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Simple Gifts

We were given these eggs from a friend, who raises chickens, as we were leaving her home. The simple act of a beautifully simple gift. I have written often, and I am sure I will write about this many more times–the idea of giving of what we have, what make, what we grow. These becomes the most special of gifts, as you are giving a bit of yourself.



Make It Simple

I think what stops most folks from entertaining on a regular basis is making the process much more laborious than it has to be. Sure, if you find yourself with tons of time and you want to cook everything from scratch, have at it. But if you want to have people over often and find little extra time on your hands, order out, or pick up some prepared food on your way home. Add a quick fresh salad, pass around a plate of cookies for dessert, and you are off and running. Set the table before you head to work in the morning takes a ton of stress away right before guests arrive and gets you excited during the day in anticipation of the eve. You want to see your friends, they want to see you, so making it easy makes these gatherings so much more possible.



Ted’s Tip No. 143

Offering to bring dessert when a friend is hosting a large dinner or gathering helps take one extra task off their plate. Be it homemade, bakery or grocery store bought, the gesture ends the event on a sweet note.



The Gift of Food

Must be since I am in San Francisco walking The Fancy Food Show that my mind is centered on food. My thoughts these past days have been on homecooked food and what a special gift that it makes. In our fast-paced often manner free world, giving and receiving something homemade can be one of the most thoughtful gifts. Yesterday when I was walking Bailey before I headed to the airport I ran into a gentleman from our building holding a lidded skillet that he was taking to a friend of his in the building across the street who was not feeling well. The gesture made my day like I am sure it did the lucky recipient. Never underestimate the powerful meaning of love/good manners/loveliness of the gift of soul enriching food.



Ted’s Tip No. 127

If you are out shopping this Holiday season, enjoy it. Revel in the sights, the sounds. Stop and have a coffee, a fun lunch or glass of wine along the way. Make it a joyous process. 



Watson Kennedy Gift Tags

Over the years, these have become a shop staple. Our Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas gift tags are quickly snatched up by folks who are getting into the gift wrapping mode. In packs of 20 with a generous amount of jaunty thick red & white twine, they work perfectly around a bottle of bubbles or stylish gift box. The back is left blank so a message can be added, if desired. 



Ted’s Tip No. 124

As we head into the busy Holiday season, keep those in mind who are less fortunate. If you know of an elderly person living alone, next time you bake, make two. Then share your bounty. 



Ted’s Tip No. 123

Leafy plants in your yard can become a quick, simple but oh stylish arrangement in a pinch. Plus they make great gifts too.



A Finely Wrapped Gift

We have been finding the coolest sheets of wrapping paper lately. There are always baskets and jars and buckets filled with tied up sheets for your perusal. Often the wrap job can equal the specialness of the gift. That anticipation it creates when handed to the recipient. The perfect ribbon chosen to compliment the color/colors of the paper. All are little details that will not be forgotten, which become part of the memory of the gift.



The Gift of Hydrangea 

Flower Friday is about the gift of flowers. I have written about this before, and I for sure will many more times too. If your garden is plentiful, giving some of that bounty away to friends who are gardenless will be HUGELY appreciated. Our friend Peg grows a variety of hydrangea and keeps us well-stocked throughout the season and every time she brings me a new bundle I am happy beyond measure. The gift of flowers you grow yourself is like giving a part of yourself. Much like giving food you have cooked, which is I think is a majorly winning gift, as well. You will be thought of each time the recipient glances at the flowers, and in the case of hydrangea, that can be quite awhile, as they often dry beautifully once they are beyond their peak.