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Spring Flowers, A Look Back

As Summer begins, I thought our Flower Friday could be a look back on all the beautiful blooms Spring brought us. Oh my, it was a good flower season indeed.



Crazy for Lilacs 

When we drove up to the house the other evening, the first thing that caught my eye was the overflowing lilac bush. Caretaker Bill had sent me a photo days before of it, but seeing it in person had me almost weepy it was so abundant. I hopped out of bed early yesterday morning with the excitement of filling up the house with them. TPS went to work cutting bunches & bunches and soon the heady scent filled not only the spaces, but my heart. Here are a few spots they landed. Happy Flower Friday all!



The Gift of Lilacs

We were given these lovely lilacs as a gift the other day. My mind went instantly to setting a supper table for two around them. The Barbara Eigen vase would be the perfect vessel for the blooms which set the ‘green’ theme. Then it was just pulling things and piecing them all together. Setting a table is very much like putting together a puzzle. The only difference is you get to decide whether the pieces fit or not.

I had someone ask me on Instagram after I posted one of these images if we ever just warmed up a TV dinner? Which totally made me smile, as I loved them when I was a kid. We both love to cook so we don’t, but we do order out often. Even then, I like to set a table. The world and life has become so busy, I find the ritual of it slows down time. Then we get to sit and enjoy the meal, time slows even further. 



The Year in Flowers

This last Flower Friday of the year is a look back on the last twelve months of blooms. Whether a single stem or a large mass, the beauty of flowers for the soul is like air or water to me, as I know they are to many of you, necessary on many levels. Here are some of my favorites I think you might remember, and for certain know you will enjoy…



The Last of the Lilacs

Flower Friday is about the very last bundle of lilacs of the season at Hawthorne. Caretaker Bill had warned us that the unusually warm weather had done a number on the season which just came and went. But TPS was able to gather one last armful for me to play with. They sit on the dining table and you can smell them throughout the house. The enjoyment they are bringing, immense. Upside, we have never been here when the peony bloom. Fingers crossed. The buds are still looking pretty tight but we will hope for lots more warmth and sunshine and maybe they will be dancing for us by next Friday…

A lovely week-end to you. I hope it is a grand one in your world. We are throwing a college graduation party tomorrow for our youngest niece, with friends & family from near and far. The lilacs will be enjoyed by all. Sending love from the Hudson Valley. T2+B



A Sea of Lilacs

Flower Friday is an image I shot yesterday morning on a quick spin around the Market to get flowers for the shops. This sea of lilacs just making my heart so happy. Heaven. Thought you would enjoy too. A joyful kick-start to our week-end! Ted



May Day & WK Fine Home 16th Anniversary 

Wishing everyone a lovely May Day–and if it includes a lilac or two, lucky you! 16 years ago today we opened up the Watson Kennedy Fine Home shop in the historic Holyoke Building. My oh my, time goes quickly. I send out a BIG note of THANKS to all who have been shoppers along the way. Cheers to 16 more!



White Plates & More White Lilacs

20160516-062414.jpg We are up & out early for our drive down the Taconic Parkway into the city where I will attend the National Stationery Show. It is a show I look forward to all year, as it is the best of the best in card world. Aisle after aisle of paper heaven. I promised a few photos of the birthday party we hosted yesterday for Ted’s brothers. Similar to when I walk a show, I sort of get in a zone, this zone being party host, and all I clicked away was this lone image. Once the party begins, the idea of reaching for my camera phone never enters my mind. Happy I did click this right before folks arrived though. We gathered every white plate we could find we had for the gathering. Mixing and matching was the way to go to have enough for each guest. The white lilacs, this batch dropped off by Bill on Saturday afternoon, pulling the whole white plate idea, along with various white platters, together. It was just a swell time and I think Walter & Alfred felt surrounded by tons of love from all their family and friends.

Happy start of the week to you. Make it a grand one…
From Hawthorne, soon to be NYC



White Lilacs

20160513-064026.jpg Flower Friday is all about white lilac love. I so wish this photo could be a scratch & sniff because the scent wafting around me at the moment from these lilacs is just heavenly. As I have written about before, finding outlets to buy flowers in the country is a bit of a challenge, so I mostly use things growing outside around the house, but the cold rainy past few weeks has everything blooming delayed. The grocery store options are spotty at best, and the one flower shop we know of, the last time I went in, would not sell me any flowers as she was using them all for a wedding. Seriously. If you want to see me unhappy, just tell me you won’t sell me your flowers. You know how I love my blooms… Anywho, TPS was heading over to caretaker Bill’s home to pick up a few parcels that had arrived. He returned not only with the boxes but with an armload of white lilacs from Bill’s property. These could not of come at a better time, as they worked swimmingly for the photo shoot at the house yesterday. Pottery Barn named me one of their ‘Style Influencers’ which is so delightful and such an honor. They asked me if I would shoot some of their Summer goods at Hawthorne. So out came the iron, and dust rags, potting soil and pots & pans, and Mister Sive & I had quite a fun, full day. It really was all a blast. It will be up on their site next week as well as I will write a post on it then, too. But those white lilacs just pulled it all together. I always find it so interesting how one small little detail can make a room or table setting sing.



Lilacs, from Bucket to Home

There were not tons out yet, but the lilacs that were available this Saturday at the Market were pretty dreamy. I came to the lilac game late. The lilacs at Hawthorne is what made my love for them fully blossom. My appreciation of lilacs grows each year, so much so that they were top of my list to find the other day. The season is so short I wanted to get a jump start to enjoying them right out of the gate. One stall in particular had bucket after bucket of them–the light hitting the lilacs so perfectly I just had to get a bundle for the dining table to enjoy for the week.