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Little Notes

Just In, a little box of 85 little sheets to write a sweet note. As the tag line says, use unsparingly. 



The Sweetest Little Gold Arrows

Just In, the sweetest little gold arrows as we kick-off our Valentine season. Perfect as an object for your loved one to remember you.



LJF Aprons from France at WK

Just In, a happy colorful grouping of aprons from Le Jaquard Francais. They came perfectly pressed & package in these nifty clear envelopes, but we just really wanted everyone to see all the glorious color and variation in these beauties, so we hung them all. LJF is known the world over for their beautiful patterns and use of vibrant color, and that is just what these aprons bring to the table. Spiffy for both men and women who want to up their culinary wardrobe. 



Cork Toast Coasters 

Just In, cork toast coasters. Say that fast three times! Whimsical yet practical all at the same time. We are big toast fans in our house, so these immediately caught my eye. Combined with a jar of jam, would make a ‘toasty’ gift during this chilly season.  



Monogrammed Anchor Plates at WK

Just In, monogrammed anchor plates.  For all of us blue loving nautical themed fans out there!  We had these whipped up for WestWard, but choose either one or two letters for a truly personalized gift to give. Or gift for yourself.  Canapé sized, just the perfectly proportioned plate for appetizers or toast.  Or a little bedside plate to hold a glass of water or rings.  



Holiday Louis Sherry Truffle Filled Tins at Watson Kennedy

Boy oh boy, was I excited when I spotted these in New York in August and I was even more thrilled once we started unpacking them a few weeks ago at the shop. Mistletoe green and Vreeland red Louis Sherry iconic tins filled with super yummy truffles, what is not to like?  For years I have spotted vintage tins at flea markets when out & about looking for goods for the stores–they make such a great keepsake.  The company has been revived and once again these luscious tins can be enjoyed by all.  Each box is filled with a mixture of a dozen milk and dark chocolate truffles, so they make just the swellest host/hostess gift this festive season or will be much loved as a stocking stuffer, gift under the tree or thoughtful treat given.  

A lovely Sunday to you all!  Hope your day is filled with all you want it to be…  T




Just In, DO/PRESERVE, a perfect book for that someone on your list that likes to make things. Really tasty things.  A gift that will create gifts.  Our friend Mimi is one of the authors.  You might remember me mentioning her as she and her husband Richard own Little Ghent Farm.  Mimi makes some of the best bread I have ever been so fortunate to enjoy.  We always have a loaf going when we are at Hawthorne. The shelves at their farm shop are always brimming with jars of things she has made.  Now she shares some of her secrets on making some of those gems. We have a good stack of the book at the Home shop all ready to be wrapped up. Just give us a ring if you need one or a few shipped out.  



The Flowers of Artist Mindy Carpenter

Just In, the happy flower paintings by Mindy Carpenter.  One of the very special parts of being a shopkeeper is getting the opportunity to showcase the work of an old friend.  Mindy and I go waaaay back, to her days as a creative director.  Over meals I would hear her long to work for herself and spend her days painting.  She made that goal a reality and now has a successful card company that features her work.  She has added her divine flowers, of which I have always been a gigantic fan, to the mix.  They will soon be up on the shop walls and on the Watson Kennedy website shortly.  Honored to be selling her creations. Cheers to following your passions!



Jaunty Italian Leather Luggage Tags at WK

Just In, a fun colorful selection of luggage tags made in Italy.  Always fun to see your piece of luggage come round on the carousel with a tag that makes it stand out.  These will do the trick.  Make fab little gifts too.  I love the idea of one hanging off a bottle of Prosecco as a chic Italian inspired host/hostess gift.



Kim Caron Build Your Own Bauble Necklaces 

Just In, compote after compote filled with gold or silver initial charms, along with gemstone charms to be added to a gold or silver necklace for a truly one of a kind piece of jewelry.  Add one charm, or many.  I try and not use the ‘H’ word before October, but these will be such fun gifts as we roll into the Holiday season, I just had to share on this first day of the new month.  But really a pretty swell gift to give or receive any time of the year.