  I like to wrap one around a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or wine as a host/hostess gift.  Customers have told me they frame them, use them as a small table cover, and of course use them to dry dishes.  Give us a ring at the shop if one or many interests you.  800.991.9361  We are always more than happy to ship some for you too.
Happy Tuesday everyone!



Pollard Coffee ‘Watson Kennedy Special Blend’

To say I am over the moon to introduce you to our ‘WK Special Blend’ Pollard Coffee would be a slight understatement.  For this is quite possibly the finest coffee I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy, so the fact that we now have it to share with everyone and sell at the shop and online–well it just makes me incredibly happy.  

Let me start from the beginning.  Friends who had come to dinner at WestWard awhile back mentioned the coffee to us.  We had actually had a bag open that we were currently enjoying so we were aware of Pollard, but an introduction from our friends to the owner Robin shortly thereafter got the wheels in motion.  Within the week, we were standing among the beans as she showed us around her property as well as where she roasts these exquisite beans.  Her husband is the creator of Andrew Will Winery, so part of the tour was their lovely home and winery. Oh, I failed to mention, Robin lives and roasts her coffee on Vashon Island.  How perfect is that!

I have long wanted to offer coffee for sale at WK, but seriously, Seattle is such a coffee city that I felt I needed to have a connection to it to really make it all work. So the fact that Robin personally roasts the beans in small batches on Vashon was just the connection I was waiting for.  Serendipity, if you will.  She comes from a wine background, so her palate is spot on.  She blends with an artists touch, creating coffee that is truly exceptional.  Sourcing her beans from around the globe, our blend she roasted up for us using a mixture from Columbia & Costa Rica.  We did several rounds of tastings to get to this blend, and I have to say, it is sublime.

We are honored to now be offering it at Watson Kennedy.  We will be pouring complimentary cups over the next few days at our First & Spring shop, so stop in if you are in the neighborhood.  



My Favorite Things Today

Summer is such a busy bustling season for us at the shops.  So many folks in from all parts of the globe, which makes each day incredibly interesting & full. Box after box arrives each day keeping our shelves nice and full.  A quick walk around, I snapped away some of my favorite things of the moment to enjoy on this Sunday.



Jack Rudy Tonic Trio

20160629-035916.jpg Just In, and just in time for Summer gift giving. For all the G&T lovers in your world. Jack Rudy is regarded as some of the best tonic mix out there. This trio is a sampling of his blends all packaged up in a nifty little box. We had a G&T station set up as guests arrived out on the island this past week-end, the assortment at the ready along with a mix of gins and other tonics, limes & a big bucket of ice. Just add a bit of sparkling water or just use straight from the bottle mixed in the drink, for a truly unique twist on this most classic of cocktails.  Available at the Fine Home shop and up soon on the website.




A New Shipment of Hotel Silver Has Arrived

A new shipment of vintage English hotel silver bowls arrived the other day. From the 1940’s to 60’s, these pieces have lived quite a life already. They have been given a second life while being re-silvered and look awesome with a fresh coat. This makes them food-safe, so they are meant to used & enjoyed. Perfectly chic filled with a host of things like nuts and dips and crackers for the cocktail hour. Lovely with a flower floating in it. And my true test of an object is they look divine with nothing in them at all gracing a coffee table or kitchen counter. For information on any of the pieces, always feel free to give us a ring at the shop at 800.991.9361 or shoot us an e-mail at






Mrs. John L. Strong at Watson Kennedy

20160616-060724.jpg Established in New York City in 1929, Mrs. John L. Strong hand engraved stationery is regarded as some of the very finest in the world. A new shipment arrived the other day to refresh our existing stock, which we have carried for many years. The iconic gloriously thick stock along with the beautiful images, many created many years ago, makes this a truly special gift. One to give or to gift yourself.

20160616-061453.jpg I quite happily played around in the display case yesterday, whistling while I worked surrounded by all that glorious paper. From notecards to tablets, we are so pleased to offer such glorious offerings for your letter/note writing.



20160616-062132.jpg Speaking of letter writing, oh my word, the cards & letter just keep arriving daily–I can’t thank you all enough! With it being such an emotional week, they really have been even more welcome. For those of you just reading, I had asked readers a few weeks ago when the blog hit its 5th anniversary to send me a note so I could have it as a remembrance to mark the occasion. So many of you have and it has brought me so much joy. But it is not too late if you have not yet sent one. I would be delighted, thrilled really, to keep receiving them for the next month, or even longer, as there is no time limit on happiness. Insert very large smile. If so incline, to:
Ted Kennedy Watson
1022 First Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98104
United States of America