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A Sea of Mariage Frères Tea

It is always a happy day when our Holiday order of Mariage Frères tea lands in Seattle from Paris.  I get updates along the way once it is picked up at the warehouse, what flight it is on, once it has landed, when it has cleared customs, and finally when it will be delivered to the shop.  Kind of like waiting on the arrival of an old friend coming to visit.  

Once it is delivered, it is a half days work by a group of us unpacking, pricing, stocking, back stocking and then displaying all that glorious tea.  Sort of a ‘whistle while you work’ mode as we are all so happy it has arrived safe & sound.  This year we are excited to offer the full range of NOEL teas.  Perfectly timed for the Holiday Kick-off Open House this Saturday.  The beautifully deeply hued boxes and tins a very stylishly French gift to give this season.  Add to that our ever growing grouping of honey and various tea-centric goods and the display is once again nice and full waiting to be enjoyed by all our Mariage Frères loving fans.



A Quick Spin Around

20150727-065205.jpg Returning back to the shops from being away, I always take a quick spin around to see how things are looking, what is new that has come in, what has sold, what we need more of, what needs to be moved around. The first few days back my mind is always racing with ideas. I think of spaces like plants or flowers in a way. They need to be cared for, looked after, watered, fed, and they will blossom. The shops are very much the same. Spaces have energy. That energy needs to be fueled. I am always looking for ways to keep things fresh & visually interesting. One of the biggest compliments we receive in the shops is when someone says they “feel good” when in the spaces–then I know we are doing it right. This is a big, overall goal, we are always looking to maintain. This is what caught my well-rested eyes after having come back from vacation.











Well Stocked Mariage Freres Tea Shelves

20140301-065454.jpg This ends up being well-travelled tea. We import Mariage Freres directly from the company in Paris. It is so interesting because I get alerts along the way after I place my order–when it has been packed, what flight the boxes are on, when the flight has landed, when it clears customs, when it will be delivered to the shop.

20140301-065814.jpg The minute the huge boxes are brought into the shop you start smelling how good it all is. Then we start opening up the big boxes, and there is just a symphony of scents wafting through the air. I love tea arrival day. The shelves once again fully-stocked with fresh tea.




Trophy Cupcakes & Parties! Book Signing Tonight at Watson Kennedy

20131217-084022.jpg Please join us this evening from 5 to 6:30 at the First & Spring shop location, for a Trophy Cupcakes & Parties! book signing. Author and cupcake maker extraordinaire, Jennifer Shea, will be on hand to sign her new book and also to answer any party planning or cupcake questions. This, her first book, is loaded with recipes, tips and ideas, all beautifully shot and styled. Cupcakes will of course be served, as well as bubbly, sparkling cider, and cups of Mariage Freres tea. Come do a little Holiday shopping, have a treat, buy a book. You get the idea. Hope you can join in on the fun. It will be a festive eve. For those of you not able to make it, we will have a stack of the books signed by Jennifer for sale after the event. These make swell gifts for the baker on your list. We hope to see you there!




Mariage Frères Tea by the Cup Returns

20131012-074909.jpg We are once again serving and selling Mariage Frères tea by the cup at our First & Spring shop. Offered are the 12 blends we stock. On these cool crisp days, walking around doing a little shopping with a cup of tea is downright civilized. It also is a great way to try out different blends before purchasing a tin. We have regulars that just come in for a tea to go too. Mention this blog post for a complimentary cup of tea today at the Home shop. Happy Saturday everyone!



Our Summer Shipment of Mariage Frères Tea Has Arrived!

20130705-075141.jpg It is always a happy tea filled day when our Mariage Frères order arrives from Paris. That day was Monday. Our shelves are now restocked and are brimming with delight.

20130705-075412.jpg The tea company was founded on 1 June 1854 by brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage. The stylish unmistakeable tin graces stylish kitchen cupboards the world over. I love looking through design magazines and catching glimpses of the tins scattered here and there. Again, this is one of those times where what is inside is as good as the stellar packaging.

20130705-075941.jpg We brought in a new flavor this shipment, Paris Breakfast Tea. Yum.

We stock all of our assortment in both the tins and boxes of muslin tea bags. Ready to be shipped to you around the globe. This is one very well-travelled tea.



Trophy Cupcakes Return to WK!

20121003-072220.jpg We took a small respite during the hot months of cupcake deliveries, but with the crispness in the air, we once again are selling the divine Trophy cupcakes Monday through Saturday at the First & Spring shop. Pair that with a cup of Mariage Frères tea and you are in for quite a treat. These also makes just the sweetest gifts, as the cupcakes are packaged in the above stellar & stylish box. We have a neighborhood business that gives a boxed cupcake to their employees on their birthday instead of a card. I love that idea! Salted caramel and red velvet are the top selling flavors to start us off this week.




Our Mariage Frères Shipment Has Arrived!

20120927-072926.jpg Our Fall/Holiday Mariage Frères shipment of 1100+ tins and boxes of muslin tea bags arrived yesterday from Paris. We were knee deep in shipping boxes, and the shop smelled heavenly. Pam priced every one of those boxes while I restocked and finessed the display. It was a fun day filled with tea.

20120927-073922.jpg These make just the perfect gift. House Beautiful asked me a few Holidays ago, what was my favorite go-to gift. Without a second of hesitation, I said it was a tin of the tea.

20120927-074116.jpg We carry 12 varieties, in both the iconic tin, as well as the boxes that are filled with 30 muslin tea bags.

20120927-074316.jpg As well as sugar cubes, strainers, a variety of honey, and vintage tea cups. We ship daily around the globe, so keep these in mind for when you need a quick, easy & elegant gift.

Happy Thursday all!



Horn Tea Scoops

20120308-064749.jpg These lovely horn tea scoops just arrived yesterday at Watson Kennedy. I thought they were the perfect addition to a tin of Mariage Freres or Barbara Barry tea, and was tickled to find them. The beauty of the variation of color in the horn, with the blacks & browns is spectacular. I tied one off on a tin in a cello bag–all set to be given as a gift–and a stylish gift at that.




The Very Best Cup of Tea

20120209-061506.jpg A good cup of tea can just soothe the soul. We are pleased to now be serving our beloved Mariage Freres tea by the cup at our First & Spring shop. What could be more perfect with a Trophy cupcake? We are offering all 12 blends that are available at Watson Kennedy loose in tins or in muslin bags. Stroll the streets of Seattle feeling transported to Paris whilst sipping on your favorite blend.