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Wintery Whites

There is just something I find wonderfully soothing about white blooms. Massed together, they create a symphony of beauty. A quick few snaps yesterday at one of my favorite flower stalls captured both hyacinth and tulips. Wintery whites on a chilly, rainy day but they have me thinking of Spring on this Flower Friday.



Beauty Abounds

The grocery store floral section had the sweetest hyacinth bulbs started in clear containers that found their way to our dining table. The beauty of the roots captivating me as much as the bloom. I think there might be a metaphor for life rolling around that thought. To see it all and to appreciate it all. Cheers to that on this crazy snowy Hudson Valley day!  



Happy Hyacinth In Any Time Zone 

My oh my, what a sight to see those buckets of hyacinth last week at the Market on a chilly, rainy Seattle Winter day. Pure heaven. Looking at the images while in snowy New York makes me think of Spring on this Flower Friday.



The Year in Flowers

Thought it might be fun to make this last Flower Friday of the year a look back of the previous 12 months and the blooms that were enjoyed.  Flowers are like air to me, I need them to survive and thrive.  I know that might sound a little dramatic, but I really do gain so much inspiration from them, even the tiniest stem.  Their beauty and often simplicity, finding a very special place in my heart. I know many of you feel the same way, as you often tell me of your joy in the flower posts when I chat with you in person at the shops or out & about.  So I bring you flowers. XX, T



Buckets of Hyacinth

Spring is in the air! My Saturday morning stroll of the Market had me giddy from all the buckets of hyacinth I laid my eyes on. Their unmistakable scent wafting about. The variety of colors is what grabbed my attention most. Hyacinth, in many shades, for you this fine Sunday.








Hyacinth Happiness on a Rainy/Snowy Day

20160124-054233.jpg Yesterday was quite rainy & bleak in Seattle, we had news that our flight today to New York was cancelled, records amounts of snow fell in parts of the country, and yet, this solo bucket of hyacinth at the Market yesterday turned Wintery thoughts into Spring. Please don’t get me wrong, I love the season we are in, and I love the snow, and most days I even like the rain, but the sight of those glorious blooms made so darn happy for the flowery days ahead. Hyacinth happiness…




The Year in Flowers

It is that time of year when we start looking back as we begin to look ahead at a new year. Flowers play such a large part in my day to day and bring me such immense happiness. I love sharing the blooms and stalks and leaves with you all. Whether it be a big bunch of tulips, a bundle of kale, a vase full of radish leaves, or a single dahlia stem–there is so much natural beauty around us each day, I just like taking a moment to take it all in. Here are a few of those moments from this year.




















20151226-081217.jpg Oh my gosh, choosing is not easy, and I am still in Spring! The flower love will continue tomorrow with more blooms, and maybe even the day after that…

Happy Saturday all! If you celebrated Christmas, I hope it was all just grand. I am out the door to work the Market shop today, so if you are in the hood, stop by and say hi. Our ‘After Christmas Holiday Sale’ begins today in both shops. 50% off all holiday related goods such as–ornaments, cards, holiday candles, wrap & ribbon.



TKW Hyacinth Quote in Flower Magazine

20150313-074300.jpg I was extremely honored to be asked to give a quote about my beloved hyacinth for the latest issue of flower magazine. They shot the most gorgeous hyacinth in a clear container so you can see the beautiful stems, just as I had hoped and asked that they would. The arrangement is stunning. The magazine has become a new favorite, highlighting flowers and the people that love them. A magazine devoted to flowers, yes, that is a pretty swell thing. flower, check it out!

May your Friday be filled with all good things, and if that includes flowers, even better…



Market Hyacinth


20150121-035243.jpg My Saturday morning stroll had me finding some stunning hyacinth at one of my favorite Market stalls. On these chilly Winter days, I am totally cool that they are grown in a hothouse. I am just so happy to see the perky, happy, jaunty stems dance about. Thought you would enjoy.

Up & out early this morning. Meeting with a photographer at the shop for a full day of shooting. She will be photographing the goods I have chosen for our upcoming One Kings Lane sale. More details to follow once the date in March has been finalized.

A lovely Wednesday to you all!



Hyacinth and Memories of Paris

20150117-053606.jpg My memory bank is filled with amazingly vivid memories of trips to Paris. So many of those memories include flowers. The Parisians do flowers beautifully. I think in some way that is where my deep love for them began. They live with flowers each day. Often times, quite simply. One of our favorite hotels always has a big bunch on the desk right as you enter. A sure sign of stylish welcome. Most times in the Spring, they are hyacinth. Rarely do I see a hyacinth and not think of Paris. The city and its people have so deeply been on my mind–all week long I have looked at the hyacinth on the tray on the ottoman and thought of Paris. They are a kind and resilient people. They value beauty. They will come back stronger than ever.