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Our Beloved Hawthorne At Home on

Over the moon pleased to announce that the At Home video with Susanna Salk on the Quintessence blog by Stacey Bewkes is now up. Head on over and check it out if you please. It is such a lovely reminder of an incredibly gorgeous October Hudson Valley day.  It snowed a bit this morning in Seattle so it was fun to see the video where it was so sunny and the leaves falling about from the trees.  I think you might remember me writing about this a few months back. It had been pretty cool most of our stay and a bit rainy.  I was crossing my fingers big time for a pretty day as I was setting the long picnic table outside the back porch for a meal.  Well, I got what I was hoping for in spades.  It was a gloriously sunny day.  Actually hot, as it hit 82 degrees.  I mention this as my shirt remained untucked throughout the video as I was running a tad warm.  Also funny Bailey sidenote. TPS was away the day this was shot, visiting his brothers. Bailey would not stop barking in several of the shots so I held her a bunch, hence me holding her to keep her quiet.  Just funny little behind the scenes details–I could not be happier with how it all turned out. Stacey & Susanna are real pros and put it all together so wonderfully from start to finish of this entire project.  Cheers to them! Thanks to Benjamin Moore paints for sponsoring all the greens throughout the house on the walls. Juliska for all those beyond gorgeous plates and glassware on the outside table and to Dunes and Duchess for getting the 2 big green candelabras made for us so quickly and so beautifully.  Cheers to the Hudson Valley!

Click here to watch the Hawthorne house tour video.



Livia Cetti Geraniums

Flower Friday is not about a live bloom but rather the equisite paper flowers by artist Livia Cetti.  Another round of artfully packed stems arrived the other day at the Home store, with the geraniums making my heart sing when all placed together in a duo of glass vessels. After these shots set amongst all the vintage hotel silver, they were placed around the shop as single stems to be enjoyed by all at every little turn.  



A Hawthorne Geranium

Flower Friday is a tad different today because it is not about a live flower or plant, but rather an exquisite paper plant.  I have written in the past of the artistry of New York artist, Livia Cetti.  Her work and the detail it entails is really quite something.  A new addition showed up at the house yesterday, finding a place of honor on the front table in the living room.  Live plants to have for the long haul here inside are not really in the cards, as watering them while we are away is an issue. This is where one of her paper flowers or plants comes into play.  We carry a variety of her work at the shops, so I am surrounded by the beauty daily when in Seattle. Fun to have her spirited work at Hawthorne where it has found a happy home amongst all the green.

A lovely, lovely Friday to you as we ease into the week-end…  Ted2+B



The Floral Artistry of Livia Cetti

20150612-073309.jpg I get excited when new things arrive at the shops. You have probably guessed/noticed this from previous posts. Just how I am built. Well, yesterday boxes arrived and I was so excited I could barely contain myself. The work of New York based artist/stylist Livia Cetti is something I have long admired. We have a few of her pieces at Hawthorne and they are some of my very favorite things. She is a master when it comes to creating works of art out of tissue paper and making flowers out of them. These one of a kind handmade flowers are crafted with hand-dyed tissue paper. Our first order arrived at the Home shop, with another coming soon to the 86 Pine shop. Pure happiness created with tissue paper. Style and simplicity.






20150612-074330.jpg Yes, one came home immediately. OK, actually two. One of the geraniums is now living in the kitchen. The above yellow peony living in our bedroom so I can see it the moment I wake up. Her stuff is magical I tell you.

Happy Friday everyone!