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Roses as Respite

This Flower Friday brought to you from the John Derian booth at the show earlier this week. Truly, dreamy, right? Walking the aisles of the Javitz Center for a few days looking for shop goods is wonderful and challenging all at the same time. One must look at a bunch of ‘not great’ (ok, sometimes really awful) to find the gems, so when I stumbled into John’s booth to write my order, my heart skipped an extra beat when I spotted these roses in a display. A respite of floral beauty. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did/do. 



A Day at the Show

The first day of the show was a visual feast. Choices, choices, choices. I am like a kid in a candy store. A very large candy store, The Javitz Center. I remembered to pull out the trusty camera phone a few times so here is a look, from candles to cutting boards, at some of what is coming our way.



Goods–Here, There & Everywhere 

I am back at it again buying at the show in New York City.  Such a visual feast.  I have used the ‘needle in a haystack’ analogy many times before, as it is so true. It is the search of looking high and low, in every nook & cranny, leafing through pages and piles–to find the gems.  Very excited to have remembered to click away some images.  Here is a bit of what is on the way…




Yes, that time again. Show time! An energizing round of days where product takes center stage. Well actually, where ‘finding’ it takes center stage. I have been so taken by all the details, such as the flowers, ephemera, artwork (I know–surprise, surprise) that many of the vendors have taken the time to add to their displays. It is what gives a booth, or a home for that matter, visual interest that goes deeper than just the things up on the shelves. I snapped away some of my favorite vignettes as well as things coming our way to WK in the months ahead.










Day 2, The Show Continues…

With phone/camera in hand, I was determined to capture more images. Another full, non-stop day and I found sooooooo much great stuff. Needle in a haystack is how I always think of it. Diamonds in the rough too. By the end of the day I am looked out, but completely energized by what I saw, bought, and utterly excited knowing it will soon be in a display for all to enjoy at the shops. Here are a few more of the diamonds I found…












A Day at the Show

This is comical. I truly thought I had snapped more photos of goods yesterday at the show. Apparently not. Monday was a non-stop day of shopping/buying at the New York show, and as I have written before, I almost become trance like–super focused that taking photos completely goes out of my thought process. Just know there are TONS of goodies that will be arriving in the coming months at WK, and that was just day one. Two more to go! A few highlights. The Eddie Ross book coming out in September is just so creatively done and filled with tons of ideas. I will do a post on it once I have had time to fully take it all in. Eddie and his partner Jaithan came to my book party last year, are just the nicest fellows. They were in the midst of working on the book then, which we chatted about, so it is so cool to see it come to life. The dish towel so graphic and fun, these will look great in any kitchen or fab as an oversized napkin. Lastly, I attended a cocktail party at the beyond lovely home of Nest candle founder Laura Slatkin in the eve. Laura is a fan of Watson Kennedy, we follow each other on Instagram, and the last time she was in Seattle she came for a visit to the First Avenue shop. She is just such a kind, gracious person. She hosted quite a fete. Excited to soon be carrying her exquisite line of candles, coming this Autumn. I am off for another full day at the show! I promise, more photos tomorrow.






Finding New, New, New at NY Now

20150202-042318.jpg As I type this in the wee hours of the morning, the snow is falling like crazy in New York City. It actually woke me up as I can hear the snow plows moving about. Is beautiful watching it from the 32nd floor blanket the city. My mind might be changed just a tad at the beauty once I am out in it later this morning trying to maneuver and get to the show. For now I am thoroughly enjoying it. And once again, I have been remiss in taking lots of photos at the show. I am finding oodles of new things and I just get so deeply concentrated, taking my phone out to snap away just does not pop into my brain until later. But I have captured a few, so you get a little taste of some of the yummy goodness that will be coming our way to Watson Kennedy in the coming months.








NY NOW Now + {Book Signing}

20140818-053550.jpg These are such busy, full, fun days, these ‘show’ days, I am oh so happy I had a few days before to rest up and re-energize at Hawthorne. I have spoken a bit before about this, but walking a show is full-on visual stimulation, so coming at it with fresh eyes is crucial. I am finding such great stuff! At shows, I am always looking for “new, new, new” to keep WK nice and fresh with new varieties of things coming through the door. I clicked away only a few images these last 2 days, as I have been in the zone, but do know, lots, and I mean lots, of new is coming our way.



20140818-054608.jpg I am also very excited to report that I will be signing copies of Style & Simplicity today at the show from 2 to 4 at my publishers booth. If you are at the show, please stop by the Sterling booth on the ground floor of Javitz. It is always lovely to see familiar faces at a show.

Happy start of the week to you all!
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