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Window Two

On a sunny, sunny Wednesday the second window got a refresh with a nod to the outdoors and gardening. Heather spent hours double stick taping old book pages to the wall to create a sort of wallpaper. The day before that was my task with vintage music sheets. It has become a Watson Kennedy trademark of sorts. Ahhhhh, the wonders of push pins & double stick tape. We reach for them time and time again. Then out came the old ladder from storage as well as the French folding garden table. The shoe form lamp came down from the Market shop, as I thought it would be stellar in this window with the chicken wire shade. The shoe forms then became a running theme, pun intended, along the tops of both window units to unify them. Then my beloved green took center stage as goods began to get pulled and we once again were putting together a visual, layered puzzle.



Flowers & Mom

Thought it fitting that on May Day one of the front windows was transformed into an ode to flowers as well as upcoming Mother’s Day.

With musical roses strewn about the goods, the window started to take shape. The Livia Cetti potted paper geranium center stage along with a dreamy Hugo Guinness stems of geraniums linoleum cut print. Two happy Mindy Carpenter flower bouquets flanking the duo pulled the whole thing together. Then lots and lots of treat ideas for mom. 



A Refreshed Wall of Hugo Guinness Works

We are soon to depart to New York so Mister Sive was spiffing things up on Saturday when he was at the Home store. Our rotating wall of Hugo Guinness linoleum cut prints in vintage frames is a bit like a puzzle. When a customer buys a piece or pieces, the puzzle needs to be slightly re-worked. A bunch of works sold in the last few weeks so a bigger redo of the puzzle was in order. It always makes me supremely happy to see it all tightened up. Hugo’s work is near & dear to my heart, as we were one of the first retailers in the country to start showing his pieces, now many years back. His work is now collected and coveted around the globe, with each image memorable. We have a whole new batch in the works so when we get back from Hawthorne in September, off they will go to the framers and the puzzle will once again be re-worked.  



And As If On Cue…

Just in time for Easter supper, the jasmine that crept through a small crack from an open window last year has begun to bloom. The scent wafting about ready to greet guests. If you celebrate Easter, please have a beautiful one. For those of you who do not, have a lovely, lovely Sunday.  X, T



New Hugo Guinness Pieces Have Arrived

Just In, a fresh round of Hugo Guinness linoleum cut prints were picked up from our framer on the island the other day.  There are some new images as well as some tried & true.  A few of these are much larger than we have had in the past, so they can stand alone and make quite a stylish statement.  Hugo’s iconic work is collected around the globe–it is always fun to see one here & there when pursuing design magazines, making it an extra special treat when we get a good variety in at one time.  Please call or e-mail if one strikes your fancy.



My Favorite Things Today

Summer is such a busy bustling season for us at the shops.  So many folks in from all parts of the globe, which makes each day incredibly interesting & full. Box after box arrives each day keeping our shelves nice and full.  A quick walk around, I snapped away some of my favorite things of the moment to enjoy on this Sunday.



Original Hugo Guinness Portraits at WK

20160404-064157.jpg We are very fortunate & pleased as Punch to be in possession of an assortment of really lovely Hugo Guinness original portraits at Watson Kennedy. Hugo’s work becomes more sought after each passing year, and original works even more so. I love having them lined up on the back of the bench at the Home store having them looking over things while they await their permanent home. If one speaks to you, give us a ring at the shop or shoot me an e-mail. We are always happy to wrap things up and ship to wherever you may be.

Cheers to the start of an awesome week!



Sketches From A Google Safari by Hugo Guinness

20151123-085645.jpg This just in, Sketches From A Google Safari by Hugo Guinness. Just the coolest little book filled with drawings by Hugo. A perfect gift for any Hugo fan on your list. A lovely addition and conversation piece to any cocktail or coffee table. Hugo’s style has become known around the globe, so I am honored to be one of a handful of places where you can find this. There was a limited run of the book, which makes owning one even more special.

Happy Monday all and a grand start to our Thanksgiving week!
From Seattle,



New Hugo Guinness at Watson Kennedy

20130628-064332.jpg Just back from our framer, a new round of linoleum cut print images from artist extraordinaire, Hugo Guinness.

20130628-064519.jpg All housed in vintage frames, which really lends itself well to Hugo’s work.


20130628-064709.jpg His singular image pieces are unmistakable and so strong visually. I love perusing design magazines and seeing pieces pop up here and there on the walls of stylish homes.

20130628-065000.jpg The above one of my very, very favorite.

Happy Friday all!



Hugo Guinness Happiness

20130320-071007.jpg On this first day of Spring, I thought a little Hugo Guinness artwork would be a nice way to kick off the start of the season. The parrot tulips in a vase that we have hanging in our living room is still one of my favorite pieces of artwork in our collection. I love walking past it each day, glimpsing at the dancing tulips.

20130320-071851.jpg Just back from our framer is another round of our best selling images of Hugo’s linoleum cut prints. We have them housed in vintage frames I find, which adds a one of a kind quality to each piece.

20130320-072131.jpg These look great singly or massed together. We have a good variety of other images as well. Check out the Watson Kennedy website for more options.

A happy Spring to you!