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GEODESIS Home Fragrances at WK

Just In, new scents & packaging from GEODESIS Home Fragrances by way of France.  A good, actually make that great, room spray can be such a divine addition to your home enhancement arsenal.  A spritz here & there can make a stuffy space just sing.  Lovely for the car too.  



Mega Tealights

These mega tealights have become one of my new favorite things.  They burn for 10 hours so you can light them at the beginning of an evening, party or dinner and know they will be lit for the duration.  The regular sized tealights never making it through a full event. The gold containers also spiffy enough to use as they are. They are fab in glassybaby.  Make great host/hostess gifts too, as always nice to have extra candles at the ready.  Available at Watson Kennedy.  



John Wm. Macy’s CheeseCrisps at WK

John Wm. Macy’s CheeseCrisps make the perfect bite-sized gourmet snack cracker. Created by John Macy in the mid-1980s as a bar snack for the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City.  This is where I would stay each August back in my tennis days for the USTA National Convention, followed by the US Open.  I could never get enough of these crackers.  CheeseCrisps are featured bar snacks in some of the country’s finest hotels. Produced from layers of sourdough, rich aged cheeses and hand-picked seasonings, CheeseCrisps are baked twice for “the perfect crunch” and cheesy taste. Our friend Elizabeth always brings a box when she comes to visit us at Hawthorne.  I was over the moon excited and jumped at the chance to carry them at the shop.  A tasty, tasty treat to bring as a host/hostess gift. As we head into the Holidays, the boxes make stylish gifts for co-workers as it is always nice to have things on hand to offer guests during the busy season.



Vintage Cufflinks at Watson Kennedy 

During our travels we love to find and add vintage cufflinks to our assortment at the shops.  Appealing to both men & women, they are the finishing touch to an outfit that just spiffs it up immeasurably.

Often they are composed of vintage coins.  Other times buttons, or watch faces, even dice. They can be a tad ‘Old-School’ which I quite like.  Making memorable gifts for many occasions, or just because.



Kim Caron Build Your Own Bauble Necklaces 

Just In, compote after compote filled with gold or silver initial charms, along with gemstone charms to be added to a gold or silver necklace for a truly one of a kind piece of jewelry.  Add one charm, or many.  I try and not use the ‘H’ word before October, but these will be such fun gifts as we roll into the Holiday season, I just had to share on this first day of the new month.  But really a pretty swell gift to give or receive any time of the year.  



Jackie Clark Mancuso Original Works at WK

Just in, original works by artist Jackie Clark Mancuso which are headed to the framer and will be up on the walls and offered soon.  Author of Paris-Chien and Hudson in Provence, two books we adore at Watson Kennedy.  I have long been a fan of her work, and was tickled awhile back when I saw she posted a fab drawing of Bailey on Instagram.  I contacted her in thanks, the conversation continued and I asked her if we could show some of her work.  So along with the above pieces, we will also be offering original pet portraits from Jackie, as well.  More on that later. Look for another post soon.  Over the moon to add her artwork to our walls, if only temporarily, until they find permanent homes.  



Watson Kennedy Classics 

We flew back from Milwaukee last eve.  The time in the air is when I often edit photos I have shot for the shops and the blog.  This round was collecting images that are true Watson Kennedy ‘classics’ which was fun to pick & chose from over the last few years.  Goods that have stood the test of time.  Something we try to never be without, but that sometimes happens as the item is so popular. From a simple clear glass to an oversized tealight to French wooden spoons to an every day salt–WK Classics.



My Favorite Things Today

So many things caught my eye at both shops, it was hard to chose.  But try I must–insert large smile. Some old, some new, some tried, some true.  All soon to be up on our website, or give us a ring if you have any questions or just prefer to hear a friendly voice.



Yellow Love

There is just something about the light this time of year that creates an ethereal quality to things.  The sun shining through the shutters the other morning creating shadows across the dining table illuminating the dahlias has me loving yellow this week in many forms.



Green Tomato Jam

This is magic in a jar.  I stumbled upon this Green Tomato Jam in the booth of one of our vendors awhile back who imports French goods to the States. Boy am I lucky I did.  We have had a jar of this going for several months now and I can’t get enough of it, it is so good.  A dollop of this with a piece of cheese on a cracker or baguette is heaven.  The slightly sweet and yet tart of the tomato jam melding with the cheese is really quite something.  We have served this combo to guests over the last few months to much delight.  Plus I love the look of the bottle, so I put it right on the cheese board.  It is not yet on our website, but if it tickles your fancy always feel free to give us a ring at the shop at 800.991.9361.  

A lovely, lovely Thursday to you…