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One Kings Lane Photo Shoot

20150122-063542.jpg Yesterday was a full day of shooting the goods I have assembled for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale in March. It is so fun to see it all come together. The word ‘curated’ is so overused at this stage, but it really is the word that best describes the grouping of things that will be offered. My idea was to gather 125 objects that tell the story of Watson Kennedy. Think a Limoges bowl filled with Santa Maria Novella potpourri or a pair of vintage French ivory candlesticks filled with our hand-rolled beeswax taper candles. The date range is sometime in March, but I will let you all know as soon as an exact date is finalized.




French Candies

20150116-063206.jpg On our trips to France one of the sweet things, pun intended, are the candies we see at the little tabac corner shops. Tins and jars of sweets filled with flavors that are unusual to what you find here, like rose and bergamot. Plus the packaging is always spot on. So I snap them up whenever one of my food vendors brings them into their line. The Valentine table has been set at the Home store, so the French candies have found a good home as we head into this holiday of love. I know, it is a bit early, but it is one of my favorite holidays so I like that it gets a whole month of attention.

20150116-064144.jpg A happy Friday everyone in your part of the world.



Quotable Wisdom

20150108-063154.jpg We had these books through the Holidays but another large order arrived yesterday and these may be my new favorite things of the moment. You all know I love a good quote. They just distill a thought down to its very essence. They make you ponder. Each of these books are filled with quotes by great minds like that of Steve Jobs or Mother Theresa, from writings & words from their lifetime. Life lessons.



Ornaments and Memories

20150107-073317.jpg We are taking our Christmas tree down this evening, so we took off all the ornaments last night. It was like taking a walk down memory lane. So many lovely thoughts of trips taken, sweet gifts given by friends, ornaments we gave to one another the first few years after we met, gifts from students when I taught tennis. Wrapping them in tissue and putting them in the boxes to rest until they are called into action for the next tree. We had not put up a tree in quite a few years in town, but this year’s tree filled with ornaments rekindled many memories of the past. Our Christmas trees at WestWard we just fill with lights and leave outside on the deck to be enjoyed for the season. But the ornaments really do have such a great connection to telling part of our story. Our history.



Ted’s Tip No. 24

20141222-082651.jpg My tip today is centered on a last minute gift if you are in need. It also applies to that person on your list who has most of everything and does not need a darn thing. I love giving, as I love equally receiving, a yearly magazine subscription. Design, food, people, to name a few–are just some of the things covered in some really great monthly magazines. Just think, your gift will be enjoyed and you will be thought of a dozen times during the course of the year. That is one great gift that just keeps on giving!



Watson Kennedy Holiday Gift Guides

The last few weeks I have posted a variety of Holiday ‘Gift Guides’ on our various social media outlets. Thought it would be fun to have them all in one spot as we are in the midst of the season of giving. Please enjoy. If anything catches your eye and you have questions about the goods, always feel free to give us a call at 800.991.9361. Just click on each of the below guides to be linked to the 5 Flipagram videos.

Gift Guide No. 1
Gift Guide No. 2
Gift Guide No. 3
Gift Guide No. 4
Gift Guide No. 5




The Zen of Wrapping

20141209-072832.jpg This is a photo of a brilliantly wrapped gift that a customer e-mailed to me. She had bought her husband a wickedly cool gift at the shop, as well as the wrapping paper and the ribbon. I was so touched that she sent me the image. It got me thinking about wrapping. Especially at this ‘wrapping’ time of year. Wrapping a gift you have chosen to give someone is the final gracious act before you actually give the gift. I know many of you out there love to wrap, and I know many of you do not. My thought for all of this is really to enjoy the act or ritual of the wrapping process. Find the zen of the wrap, if you will. Often times customers tell me they find gift wrapping therapeutic. Others say they find it incredibly creative. Whether you love wrapping or not, it really does make a gift extra special if the wrapping has thought & love put into it. Happy wrapping and cheers to a beautifully wrapped gift!



A Collection of Brilliant Quotations

20141206-044426.jpg You know I love a good quote. They inspire and provoke thought, which leads to action. A big hit this season at Watson Kennedy are a series of pads that are filled with page after page of quotes. But the best part is the pages are perforated so they are meant to be pulled out and used. I like to write a simple note on the back side of the quote and slip it into letters I have written. A gift to be given or kept for yourself to inspire in the new year.

A happy, happy Saturday to you all. I hope you are enjoying a bit of the Holidays! Have a stellar week-end,



The Beauty That is Horn

We had a rather substantial order of horn jewelry arrive the other day. Unpacking it, I was in a bit of a trance. For each piece is truly like a little natural work of art. I wrote of my fondness for horn in my book–how it is a natural byproduct of animals after they have lived a fruitful & long life, so I feel in many ways it is an homage to them. The horn gets heated and becomes quite pliable, allowing artisans to create stupendous cups, bowls, utensils, and in this case, jewelry. This order was made for us in Vietnam. I had the great pleasure of meeting the makers when I was in New York in August. We could hardly wait for the order to arrive…






Watson Kennedy 100% Beeswax Hand Rolled Candles

20141125-084217.jpg We received in a fresh batch of our hand rolled beeswax tapers last week. These have been made for us since we first opened the Market shop. A staple, if you will. I love them throughout the year, but the Holiday months and taper candles go hand and hand in my mind. The flicker, dance and glow of the flame adding to the festiveness of the season. The honeycomb design giving an earthiness to any taper they grace.