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Yes, that time again. Show time! An energizing round of days where product takes center stage. Well actually, where ‘finding’ it takes center stage. I have been so taken by all the details, such as the flowers, ephemera, artwork (I know–surprise, surprise) that many of the vendors have taken the time to add to their displays. It is what gives a booth, or a home for that matter, visual interest that goes deeper than just the things up on the shelves. I snapped away some of my favorite vignettes as well as things coming our way to WK in the months ahead.










Vintage French Match Strikers at Watson Kennedy

20160128-104026.jpg Certain objects can be like little works of art. Vintage French match strikers are one such item. There is just something about them, they have a quality, a specialness that makes each one a little work of art. We have been selling them for many years, yet I am still completely smitten each time I pull one out of the case to show a customer. The size, the color, the varying fonts–each one incredibly unique.





20160122-085605.jpg I purposely left these out of the line-up yesterday, as I felt these Scourtins deserved a solo shout-out. Yes, the posts this week have been heavily food-centric, but who doesn’t love a tasty morsel? These actually arrived when I was in SF at the show. They come from one of our outstanding vendors, Lark Fine Foods. They were recently highlighted in The New York Times during the Holiday season, so I was excited to add them to our mix. Savory olive wafers with a touch of sweetness, made in the traditional French Provencal style. Served up with a cocktail for a savory treat, either just as they are or with cheese, such as a chèvre. Or treated like a cookie for an afternoon snack when you are feeling a bit peckish. The Lark packaging also makes these a swell little host/hostess gift too.

Happy Friday all! I think snow will be the topic to discuss this week-end. Stay cozy…



My Favorite Things Today

Arrived back from rainy but always lovely San Francisco safe & sound. The rain making me feel right at home and I was happy to see it as I know how much it has been needed for the area. The light yesterday in Seattle was perfect for clicking away goods, both new and old, that caught my eye as I straightened things at the shop. A few of My Favorite Things Today for a little Watson Kennedy inspiration on this Thursday.














Ted’s Tip No. 53

20160120-063724.jpg A beautiful bottle of extra virgin olive oil makes a great host/hostess gift in place of a bottle of wine. Just think of how many times you will be remembered when it is being enjoyed.



The Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

It can be a tad bit challenging explaining how massive this show is, but let me give it a try. It occupies both sides of the Moscone Center, food vendors from around the globe exhibit, and the aisles are so deep with buyers you can barely move. There, I think I did it. Of course, I am in pure heaven. So many choices. It makes finding a winner a bit exhilarating, as you have looked at tooooons of stuff to get to that point. I found lots of winners yesterday. More today, for sure. Here are a few of the treats coming to our shelves.






Just In: Shinola Notebooks

20160115-070332.jpg Just In super cool notebooks in various colors & varying sizes from Shinola. Happy to add Shinola of Detroit to our roster of goods. These are really well-made notebooks perfect for journaling, keeping notes, drawing, or whatever your heart desires. Personal devices are super handy, but nothing beats beautiful paper and the ability to jot a note by hand.

Happy Friday all! Make it a great one,



My Favorite Things Today

We are starting the year off with a few of My Favorite Things Today that I clicked away yesterday while straightening & tightening up displays. Treats for yourself, gifts to give, journals to keep your thoughts, goodies to snack on, and treats to make your home look spiffy.

















Just In: Mega Tealights

20151219-041241.jpg Just In, another round of mega tealights. For all of us out there who love rocking a tealight but get frustrated with how quickly they burn out, these are the ticket. They burn for 10 hours! Now you don’t have to pardon yourself from your party to refresh the candles. These also are perfect in glassybaby vessels, which you know by now are near & dear to my heart. Also nice to have around if the power goes off for awhile, as the gold cup housing the tealight is spiffy enough to have a few set about in a pinch.

A lovely Saturday and week-end to you in your neck of the woods. Hope it is filled with all you want it to be…
From Seattle,



All In Good Taste: Kate Spade New York

20151217-053632.jpg This book, All In Good Taste, is flying off our shelves and makes just the perfect gift any time of the year. From the folks at Kate Spade New York, comes this charming guide to entertaining, sharing unpretentious ideas for the modern-day host/hostess that are easy & festive. Always with an air of deliberate polish. Filled with how-to stories, personal essays, anecdotes, recipes–all with a dash of style. Such as how to shuck an oyster, pull together a vibrant party/dinner guest list, or guide a dinner table discussion. A fun book to have on your bedside table to refer back to time and again for entertaining ideas, big and small.