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Roasted Cauliflower with Capers, Smashed Garlic, Onions & Salt-Preserved Meyer Lemons

We are close to the finish line of our retail marathon. Being well rested and eating well is key.  A home cooked meal is even more of a treat during this busy time.  We will spend next week out on the island so trying to clean out the fridge is also on the ‘to-do’ list. This is really all just stuff we had, which I cooked up and served alongside chicken and roasted potatoes, that all cooked in the oven at the same time.  Really the simplest of things to make, but packed with flavor.

Oven to 400 to heat up while you cut up the cauliflower head.  Add that to a baking sheet.  Then cut up a whole onion.  Add that.  Then a handful of capers to the mix. Next smash a few garlic cloves and add that.  The magic happens when you add the salt-preserved Meyer lemons.  We always keep a jar going.  Add extra virgin olive oil to the lot, along with a hearty bit of pepper and salt.  Mix everything together. Roast in the hot oven checking every 10 minutes while moving everything around so all cooks evenly and does not burn.  Done is when the cauliflower gets a bit of nice golden color on parts.  Be ready to be happy.  Enjoy!



The Perfect Stocking Stuffer 

Shrubs have become such a hot edition to any well-stocked bar or larder.  Just In, this lovely little assortment of little bottles by INNA shrub.  Using only the very best ingredients from locally sourced farms in Northern California, these are sure to please.  And at under 10 bucks a bottle, they make stylish awesome stocking stuffers, co-worker gifts, or host/hostess treats this bustling season.  



A Brie, Sliced Apple, Fig Jam & Turkey Sandwich

20160419-060329.jpg This began with a good sized piece of Brie left over from having guests last Sunday to dinner. I had read somewhere of Brie with apples on a sandwich so it got my mind thinking in that direction. A hearty sandwich rates pretty high in my book, so next came turkey as I thought it would work well with the two. The Black Mission fig jam by INNA jam would seal the deal and add another flavor element. Jam and cheese go so well together. Off came the rind on the Brie as I was just wanting the creamy texture and then took the skin off the apple and made large thin slices. Lastly, the bread needed to be not overly rustic, so the potato bread from Macrina would be perfect as it has a softness to it. The combination of it all made for a many layered hearty lunch where not much else was needed.



INNA Pickle Salt-Preserved Meyer Lemon

20160223-060046.jpg This time of year I crave citrus. Meyer lemons head to the top of my list. New to the shop shelves are these salt preserved Meyer lemons from the folks at INNA pickle. They are also the makers of one of my very favorites, INNA jam. Aside from the clever naming, what is inside all their bottles is pure heaven. These Meyer lemons so handy to have around for a host of cookery delights, where the entire lemon becomes edible. I chopped up a few last week when roasting a big sheet pan of cauliflower along with a handful of capers. The three cooked together, melding a bit of sweet & sour to create a lovely trio which I served next to a chicken breast. Plus I love the look of the bottles–making them a cool gift to give to those you know with a culinary bent.



INNA Seascape Strawberry Jam

20150605-065919.jpg Just arrived, a fresh batch of INNA seascape strawberry jam. The seascape is a delicate dark red strawberry with a complex floral flavor. They turned organic seascape strawberries into a well-balanced strawberry jam that is not overly sweet and wonderfully flavorful. Served on toast, spooned over ice cream, or nestle the jar up to a piece of cheese when next serving cocktails for an out of this world bite. What I am so taken with is the color. Each jar a little masterpiece of goodness.



INNA jam.

20141009-040715.jpg My trip to San Francisco the other week produced a new find for Watson Kennedy. I was served this stellar jam when my friend and host Betsy served it at breakfast on the Saturday morning of my visit. I was hooked! Plus I adore the packaging. Win/win in my book. These are going to make the BEST holiday gifts. The shop order arrived yesterday and they have found a very happy home on our shelves.

INNA jam makes fresh, seasonal jams from organic fruit sourced within 150 miles of their Emeryville, California kitchen. By sourcing produce directly from local organic farmers they are able to get the best possible fruit–fruit that’s picked ripe and is absolutely fresh. Their single-varietal jams are crafted so that each fruit varietal’s unique essence and natural subtleties shine through in bright flavors. A jar of jam contains fruit from a single source. They don’t mix fruit, they don’t add herbs, spices or flavorings. INNA jam tastes like the freshly picked fruit from which it was made, each jar a time capsule of flavor. I am so excited to offer this amazing jam at WK.

Happy Thursday all. We are up and out early to catch a flight. Hawthorne, here we come!