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20140724-064825.jpg The other week I snapped away a few images of “things” that caught my eye at the Market shop. Stuff, ephemera, objects, things, bits & bobs–whatever words you like best. Obviously, and I smile as I type this, you know I like all of those words, and what they are quite a bit. Just a few bowls, jars, boxes and platters of things pleasing to the eye.









Antica Farmacista at WK

20140722-064744.jpg We are so pleased to have the beautifully sensuous & sumptuous line, Antica Farmacista, now gracing the shelves at Watson Kennedy. Very Italian influenced, the company is actually based right here in Seattle. Which I love. Not only here in Seattle, but about a block from the Market shop. Which I love even more. Antica Farmacista was established in 2003, and was the first company to introduce the home ambiance reed diffuser in the United States. They have expanded the line tremendously since then. Think liquid hand soap, lotions, and candles. All of which are now stocked on our shelves. It really is such a pretty, pretty line. With outstanding scents. Plus, you know I love great packaging. Antica has that in spades. All ready to be wrapped up and given as a gift.






Ted’s Tip No. 6

20140721-083611.jpg Turn soon to be stale bread into delectable croutons. Turn oven to 350 degrees to pre-heat while you cut up the bread into bite sized pieces. Scatter them onto a baking sheet, sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper. A winning trio in so much of my cooking. Put tray in the oven being sure to keep an eye on it and move around the bread often to make sure things cook evenly. Pull out when nice and golden. Then liberally dust with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. You now have tasty, tasty croutons for salads or for snacking. These also make fab hostess gifts if you fill up a cello bag with them and close off with an earthy colored ribbon.



Bailey’s Biscuits

20140710-065730.jpg Our order of Bailey’s Biscuits arrived the other day at the First Avenue shop. They are not named after our Bailey, but I do love the idea that they are named after a beloved Bailey. We will just pass that love on. A very generous and quite stylish kraft bag of healthy pooch treats awaits. Lovely as a gift and great to have around when you need to give a four legged friend a treat.

The below one of my all-time favorite Bailey photos, taken at Hawthorne by TPS. Given her back issues from last year, the vet has said stairs should be limited, so we have trained her not to run up and down them. Here, her favorite toy has fallen down a stair. “Seriously, can you help me out?” is so much the look on her face. Yes, I am smitten with our pooch. Had to share this photo since the post is Bailey-centric… Happy Thursday all!




Shirley Horn, I Remember Miles

20140705-061815.jpg We are always quite thirsty for new/old music at the shops. Music plays from the moment the doors are unlocked in the morning until the last sales is rung up in the early eve. Music is such a vital part of the Watson Kennedy environment, so I choose it quite carefully. It must set a tone. It has to be enjoyable but not be too intrusive. This is the first post of what will be many of music that stirs an emotion. Most will be what we sell at the shops, but not always. I thought to myself the other day, “Why have I never written about music?” So it begins.

Shirley Horn sets a mood. She just does. When this CD arrived last week I could hardly wait to open it. We have long been a fan, so anytime we can add to her collection, I am quite happy. This is her ode to her friend Miles Davis. Just typing the names Miles Davis and Shirley Horn makes me giddy. She opened for his quintet in the early-sixties at the Village Vanguard. Shirley performed 3 standards that turned the trumpeter’s head. He soon recorded them on his landmark LP Seven Steps To Heaven. Here she sings those classics, as well as others. We have been listening to it non-stop since it arrived.



Aromatic Rosemary & Lavender Savory Salts

20140627-070812.jpg Just in time for Summer grilling, aromatic rosemary & lavender savory salts. Simply sprinkle this salt on meats, fish or vegetables before baking or grilling for a quick and easy way to add flavor to a dish. The combo of lavender and rosemary sort of Summer in a bottle. Plus the bottle is cool too! I love these little Weck jars with the metal clips. Once you have used the salts up, the jars are the perfect vessel for whipping up a vinaigrette in–come to think of it, these savory salts would be pretty fabulous added to a vinaigrette to add a serious burst of flavor. And last but not least, these make one heck of a swell gift. Your host/hostess will be quite happy they invited you…



Vintage Educational Flashcards

20140620-050335.jpg I have started adding to both shops collection of vintage educational flashcards again, as I recently acquired 2 awesome sets. One from the 40′s and another from the 60′s. These bring back memories from when I was a little kid.

20140620-050628.jpg Fun to use in art projects, stellar to frame, and quite unique to send/give as a greeting card–these really can be used for tons of things. I love watching customers sort through the stacks and find words that resonate with them.




My Favorite Things Today

20140612-063325.jpg Yesterday I spent part of the day on display which always gets me focused on the product and spiffing things up a bit. The other day at the Market shop the same happened. Here is what caught my eye. The above my new favorite ribbon. I am a goner for anything with numbers on it, and this tape measure ribbon makes my heart flutter. Perfect wrapped around a birthday gift.

20140612-063640.jpg The black & white French Pillivuyt section getting a new shipment added and a little refresh yesterday.


20140612-063840.jpg I always feel really lucky when I find matching Champagne buckets. This time I found 2 matching sets. Love these for holding orchids or topiaries. Or just naked the way they are looking quite smashing.

20140612-064034.jpg Two favorite brands mixing it all together. Swoon.



20140612-064352.jpg I find display like working on a puzzle. I love putting all the pieces together. Above 3 displays at the Market shop that got a little tightening.


20140612-064554.jpg Always happy to move a few new Hugo Guinness around and have them find a happy temporary home.

20140612-064719.jpg The hotel silver section getting a little polish and shine.

20140612-064841.jpg The Juliska and Molton Brown unit at Living getting a nice clean and straightening.

20140612-065009.jpg And lastly, a display at the Home store that is all ready for Father’s Day week-end. Display really is a daily thing at Watson Kennedy, but some days it becomes the better part of a day, which I always love.

A happy Thursday to you all…



Gifts From the Garden

20140607-075722.jpg This time of year, and really for the next few months, gardens are just so prolific & abundant. This is the time that gifts from the garden are perfect and oh so appreciated. My brother/sister-in-law have a gorgeous garden in West Seattle. We stopped by the other day and were presented with garden roses and freshly picked strawberries. Truly, a gift you give from your own garden is just the most special gift. I can’t type this enough or say this enough ways. Sharing flowers you have tended and food you have nurtured to growth is such a gracious act. The joy this spreads is really quite something.




the PARIS REVIEW at Watson Kennedy

20140602-055927.jpg I am very happy to report that the PARIS REVIEW has landed at the shops! I mentioned a bit ago that carrying issues at WK has been on my wish list for ages. After I wrote that post I contacted them that very day and placed my order. To my delight, the stacks were waiting for me when we returned from New York, and are now out on the floor ready to be gobbled up.

20140602-060333.jpg They really make a great collection. That was my thought about carrying many of the back issues. Similar to old New Yorkers, you can just pick up a copy and be transported by an article or an interview, so the magazine being the ‘current’ issue is not really so important. Plus I really like the coloring of the spines together and think they would look pretty swell in a bookcase or stacked on a desk. What is on the outside is almost as good as what is on the inside!