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Goods–Here, There & Everywhere 

I am back at it again buying at the show in New York City.  Such a visual feast.  I have used the ‘needle in a haystack’ analogy many times before, as it is so true. It is the search of looking high and low, in every nook & cranny, leafing through pages and piles–to find the gems.  Very excited to have remembered to click away some images.  Here is a bit of what is on the way…



New Works by Jeanne McKay Hartmann

For all of you who were able to make the Jeanne McKay Hartmann Trunk Show & Rosé Tasting, huge thanks for being part of such a fun eve.  Watching an artist create in your presence is such a special thing.  She also brought new works which are available to be shipped around the globe for all you readers not in the area.  I don’t want anyone feeling left out of the party.  Insert large smile.  These are 8 new images.  They are all original pieces, but if a work sells, Jeanne is able to paint another similar piece.  Her work just makes me happy, and brightens up any space it graces.  These are all a similar size and sell for $295 each.  If one catches your eye, e-mail us at



Mr. & Mrs. Coasters at Watson Kennedy 

The wedding season is in full-swing, and our Mr. & Mrs. coasters are once again a top stylish choice.  Made of Italian marble, they are perfect stacked and at the ready for holding all sorts of libations.  



My Favorite Things Today

So many things popped out at me as I strolled around the shops to choose some current favorites.  Gifts to give, gifts to keep–is always a thought running through my head as I am buying goods for Watson Kennedy.  Here are a dozen that topped the list.



Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rosé Côtes de Provence

Entertaining guests from near & far plays a big part of our stay at Hawthorne.  A combination of friends and family, it is something we both cherish about our time there.  This Wine Wednesday post is about an exceptionally divine bottle of rosé that was a gift to us from our friend Elizabeth when she stayed a night, that we popped open and enjoyed a few nights later at dinner at the picnic table out back under the stars with our friends Mimi & Richard from Little Ghent Farm. Domaines Ott Clos Mireille rosé is a wine I have seen mentioned in articles and occasionally had seen on shelves at wine selling establishments, but had never grabbed a bottle.  Silly me.  It was heavenly.  It will be a bottle we will seek out again & again.

From a little searching around on the web: Overlooking the sea, Clos Mireille is in Londe les Maures close to Brégançon. The broad sea-facing facade provides Clos Mireille wines their inimitable character. The microclimate and the sea spray create the perfect conditions for producing subtle and distinctive wines. The wine consists of a beautiful blend of grape varieties: grenache, cinsault and syrah. The bouquet consists of white fruits and strawberry aromas with a hint of citrus accents. Fruity notes on the palate segue into a smooth and firm structure.



The Finishing Touch

A well-chosen ribbon ties the whole package together on many levels.  



Crab House Nuts

We like to bring something other than, or in addition to, a bottle of wine or bubbles for a host/hostess gift. This tin of Crab House Nuts is often a big winner. Virginia peanuts with Chesapeake Bay seasoning is a slightly spicy alternative to plain peanuts.  Great to serve with cocktails.  They add a little kick.  One of the shops best-sellers all year round.

A happy Monday and a great start of the week to you all!  From Hawthorne but soon to be up in the air back to Seattle.  Ted2+B



Ted’s Tip No. 71

Wrapping paper can be as simple as Kraft paper & twine and still be ever so chic.



Surprise Balls Are Back!

Happy to report that a big box of surprise balls arrived the other day.  We were without them for awhile and I really missed them.  These really are just joyous little things.  The lovely woman who made them for me had all sorts of cool stuff she added herself + I sent her a bunch of vintage ephemera from the shops, so they are filled with goodness.  Each includes a shiny new penny for good luck too.  Whether a party favor, place setting treat, or just a fun little gift, these surprise balls are equally sweet for any age.  We sell them as much to adults as we do kids.  Happy to create custom versions too, if you are ever in the market for truly one of a kind treats for a festive party or large gathering.
Happy Saturday everyone!



My Favorite Things Today

Summer has kicked into high gear, the hustle & bustle of guests visiting our fine city makes each day at the shops such a treat.  I love hearing foreign languages being spoken while visitors enjoy the shop experience, to folks who are spending the day in Seattle who have come over from Bellevue.  Near or far, we always try to offer an assortment of goods to delight.  Here is what caught my eye in the past few days.