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Stamp Creatively

Whether you buy your stamps on-line or at the post office, be sure to take a few extra moments and look through all the variety of stamps that are available to you. Keep in mind, you don’t always have to use just one stamp.  Sometimes a variety can make an envelope just absolutely sing.



Ted’s Tip No. 85

Saying thank you often is such a simple & gracious action.  



A Kind Sunday Thought

It really seems like such a basic concept that should be part of our being, always, but often in our world we are witness to just the opposite.  Spread the love, spread the joy, be kind.  I know I am preaching this to the choir, as the saying goes, because if you are reading this I know you are fabulous.  But it is just a reminder to our well-mannered, joyful tribe.  We got this!




Let me start by saying this is one of the most meaningful windows I have put together in close to 20 years.  I was on the verge of tears often while I was pinning these notes, cards & letters up on the wall.  This is my thank you for all the kindness shown to all who sent me a note.  Let’s backtrack a bit, for those of you new to reading my blog.  In May, I celebrated the 5th year of writing the daily posts. I asked folks then to send me a correspondence.  To write whatever they would like. Day after day envelopes arrived from around the globe.  Beautifully and often artfully handwritten.  To say I was in heaven is a slight understatement.  Then more arrived.  Artwork, gifts, more cards, more letters.  You all filled my heart with so much love–I truly can’t thank you enough.  They all were the PERFECT present to remember the 5th anniversary by. I am humbled by your words.  This wall is a small portion of them, but it is my ‘thank you’ back to all of you for taking the time. Merci, merci, merci from the bottom all the way up to the top of my heart.

Sending tons of love to your corner of the world,  Ted



Mr. & Mrs. Coasters at Watson Kennedy 

The wedding season is in full-swing, and our Mr. & Mrs. coasters are once again a top stylish choice.  Made of Italian marble, they are perfect stacked and at the ready for holding all sorts of libations.  



Ted’s Tip No. 73

This plentiful part of the season makes it a perfect time to pick up an extra basket of whatever catches your eye and drop it off at the door or desk of a friend.  A natural ‘just because’ gift that will be sure to be a hit and make their day.



The Finishing Touch

A well-chosen ribbon ties the whole package together on many levels.  



Crab House Nuts

We like to bring something other than, or in addition to, a bottle of wine or bubbles for a host/hostess gift. This tin of Crab House Nuts is often a big winner. Virginia peanuts with Chesapeake Bay seasoning is a slightly spicy alternative to plain peanuts.  Great to serve with cocktails.  They add a little kick.  One of the shops best-sellers all year round.

A happy Monday and a great start of the week to you all!  From Hawthorne but soon to be up in the air back to Seattle.  Ted2+B



The Gift of Greens

My friend Margo and her son came to WestWard on Sunday for a visit.  She brought a huge bag of greens from the garden.  What a truly awesome gift!  Sharing the bounty of Summer is such a gracious act.  It was all whipped up into a big salad the next eve.  The giving of what we have is so personal, and always makes a very special gift.



Ted’s Tip No. 68

If you have oodles of hydrangea, cut some and give to a friend out of the blue. If your lemon trees are full, surprise guests with a bag as they depart your party. Sharing what is plentiful in our lives is such a gracious & fulfilling gesture. It also makes for very happy friends.