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SAVE the DATE May 6th ‘Style & Simplicity’ Book Party

20140412-065059.jpg Tuesday May 6th is the release date of my book. Just right around the corner, really. I have so loved that all of you have been along for this very sweet chapter & journey with me. I will be signing books throughout the day at the Fine Home shop on First and Spring Street. Signed copies will also be available at my shop in the Market too. We are finalizing plans this week for the party to be held that evening beginning at 5 o’clock. I just wanted to get everyone the date so if you would like to attend you have it on your calendar. I will do a full post on the specifics next week and how to sign up and reserve a spot for the party, as space is limited given the amount of room at the First Avenue shop. Twill all be lovely–so excited that the time is almost here! I hope you can join in sometime throughout the day. Details to follow…



Glassybaby ‘Style & Simplicity’ Gorgeously Green Sets at Watson Kennedy

20140409-061546.jpg I am beyond thrilled to announce that glassybaby has so graciously put together and named a set of green glassybaby ‘Style & Simplicity’ in honor of my upcoming book. Over the moon really. You all know of my love of glassybaby and the love of the philanthropic giving the company is known for. They actually just recently passed the 2 million dollar giving mark to help those in need. Pretty amazing. 10% from the sale of this set will be donated to the Cancer Patient Assistance Fund at Swedish Cancer Institute, in true fabulous glassybaby fashion. In memory of my father, Kennedy Watson. The sets will be sold on my book tour signings, at the Watson Kennedy shops & website, as well as at the book signing I do at the Madrona glassybaby on Wednesday the 7th of May. The set is beautifully boxed for gift giving, in 2 very lovely & special shades of gorgeous green.



Springtime Blues

20140407-073958.jpg I am finding myself drawn more and more to shades of blue. Above and below two vignettes at the Market shop on both sides of the doors when you first enter the space. So interesting how the cobalt blue of the candlesticks change tone & depth as the light changes throughout the day. I know blue rates near the top always when polled for ‘favorite color’ in design mag questionnaires. We even sell a book devoted exclusively to decorating with the color blue. Whatever the reason, the hue resonates with many folks. Cheers to the Springtime blues!




All About Color

Spring is most definitely in the air. Seems like each box we have unpacked these last few weeks is just brimming with things filled with color. Happy, happy, color. Pops of color even if you don’t live with much color everyday is just fun. An orange napkin just makes a table setting sing. A bed made up with a bright yellow throw just makes it festive. A big apple green pillow plumped up on a sofa just looks visually inviting. Here is a quick look at a few of the vibrant hues that have arrived just in time for the arrival of Spring.







Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salt Soap

20140325-065051.jpg I had to run into the shop yesterday for a quick errand and I was so happy to see that the new sea salt soap from Jacobsen Salt Co. on the Oregon coast had arrived. When they sent me images of the bars a few weeks ago I jumped at the chance to carry them. This is an unscented bar that has their salt mixed in, creating a naturally exfoliating soap. We are big fans of sea salt soap at Watson Kennedy. This one has found a much appreciated home. Plus the graphic & perfectly yellow box make this one sweet little gift all wrapped and ready to give.



Fifty Shades of Kale

20140306-081143.jpg Kale is the “IT” food of the moment, which I am so happy about, because more and more folks are giving it a try. Better yet, it is so, so good for you. Tasty and uber healthy, yum. So I was ever delighted when a new book, Fifty Shades of Kale, showed up awhile back as a new title for the new year in our offerings at Watson Kennedy. We can’t seem to keep this book in stock, it has been so popular. Over 50 recipes with kale taking center stage. While the title might be a wink and a nod to another popular book, the recipes are quite well-thought out, beautifully photographed and all really quite doable. Recipes with tons of ingredients always make me a bit nervous and I usually pass. These are quite approachable, using kale in all of its glory.



A Flipagram Test

This is a test. I have wanted to include a Flipagram video into a daily blog post, and today is the day to give it a go.



Let me know what you think. I had hoped it would be the cover image that you could just click on, but I was not figuring that out. I have really been having fun playing with this app and wanted to share some of them with you. Look for more on upcoming posts. Happy Tuesday!



Rubber Stamp Font Bliss

20140303-085500.jpg I spent part of the day on Saturday at the Market shop organizing & straightening things. This basket of rubber stamp font sets looking all refreshed and orderly after a little re-do. These mini sets are so handy to have on hand. Great for labeling a host of things, and really nifty for craft projects. The large variety of fonts making them versatile for whatever your taste in fonts might be.



Well Stocked Mariage Freres Tea Shelves

20140301-065454.jpg This ends up being well-travelled tea. We import Mariage Freres directly from the company in Paris. It is so interesting because I get alerts along the way after I place my order–when it has been packed, what flight the boxes are on, when the flight has landed, when it clears customs, when it will be delivered to the shop.

20140301-065814.jpg The minute the huge boxes are brought into the shop you start smelling how good it all is. Then we start opening up the big boxes, and there is just a symphony of scents wafting through the air. I love tea arrival day. The shelves once again fully-stocked with fresh tea.




A Little Town & Country Love

20140224-072500.jpg I was honored and thrilled when asked by the folks at Town & Country what some of ‘My Favorite Things’ from the shops were at the moment. It is always so tough to chose just a few, but I clicked away a bunch of things that told a bit of a visual story and looked interesting together. Being a T&C fan since I was a kid, I joke that I read it in the crib, I was just elated to be asked. Here is the link.