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Ted’s Tip No. 93

Share your gifts. If you love baking, make a pie for someone. If painting brings you happiness, give one of your works to a friend. By sharing our gifts, we spread so much joy, in both big and small ways. Never undervalue what might come easy to you, which in turn will be cherished by someone else, prompting them to share a gift they possess. It becomes a beautifully enlightened circle of giving.



A Lovely Saturday Thought 




Actually, make that a whole lotta LOVE.  XO, T2+B




However you define it, hold tight the ones you love, for it adds so much joy & meaning to our life. And laughter!



More Looking Back

Part Two of a look back of the year that has passed. Funny, looking at the images I chose yesteday, flowers & food are a major running theme in our lives.  Cheers to that!  



A Look Back

As the year comes to a close, I thought I would post some images in the next few days from the past 12 months.  Be it a bloom, a room, or just something that makes me happy, which in turn, I hope does the same for you.  My mission for this blog has been to share the small moments that fill my day that bring me great joy, in hopes that it encourages all of us to see & recognize that we all have them in our own–we just have to revel in them.




To me laughter equals happiness.  My grandmother told me when I was little that she thought it was the best medicine.  My Tuesday thought is to surround yourself with those that make you laugh!  No prescription required.  



Bread LOVE

I stumbled upon this image awhile back, not quite sure where I saw it as it was living in my photo album, but was immediately smitten.  My mind went right to a small French village and the local bread maker driving around to all his accounts delivering his passion, bread. A friend Kristi who is co-owner of La Panier bakery here in Seattle said, “Wish we could load our bread like that!”  which made me laugh and smile as it is so true. There are no paper wrappers or sleeves, nothing but baguette after baguette waiting to be enjoyed.  Bread often gets a bad rap and has gotten lots of attention these last few weeks as folks are once again embracing it.  But for those of us who never left it, cheers to breaking bread!




I am just returning (writing this in the air while flying back) from Milwaukee (Brookfield), where I was with my siblings by our mom’s side as she recovers from surgery.  At 89 she has lived alone for close to 30 years, since my father died.  We have been told by the doctors and rehabilitation center that she can no longer live alone.  News I find heartbreaking. We are in the midst of figuring all the logistics, as we all live in different parts of the country.  This post really is about those we love, even if we don’t live near one another or see each other often–to hold them ever so close.  For the unit we grew up with, we must call upon during the good and the tough times.  Family.  
The above quote seeming quite perfect for this day. Be well, all of you, and enjoy every moment of this ride… 

Much, much love, Ted



Yellow LOVE

Must have been the sunny sunny Sunday that had my mind on yellow, the energizing hue. From bright lemon yellow to a tad of orange in the tone to warm it up a bit, I am crazy for yellow at the moment in just about any and all forms.