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A Bowl Full of Seckel Pears

The season may be short but it is oh so sweet, for the diminutive Seckel pear.  Autumn is in full swing when I start to see these sweet little gems pop up.  In a big bowl, on a platter, or just scattered about a table–their beautiful variation of colors & size make for a lovely reminder of the season.



Farmers Market Bounty 

Happy August 1st everyone!  The Hudson Farmers Market on Saturday was a true visual feast.  With all this heat, things have been growing like mad.  The tomatoes overflowing in so many of the stalls.  Live music wafted about as I went from vendor to vendor filling up our two L.L. Bean bags with bounty for a week of guests and entertaining.  So many of the displays like works of art. 



Talbott & Arding at Watson Kennedy

20160303-065811.jpg It always tickles me when we get to add something to our shop shelves from our neighbors in the Hudson Valley. Talbott & Arding has become one of our favorite stops on Warren Street in Hudson when we are back at Hawthorne. It is a shop filled with baked goods, cheeses, coffee, jams–all things that are just the very best. Each time we are back we buy a jar of something to enjoy on our stay. They recently started a small wholesale venture with some of their offerings. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. Every fridge would benefit from a jar of this goodness at the ready. The packaging also makes this amazing to give as gifts. Tomato relish has become a new fascination, especially adding it to a cheese board. Theirs is out of this world. The heirloom apple jelly all the best of the iconic Hudson Valley apple distilled into a jar.



Country Road Meandering

Yesterday felt more like a Spring day, so we hopped on the chance to be out & about vintage shopping and just meandering. The Jonas storm did not reach up this far, so there is not really a flake of snow in sight. There was a slight flurry the other day, which was gorgeous, but it did not stick. We headed first to Hudson for a little breakfast, then a quick run through some of our favorite shops on Warren Street. Then it was hitting the back roads to find vintage for the shops. The Winter sky so clear, the trees bare, the air crisp, made for a stunning day of meandering the hills and dales of the Hudson Valley. We head into the city today where I will walk/buy at the show for the next few days. I think my Bean boots might be needed as pretty sure snow is still in the picture. It is always such an interesting contrast between town and country, in many ways.








Unexpected Beauty

20151025-084303.jpg There they were, bucket after bucket of them. Such unexpected beauty. Incredible stalks of flowering Brussels sprouts. We went to the Hudson Farmers Market in search of apples of a crisp, which we also found in spades, but this took the top prize for the wow factor. A big stalk came home and was our arrangement on the back porch, where we had a fire roaring the whole day. We feted my friend, author Lisa Birnbach, on the 35th anniversary of her best-selling book, The Official Preppy Handbook. She drove up from the city for the day with her partner Michael, to hang with us at Hawthorne. The flowering sprout looking over our group as we chatted & laughed the afternoon away. Beauty abounds, we just need to keep our eyes open and be on the look-out. Tonight we will roast all the Brussels sprouts from the stalk. Best 4 bucks we have spent in a good long while…





Happy Saturdahlia

It has been quite a run for the dahlias, and even though the season is not quite over, I thought a little Saturday dahlia love was in order. A Saturdahlia if you will. Thank you London designer Ashley Hicks, who I am borrowing the phrase from. It seemed perfect for the day.















An Apple a Day

20150922-091114.jpg Autumn is almost here! It is a crisp, sunny day in Seattle. Sort of a perfect last day of the season really, as we usher in a change. Very similar to the day I snapped the above apples at the Hudson Farmers Market awhile back. A change of season is a new beginning. A fresh start. Time to begin a new book. Light a fresh candle. Try a new recipe. Call an old friend you have not spoken to in forever. Eat an apple a day. You get the idea. Have fun!



Hudson Farmers Market

If it is a Saturday, most likely I will need a stroll through the sumptuous visuals of the Pike Place Market or some other produce market as I find them so inspiring. To witness the fruits of so much labor. To surround myself with beauty. The Hudson Farmers Market was my treat the other day. TPS was off listening to his sister sing in a classical performance, and since pooches are not allowed, Bailey & I went on a little adventure. The market is just off famed Warren Street. Produce is king, but I also picked up a yummy herbed chèvre & kale quiche that was out of this world for Sunday lunch. The people watching is just so good–I could meander for hours watching people mill about. I find it all so relaxing and entertaining. But within a very short time, my L.L. Bean bags was pretty darn heavy with corn, white peaches, plums, tomatoes, apples, green beans–fixings for healthy meals in the coming days. Here is a visual stroll for your enjoyment. I love having you all along. Ahhhhh, the colors…













Snapshots of a Snowy Visit

Wow. Just wow. We made it back to Seattle late last night, after a very snowy day of travel. We arrived on a Monday in a snowstorm and we departed on a Monday in a snowstorm. I like the poetry of that. Yes, this trip was snow-centric–it being all we had hoped it would be. From vintage buying, to cooking, to hanging out by the fire, shopping at the show, visiting a family member at Bard College, to entertaining family & friends, snowshoeing/cross country skiing, to just being. Here are a few snapshots of our beloved Hawthorne with a few excursion points along the way. Oh, and that handsome decanter I promised a shot of too.
























Details & Really Old Floors

20150208-095116.jpg You all know by now the importance I place on small details. We just have to see them and revel in them. Case in point the other day when we made a visit to the Hudson Opera House. The building was built in 1855–it had just the most delicious details swirling around at each and every turn. But those darn floors, they just took my breath away. If those boards could speak, or better yet make that sing, what a tale they would tell.