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Thank You, In 5 Different Languages

20141030-040003.jpg Thank You, Grazie, Merci, Gracias, Danke–however you would like to say it, this boxed card set has you covered. What a perfect little group to have at the ready on your desk or in your drawer to be able to break into when you need to send off a little note of thanks. Or merci. Or gracias. You get the picture. Sending notes becomes so much easier, efficient & doable when you have a card at the ready. This stylish set with an international flair has you covered.



My Favorite Things Today

Getting back from a trip, the first thing I do is walk around the shops and see what arrived when we were away. My oh my, some goodies certainly were unpacked and made their way out onto the shop floors. This is such an abundant, crazy busy, but crazy fun time of year to be a retailer. Here is what caught my eye yesterday afternoon as I snapped away images.
















Ted’s Tip No. 15

20141020-074320.jpg As we move into gift wrapping season, be on the lookout for interesting old papers, ledgers & maps. They make great wrapping paper with a highly creative bent. Tied off with simple string or twine then a finishing touch of a wax seal and you have a pretty nifty package to present.



INNA jam.

20141009-040715.jpg My trip to San Francisco the other week produced a new find for Watson Kennedy. I was served this stellar jam when my friend and host Betsy served it at breakfast on the Saturday morning of my visit. I was hooked! Plus I adore the packaging. Win/win in my book. These are going to make the BEST holiday gifts. The shop order arrived yesterday and they have found a very happy home on our shelves.

INNA jam makes fresh, seasonal jams from organic fruit sourced within 150 miles of their Emeryville, California kitchen. By sourcing produce directly from local organic farmers they are able to get the best possible fruit–fruit that’s picked ripe and is absolutely fresh. Their single-varietal jams are crafted so that each fruit varietal’s unique essence and natural subtleties shine through in bright flavors. A jar of jam contains fruit from a single source. They don’t mix fruit, they don’t add herbs, spices or flavorings. INNA jam tastes like the freshly picked fruit from which it was made, each jar a time capsule of flavor. I am so excited to offer this amazing jam at WK.

Happy Thursday all. We are up and out early to catch a flight. Hawthorne, here we come!



Anatomy of a Display


20141002-045350.jpg Yesterday was a full day of display, as so much new product is arriving daily that we have to tweak existing displays to make room for the new goods. It really is like working a puzzle. I thought this post could relate to how you display things on shelves in your own home. Retail stores provide tons of tips you can carry home with you and translate them into your own style and design.

The above shelf received a small re-do to incorporate a few new books that had arrived. My number one tip is when you begin, take everything off of a shelf so you have a blank canvas. Then you start building. Color plays a big part of how I build a display. In this case, it was clear glass, black, whites and browns. Then I start layering. All like items go together creating a collective whole. Not everything has to be in a straight line, so the glass jars of salt are doing a bit of a dance. The apothecary bottles of syrup are so bold and graphic, I like them lined up neatly and anchoring a side of the display. The new cookbooks would get propped up to add a little height on the other side. The wood salt & pepper wells adding a bit of earthiness. The clear glass butter dishes adding lightness and pulling together all the other glass in the display.

For the below blue and white display, color again became the prevailing theme. The little bits of yellow from the cover of the book pulling from the color of the glass jars above. This was mainly all new product, so I built the display around that. The new ‘Blue Willow’ goods all playing well together. Then it was just adding things from existing stock. Again, the glass butter dishes adding a lightness to it all. Glass is always a lovely addition to any shelf vignette you are working on. And then lastly, the lucite handled blue umbrellas. My biggest piece of display advice is it does not always have to make complete sense. If you like something on a shelf, leave it there. It should please you. This is the tail end of our umbrella stock from this last order and I just liked the way that they kind of did not make complete sense in the display. They are unexpected. Which to me ties it all together making complete sense.





A Boat, A Whale & A Walrus

20140927-054610.jpg It seems like new books are arriving almost daily at the shops. Cookbooks especially catch my eye at this time of year when chilly nights and candlelit tables become the norm. The much anticipated above book, as I shy away from just calling this a cookbook, made me do a little happy dance as Heather unpacked them yesterday. ‘A Boat, A Whale & A Walrus’ is written by local chef Renee Erickson, along with writer Jess Thomson. We have long been a fan of Renee, both her eateries and of her Boat Street Pickles which we sell at the Home store. She has been a Watson Kennedy customer over the years, as has Jim Henkens, who so beautifully shot the images for the book. I love when our creative customers hit a home run. And they did! This is of course first and foremost a cookbook, but it also filled with stories of what makes up the life of owning a restaurant–staff, vendors, menus, recipes. It feels quite personal. Like you are sitting down with Renee having a glass of rosé and chatting about her life. I love that about this book. An homage to her restaurants, it is jam packed with winning recipe after recipe. As well as full menus so you could plan a dinner party from start to finish within a chapter. A lovely gift, but also a keeper.

Happy Saturday all!
From my favorite chair. Just about to head out and hit a few tennis balls.



Donuts & Frogs

20140925-070308.jpg Our kids section just grows and grows each year. Just in are these beyond adorable handmade donut & frog rattles. Each lovingly made by women in a village in Bangladesh. The story of the company is inspirational–I was quite taken with it, aside from how cute the toys are. The mission of the company is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are often disadvantaged. These are all made with tremendous love & care. Such a sweet gift made with such wonderful purpose.





The Beauty of a Well Wrapped Gift

20140909-031002.jpg Never underestimate the power of a well wrapped gift. A lovely customer posted this photo of a gift she purchased at Watson Kennedy for her husband recently. I know what is inside the box and it is pretty darn fabulous, but the wrapping she chose and wrapped so beautifully, is equally fab. She took such great care in choosing the paper and the ribbon. The same care she took in choosing the stellar gift. In this case, the paper color plays off of what is inside, as well as the fact that it is French. Lovely wrapping bumps up the specialness of the whole package and becomes part of the gift.



Watson Kennedy 2015 Le Jacquard Francais Calendar Towels

20140904-054106.jpg They have arrived! It is always an exciting day when the delivery man shows up with box after box of our Watson Kennedy calendar towels for the year ahead. Yesterday was that day. These are one well-travelled towel. Made for us in France by the venerable Le Jacquard Francais, a LJF towel is made with serious beauty & durability in mind. That is one great combination. Mister Sive & I had the great pleasure years back of being invited to the factory in France to watch the production of these sumptuous/work horse linens. To this day I am still in awe of the experience and just how incredibly well-made they are. Factor in the myriad of colors that are woven into the designs, they really are like functional works of art. The calendar towels are always a big hit. I order more and more each year, and we sell out quicker and quicker. They make the ideal gift. Call one of the shops if you would like one or many, as they go fast. You know we are always happy to wrap them for you too.

A lovely first September Thursday to you in your part of the world.



NY NOW Now + {Book Signing}

20140818-053550.jpg These are such busy, full, fun days, these ‘show’ days, I am oh so happy I had a few days before to rest up and re-energize at Hawthorne. I have spoken a bit before about this, but walking a show is full-on visual stimulation, so coming at it with fresh eyes is crucial. I am finding such great stuff! At shows, I am always looking for “new, new, new” to keep WK nice and fresh with new varieties of things coming through the door. I clicked away only a few images these last 2 days, as I have been in the zone, but do know, lots, and I mean lots, of new is coming our way.



20140818-054608.jpg I am also very excited to report that I will be signing copies of Style & Simplicity today at the show from 2 to 4 at my publishers booth. If you are at the show, please stop by the Sterling booth on the ground floor of Javitz. It is always lovely to see familiar faces at a show.

Happy start of the week to you all!
From The Marlton,