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Ted’s Tip No. 149

Use the leaves of flowers, in this case hydrangea, as placecards. It is an earthy, natural, use what you have, resourceful way to be creative. Use markers or crayons or watercolors to write the name.



Ted’s Tip No. 131

Dried blooms, such as hydrangea, serve as a reminder of the past sunny Summer on the chilly days of January. 



An Orchid, Geranium, Hydrangea Layered Supper Table 

Setting a table can be lots like getting dressed on a chilly morning. Layering becomes key. This dining table was pulled together by the addition of the orchid I bought at the grocery store the other day for 10 bucks that I plunked into an old English biscuit bucket. The pumpkins, little vessel of hydrangea and geranium had already been on the table. The orchid became the final flourish, like adding a scarf or hat just as you head out the door.



White Pumpkins, Geranium & Hydrangea

Love this time of year when there are still so many options to choose from when setting a table, along with the divine mini pumpkins. While the hydrangea have started to dry a bit, they still add such a happiness. The grocery store geranium soaking up the sun in this particular spot and thriving. Then a variety of things green pulled to finish up the table for a weeknight meal, once the candles were lit.



A Summmaaaa of Blooms

As the sunny season wraps up today, Flower Friday is all about the blooms we enjoyed along the way. From the very last of the peony as Spring faded away to the bold yellowy reds of the season ending dahlias, and all sorts of goodness in between. Whether singularly or in abundance, this Summer was a stellar flower time for all to enjoy.



The Hydrangea in September 

One of the flower filled fun parts of our extended stay was watching the hydrangea start to turn colors. As almost on cue, the calendar flipped to September and they started developing a sort of berry hue to some of them. A chilly eve here and there and in the morning the color would spread and get a bit deeper. It was really cool to watch. They are our Flower Friday blooms of the week.



Those Hydrangea In Action

The weather in our part of the Hudson Valley has been sunny, then a bit of heavy rain, hot, followed by a few cool days. Perfect weather to keep our beloved hydrangea happy as a clam. As promised, this Flower Friday are the blooms in action in the house. The above and below large zinc container the perfect vessel to hold a crazy number of stems and is making us deliriously happy seeing it each time we are out on the back porch. Others placed here & there continue the flower love.



We Made It!

We are always excited to arrive at Hawthorne, but this arrival was hard fought and seems extra special. Without going into the long boring details, my knee injury from a month or so ago altered how I was walking, standing, sleeping, which really did a number on my lower back. 5 days flat on my back, a doctor visit, 3 chiropractic adjustments, and an acupuncture treatment, along with all sorts of pain medicine and our Sunday eve Hawthorne arrival became a Thursday morning arrival. Let’s just say I kissed the ground when we arrived. The wet, not overly hot Summer in our part of the Hudson Valley has been so kind to the hydrangea. Our friend CoCo arrived on Tuesday eve and clicked these for me as I could not wait one more second to see how they were doing. 

This variety has a green hue to them, which you know makes me so happy I could squeal. The deer also quite like them, but how they are planted so close to the house seems to keep them away. This Flower Friday is all about them outside. TPS asked me last night if he wanted me to have him cut a bunch for inside. I was so drained by the flight and the day of travel I declined as I want to be totally on my game when playing with these lovelies. Next week the post will be the blooms inside the house. Welcome back to Hawthorne!



A Blue & White WW Table

I had a meeting with an editor yesterday that worked on into dinner. I really wanted to set a simple table using the hydrangea that were a gift, now almost a month ago, that just keeping going and going. The varying shades of blue in the blooms becoming the theme of the table, with a leaf for each placed under the clear drinking glass that was the vessel holding the flower.

The custom anchor plates that we sell at Watson Kennedy being the hit of white, along with napkins, and vintage English dinner plates, to bring the whole blue & white theme together. A balsamic dressed arugula salad with feta and sliced Rainier cherries along with an herbed chèvre stuffed chicken breast was the meal as we chatted on into the eve.



The Gift of Hydrangea 

Flower Friday is about the gift of flowers. I have written about this before, and I for sure will many more times too. If your garden is plentiful, giving some of that bounty away to friends who are gardenless will be HUGELY appreciated. Our friend Peg grows a variety of hydrangea and keeps us well-stocked throughout the season and every time she brings me a new bundle I am happy beyond measure. The gift of flowers you grow yourself is like giving a part of yourself. Much like giving food you have cooked, which is I think is a majorly winning gift, as well. You will be thought of each time the recipient glances at the flowers, and in the case of hydrangea, that can be quite awhile, as they often dry beautifully once they are beyond their peak.