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The 2016 WK/LJF Calendar Towels Have Arrived from France!

20151010-072041.jpg They are here! The towels arrived from France the other day, stacks & stacks of them. Each year I order more and each year we sell out of them quicker and quicker. The Le Jacquard Francais towels are hands down the best under $25 value at WK. We had the great pleasure many years ago to be invited to the factory and watch the process of how the towels are made. Incredible. Truly where beauty and function live as one. We use the towels each day at the shops, for drying our hands and drying dishes. Some for more than 15 years, and they still look amazing. The calendar towel has become our yearly tradition. I know for many of you it has as well. They make fab gifts. My favorite is to tie one around the neck of a bottle of Champagne for a clever/useful host/hostess treat.

Happy Saturday everyone! I woke up to the sound of rain this morning, which I adore. We head to Hawthorne tomorrow. Incredibly excited.
Hope your week-end is grand.
From Seattle,



My Favorite Things Today

Things are heating up as new goods are arriving daily making it extra fun to shoot little vignettes. Pre-Holiday time (yes, I said it, Holiday, but I prefaced it with Pre…) is always a flurry of unpacking and more unpacking. Then the visual stories unfold. I liken it to a puzzle. The pieces coming together to tell our story of the season. Here is what is grabbing me at the moment.















SEATTLE City of Literature

20151006-062648.jpg Seattle is in the midst of another growth spurt. Having lived here for close to 30 years, I have seen plenty of growth in that time. Talk with certain folks and they have lots of opinions on the topic. They like the change, they don’t like the change. Some love it, some don’t. So it was interesting to sit by the fire in my favorite chair out on the island the other eve and start this book. A glimpse of our beloved Seattle from the perspective of the literary clan through their eyes. Story after entertaining story about then and about now. A great book for when you just want to read bits & pieces. Entertaining as all get out. The perfectly red cover making it a pretty great gift. I actually was going to type the word ‘Holiday’ but stopped myself. Just can’t. Toooo soon. Customers have mentioned seeing Christmas trees out already in displays at some major retailers. Wow. Amazing. I digress, this is just a cool book whatever time of year you give it or read it. Nice big stacks of them at both shops for your perusal.



They Say It All

20151001-042338.jpg My cousin used to own a charming old motel in upstate Wisconsin. The rooms had these type of fobs to hold the room key. Seeing these at the show in New York in August took me right back to that memory. Combine that with the powerful messages these have embossed into them, and they might just be one of my new favorite little gifts we carry at the check-out counter. I see these hanging as a tag off of a stylish gift. Or hanging from a bottle of wine or champagne for a super easy, kinda swell host/hostess gift. Or to hold your own miscellaneous keys. Words are so powerful. Having these little reminders throughout the day can add a nice little boost to your step.

Happy Thursday and Happy October everyone!



NEST Fragrances Now at WK

20150929-064305.jpg A big shipment arrived the other day of NEST Fragrances from New York. So happy to have this beautiful lines of candles, diffusers, and bath products part of the Watson Kennedy family of goods. The scents are stellar, the packaging just sublime for instant gift giving. As we head into candle lighting/burning season (which makes me smile, as I think that is always) these will become a ‘buy one as a gift and buy one for yourself’ treat. NEST is known also for their exceptional Holiday candles. A big order of those will be showing up in October which I am so excited about. Candles create instant warmth to a room and a home. There is rarely a day goes by that we don’t have one or many lit. Here is a sampling of what arrived at the shops…








The Ideal Pour-Over Coffee Maker, Now at Watson Kennedy

20150923-020813.jpg I have been searching for the perfect ‘pour over’ coffee maker. One that marries function with stylish presentation so it looks cool on the dining table. Happy to say, I finally found it and we are now stocking them at Watson Kennedy. The pour-over method (where you pour hot water right over the ground coffee and it drips right into the server) has been my preferred way of making coffee for many years, but I have never really loved what the options have been. This is a great size, the silver filter is part of it, but the best part is the inlaid wood handle. This thing is spiffy. It actually looks like it was meant to be on the morning breakfast table. Where form and function meet and good stuff happens.




Libeco Belgian Linen Dish Towels

Stacks and stacks of lovely Libeco Belgian linen dish towels were placed about in displays the other day. The colors just so perfectly muted and dreamy. If you are drying dishes or your hands, doing so on something really beautiful elevates the ritual & experience. Plus they look stellar left out in the kitchen on a hook or rack. The colors and patterns so exceptional these would also make grand oversized napkins too.







Esteban Paris at Watson Kennedy

20150917-055850.jpg New to our stock, Esteban of Paris candles. We have carried their incense for ages, along with the room spray brought in a few years ago. But happy to report that the candle has been added and a lovely trio is now offered. Esteban scents are out of this world, so loving the addition of a candle to the mix, which will make for some great gift giving as we move into Autumn.




Shop Snapshots

It has been a few hopping weeks and I kept getting distracted from snapping away images of our latest shop re-do at the First & Spring location. Re-do, it is such a funny word. Think rearrange, move around, re-display. You get the picture. 3 to 4 of us, five days solid, moving, thinking, sweating, laughing, sweating some more, displaying, and moving some more. Most of the 1500 feet of the back portion of the shop was re-worked, along with a few displays up front, so by the end of the week, were were tuckered out. But we are so happy with the results. It is much more open & airy with more spots to linger, which is always a huge goal of mine when thinking shop displays. It is paramount that the customer feel completely at home and if time permits, that they can linger and get lost in the shopping experience. I think what we did enhanced that experience. Here is a quick look.












20150914-111417.jpg The front section of the shop got a new “orange land” as well as the design books finding a new home, the front table getting a woody, autumnal spin and one of the front windows getting a beach-y refresh. Fun to have things mixed around all feeling fresh & new as we head into Autumn.








Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

20150910-030916.jpg The color inspiration continues with a new off the charts color-filled book I ordered for the shops the other day at the showrooms, Absolutely Beautiful Things. Written by Brisbane, Australia based interior designer & shopkeeper, Anna Spiro. Funny how the world works. I was first introduced to Anna by my friend, the artist Wayne Pate, via social media. We then started following one another on Instagram and it was such a delight to watch her experience with her book and the journey she took with it, a little while after mine came out. Her blog was also the impetus for her book. Anna is all about color so I spotted the cool cover instantly and jumped with happiness when I saw it sitting on a shelf at the showroom. Yes, I am the type of person who jumps with glee from happiness, but you might have already guessed that. Her book is about color prevailing in every part of her life/design, from fabrics, to paint, to flowers, to artwork, to the objects that are the finishing touches. It is just a happy book. Her joy and enthusiasm for life and design jump off the pages. Thrilled & honored to have her book soon join our stacks of home books for all to enjoy.