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The Goats Have Arrived!

20150730-035756.jpg Excited to report that the fabulous ceramic goat pitchers from England made the voyage to Seattle and are now enjoying a life on the shelves at Watson Kennedy until they find their permanent homes. We bought one of these when I did a book signing last October at Paper Trail in Rhinebeck, New York. The owners were so gracious and shared with me the artisans in England who make these. I have posted images of the goat pitcher on our kitchen counter at Hawthorne on Instagram and have received oodles of inquires. Happy to now have them as part of our offerings at WK. Two sizes, $30 for the small and $36 for the big. Such a whimsical pitcher to have out to serve milk with coffee or to pour syrup from. Give us a call at 800.991.9361 if one speaks to you. A bit of the English countryside awaits. Fun to have them set about the First Avenue shop. Kind of like the little ones are watching after things.




A Quick Spin Around

20150727-065205.jpg Returning back to the shops from being away, I always take a quick spin around to see how things are looking, what is new that has come in, what has sold, what we need more of, what needs to be moved around. The first few days back my mind is always racing with ideas. I think of spaces like plants or flowers in a way. They need to be cared for, looked after, watered, fed, and they will blossom. The shops are very much the same. Spaces have energy. That energy needs to be fueled. I am always looking for ways to keep things fresh & visually interesting. One of the biggest compliments we receive in the shops is when someone says they “feel good” when in the spaces–then I know we are doing it right. This is a big, overall goal, we are always looking to maintain. This is what caught my well-rested eyes after having come back from vacation.











My Favorite Things Today

One of the very funnest, yes, I just typed the word funnest, things about being a shop owner is finding new goods, and seeing them once they arrived among all the other things you have chosen over time. Sort of like seeing parts of a puzzle come together. My walk around yesterday straightening things at the end of the day had me seeing the new things with perennial favorites, enjoying the mix of the puzzle. Here is what caught my eye.






















20150629-080819.jpg Happy to report the arrival of a new bath, body care & home line I am quite excited about that is now gracing our shelves. YARD ETC is crafted in Sweden by folks who are major garden enthusiasts. Hence, all the yummy garden-y scents. Like dog rose, oak moss, green tomato and lemon nettle. Yum, yum, yum. Liquid hand soap, bar soap, hand balm and a nifty candle in a cool looking tin. All beautifully packaged so it all looks swell left out on the counter for all to enjoy. Equally lovely to give as a gift or to become your new favorite. At both shops, and soon to be added to the Watson Kennedy website.




My Favorite Things Today

A quick spin around the shop on a busy day produced some really fun new stuff that has shown up recently. Along with a few tried & true that always just make my heart sing. These are a few of my favorite things at the moment. Little delights that caught my eye.

20150617-052203.jpg I like this image on just about anything. A Scalamandre classic. Who knew paper napkins could be so chic.



20150617-052431.jpg A variety of peppy and preppy picture frames that I found at the New York show on this last trip in May.


20150617-052615.jpg Maps, boats, shells and overall beachy things always make me smile.

20150617-052728.jpg As does a good travel journal.

20150617-052830.jpg The Summer issue has arrived. Be a smarty pants with your beach reading. Equals out the People magazine next to it in your beach bag.

20150617-053124.jpg I mean seriously, these are so good they bring a tear to my eye. Just lovely. A dish towel but would be swell as an oversized napkin for alfresco dining.

20150617-053350.jpg Sweet, sweet, sweet little Denise Fielder gift tags to make any package special.

20150617-053502.jpg For a stylish quick roll of the dice.

20150617-053708.jpg Santa Maria Novella pot-pourri has become a Watson Kennedy staple.

20150617-053812.jpg I know I had this image posted last week, but I am still a bit weak in the knees over all the Livia Cetti flowers dotting the displays, I just had to add this to the list.

20150617-053950.jpg And lastly, QUIN Candy assorted bags of their delicious sweet edibles. Bumps up the flavor quotient for a candy dish. My grandmother Watson always had a candy dish on the coffee table when I was a little kid. This bag of treats makes me want to do the same.

Happy, happy Wednesday everyone! Hope all is swell & dandy in your part of the world.



Ribbon by the Yard at WK

20150616-080114.jpg A beautifully wrapped gift is a sight to behold. A stylish ribbon that ties the whole package together can make the gift extra special. We have long carried ribbon at Watson Kennedy, having rolls mixed in displays by color. It has been on my list for ages to turn some old card racks we have had into large ribbon racks. Last week was the time that the task rose to the top of the list. Both shops now having a full rack for your viewing pleasure, making it much easier to buy some ribbon for that special gift if you are in a bit of a hurry. Or just want to survey most of your options at once. We will still have rolls scattered here, there and everywhere in displays by color, but this just tidies things up a tad. Whether by the yard or a whole roll, we have you covered.



The Floral Artistry of Livia Cetti

20150612-073309.jpg I get excited when new things arrive at the shops. You have probably guessed/noticed this from previous posts. Just how I am built. Well, yesterday boxes arrived and I was so excited I could barely contain myself. The work of New York based artist/stylist Livia Cetti is something I have long admired. We have a few of her pieces at Hawthorne and they are some of my very favorite things. She is a master when it comes to creating works of art out of tissue paper and making flowers out of them. These one of a kind handmade flowers are crafted with hand-dyed tissue paper. Our first order arrived at the Home shop, with another coming soon to the 86 Pine shop. Pure happiness created with tissue paper. Style and simplicity.






20150612-074330.jpg Yes, one came home immediately. OK, actually two. One of the geraniums is now living in the kitchen. The above yellow peony living in our bedroom so I can see it the moment I wake up. Her stuff is magical I tell you.

Happy Friday everyone!



Shades of Creams to Browns

I go through certain phases where colors become a prevailing theme in what my eye sees, what products I order for Watson Kennedy, what I naturally gravitate towards. Think shades of objects like cork, rope, linen, wood, raffia, twine, horn, vellum. I find them so soothing. Today is a calming look at some of those things, big & small.























INNA Seascape Strawberry Jam

20150605-065919.jpg Just arrived, a fresh batch of INNA seascape strawberry jam. The seascape is a delicate dark red strawberry with a complex floral flavor. They turned organic seascape strawberries into a well-balanced strawberry jam that is not overly sweet and wonderfully flavorful. Served on toast, spooned over ice cream, or nestle the jar up to a piece of cheese when next serving cocktails for an out of this world bite. What I am so taken with is the color. Each jar a little masterpiece of goodness.



Jacobsen Pure Kosher Sea Salt

20150529-030940.jpg Very excited to see these arrived while we were in New York. We are huge fans of Netarts Bay, Oregon based Jacobsen Salt Co. at Watson Kennedy. Their flake finishing salt has become a classic. Now, with the addition of this pure Kosher sea salt, they will now take up 2 spots on our kitchen shelves. Hand-harvested from the cold waters off the Oregon Coast. Sure to become a staple. Using the best salt possible really does bring out the most in your cooking. And you know this packaging just made me swoon. Cool enough to leave out on open shelving. They always just get it right, inside and out.