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Ted’s Tip No. 38

20150512-062609.jpg Think of how good you will make someone feel when they reach into their mailbox and see a hand addressed envelope from you. Further that joy once they open said envelope and read your handwritten note. Only a few sentences is needed. More if you are so inclined. To feel thought of, loved–a simple act that brings so much happiness.



Field Study Eye Tests

20140226-065449.jpg I lived in London when I was in college for a bit, attending a study abroad program. I lived with the sweetest, wittiest, smartest family. That is where my love of British humor really began. They would have me buckled over in laughter at just life’s most simplest things–taking an ordinary task/story/moment and make it incredibly witty & funny. When these cards arrived recently, I just knew they had a British sense and sensibility. Created by Roderick Field, they combine simple black and white bold graphics with humor. A double winner in my book.