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More Hearts…

20130209-081424.jpg We are now running full stride into Valentine’s Day–the pink and red tissue paper being wrapped up with gift after gift. The above hearts made from bike chain bringing a smile to my face each time I sell one, they are so cool. Jonboy, local caramel maker of the highest order, has once again introduced rose otto for the special day, with a sweet little pink paper heart attached to the box making it ever so easy to give as a gift.




Balsamic Berry Caramels by jonboy

20120913-074932.jpg A fresh batch of locally made jonboy caramels were delivered the other day. Seems like we have been getting deliveries every few weeks this Summer, as the beyond yummy caramels are a hit with anyone who tries them. The seasonal ‘balsamic berry’ is made with Seattle blackberries and raspberries, a balsamic reduction, a bit of black salt and a smattering of red salt. I have not had breakfast yet, and just typing that out, I think a few of those caramels would be mighty tasty at this moment. What I love most about all the jonboy caramels, aside from the taste, is how perfectly each caramel is wrapped in brown parchment paper and then twisted off on both ends. Each one is like a little gift spilling out of the box. These work great as little treats at each place setting when you set a table, and are a welcome addition to any dessert, set out in a bowl alongside the main dessert.