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Mums, Leaves and a Lily

Flower Friday is a nod to the glorious arrival of Autumn and all the grandness it brings. The images from last year at this time at Hawthorne. We head there in a little over a week and we can hardly wait–where the season seems to be like a movie we watch change over the time of our stay.

It is a fun contrast to Seattle, where the season is much more gentle. Back East, it is a riot of color. It is not a better, just different, and we feel quite fortunate to have both in our lives. The below from the table I set for a photo shoot I did for Pottery Barn. The single lily floating in the vessel bringing a little yellow to the table.



Mums The Word

Late, late Summer and you start seeing pot after pot of mums appearing. I pulled into the parking lot at the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store a few days after we arrived and the entrance was overflowing with pots. Yesterday when I ran down for a few things, just a handful remained. I had not been a big fan of chrysanthemum in the past, but the last few years I have changed my tune. A big pot of them are just happy. Plus they are hugely affordable. At $5 a plant, I picked up two and for a little more than a few coffees we were treated to their beauty out on the picnic table right outside the back porch. I am sure the price varies a bit from region to region, but my guess is they are not hugely more. What a fun gift to present to someone out of the blue! A lovey Flower Friday to you all…



Flower Friday from Hawthorne 

Use what you have, be creative, and enjoy the very most out of all of it–my motto for flowers, and certainly for life, as well.  Flower Friday comes to you from Hawthorne where at the moment it is a spectacularly sunny, crisp Autumn October day.  There is a mixture of grocery store, farmers market and things culled from the property blooms in the house–hydrangea, mums and lilies.  They all make me wildly happy.  I hope they bring you a bit of visual enjoyment too!