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My Favorite Things Today

The new year brings new delights at the shops–to read, to taste, to hold, to give, to receive. Here are a few of My Favorite Things Today. 



My Favorite Things Today

We are coming up on the last day to order from the Watson Kennedy website which is this Wednesday, to guarantee delivery by the 24th.  We can expedite shipping after that, but it becomes a little more costly. So I thought I would show you this variety of images today of things I have posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter this last month.  Just a variety of fun foursomes, of things to give, or keep, this festive season.  



My Favorite Things Today

Today is a big day for small retailers as Shop Small takes center stage in our communities.  I do hope you can get out and about in your town or city to shop & eat small today.  Of course you know I feel this way and I have said it often before, but small businesses add so much variety/creativity/love to the community in which they grace–they are fueled by the passions of individuals and families.  So if shopping is on your agenda today, shop small.  I promise you, it will be greatly appreciated and make you happy, happy, happy.  

Just a reminder, we have our Holiday Open House today at our shop in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market, in the Pike Place Market.  Would love to see you there!  As a little blog reader bonus, if you see me and tell me you follow along on the daily posts, I will have a ‘merci’ treat for you.  Now on to my latest favorite things…



My Favorite Things Today

So much new is arriving at the shops each day, it has been a fun challenge keeping up with it all.  I know, tough job.  My goal these last few weeks right on through the Holidays is to add a dozen new items to the shop website each week.  In between unpacking and wrap, wrap, wrapping I have been click, click, clicking away.  Here is the 12 for this week.  All are now up on our Watson Kennedy site for those of your from afar and settled in nicely to a display for all of you in the Seattle area.



My Favorite Things Today

A happy start of this November to you all!  The shops & website are brimming with festive goods, both new & old.  The Watson Kennedy elves have been diligently unpacking away for quite some time now to stock our shelves with all sorts of yummy things.  Here are a few that caught my eye.



My Favorite Things Today

So many things caught my eye at both shops, it was hard to chose.  But try I must–insert large smile. Some old, some new, some tried, some true.  All soon to be up on our website, or give us a ring if you have any questions or just prefer to hear a friendly voice.



My Favorite Things Today

So many things popped out at me as I strolled around the shops to choose some current favorites.  Gifts to give, gifts to keep–is always a thought running through my head as I am buying goods for Watson Kennedy.  Here are a dozen that topped the list.



My Favorite Things Today

Summer has kicked into high gear, the hustle & bustle of guests visiting our fine city makes each day at the shops such a treat.  I love hearing foreign languages being spoken while visitors enjoy the shop experience, to folks who are spending the day in Seattle who have come over from Bellevue.  Near or far, we always try to offer an assortment of goods to delight.  Here is what caught my eye in the past few days.



My Favorite Things Today

A few favorites at the shops–some new, some tried & true.










My Favorite Things Today

I spent yesterday at the 86 Pine Street shop, so I snapped away at a few things that caught my eye as the sun streamed in through the oversized window that faces out to the Market and the water. Often it is images I am capturing down at the other shop as the big First Avenue & Spring Street windows let in an incredible amount of light which is ideal for picture taking. But the beautifully sunny day had the light dancing about so I hopped right to it. More bath-centric–towels, toothbrushes, shampoo and bath gels became my favorite of the moment. With vetiver being the winning scent. I had the door open the entire day, the sound of the fountain gurgling away and folks milling about in the background, the natural music of our beloved Inn courtyard.