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The First of the Season Peonies 

That big bucket of the first of the season peonies I spotted at the Market last Saturday are the Flower Friday blooms for the week. Enjoyed for all to see in the shop that day, they then made the ferry crossing to and from Vashon Island. They have been gracing the dining table this week in town to much happiness. The above image when I first saw them. Love when the buds are closed up, just waiting to explode to show the world their ruffly beauty.



The Peony Story Continues…

20160610-042519.jpg Peonies continue to be the Flower Friday darling, with the season being quite short, I am picking them up at every opportunity possible. The enjoyment level so darn high. We had folks for cocktails on Tuesday eve in town, the peonies on the dining table greeting them throughout the sunny evening. Snapped the below solo peony as I sat reading last night and looked across the room to fluttery splendor. The heat of the last few days helping to open the bloom up–it took my breath away when I glanced over at it.




5 Peony

20160604-052227.jpg Flower Friday is coming to you all a day tardy. I really wanted to invite everyone to the Virginia McCracken trunk show today, so I really needed to post it yesterday. Oh well, thought you would not mind. Now onto these beautiful blooms.

Living with flowers can really brighten up a day, a table, a home. But I know they can be costly so making the most out of them is key. Most often grocery stores sell bunches of flowers, usually in a bundle of 5. That single bunch can make a big impact. Just spread the love around. Here is where a single stem vase increases the visual impact. For this table they are the simplest of clear drinking glasses. I cut the peony so the heavy head rested right on top of the lip of the glass, giving it support. Then I ran them down the middle of the dining table. That simple bunch of flowers bringing the whole table setting together, getting a big bang for the buck. The next day they moved with the table outside, and I scattered them around to mix it up a bit. The bunch of 5 peony giving us all sorts of happy over the week.




A Sea of Peonies

A quick run to get lunch yesterday and I was diverted to the sea of peonies that were just calling my name at the stall of my favorite flower vendor. Dreamy. #PeonyLove






Sunday Blooms

20150628-062518.jpg My, oh my, oh my. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. I was wrong, peony season has not quite ended. Which is such a good thing. Yesterday on my Saturday Market stroll, there were still a few buckets left of some pretty awesome peony. The above color almost unreal. But there they were, in all of their gloriousness. Wow.

A lovely Sunday to you all in your part of the globe!



The Simplicity & Purity of White Peonies

As the peony season comes to a close here in the Pacific Northwest (only scattered buckets here and there remain at the Market), I am taking every chance possible to have them at home and the shops. Such ruffly bundles of pure goodness. I have a particular fondness for white peonies. Something about the simplicity of them. Sort of similar to my love of black & white photography. There is just a pureness to it. Not totally finding the right words to describe it at this early moment in the morning. I guess I just like how I feel when surrounded by them. Like all is right in the world at that moment. Enjoy these gems as much as we have this week.







Pops of Peonies

20150530-064101.jpg The first thing I did Friday morning after having been gone for a few weeks is head to the Market and breathe in the sights & scents of the peonies. We searched high and low in our country hood for the blooms and came up short. The season up there just not kicking in quite yet. Seattle on the other hand, my oh my oh my, peony heaven.

20150530-064442.jpg Buckets and buckets of them just waiting to be loved.

20150530-064529.jpg I love the progression of them being a nice tight ball and then watching them unfold and do their fluttery poetic dance like only they can do.

20150530-064713.jpg They have been scattered around the shops and home in single stem vases since the moment they started showing up at the Market. Pops of peony here and there–that way the singular beauty of each ruffly petal is enjoyed and thoroughly appreciated.



The Simplicity of a White Peony

20150515-085514.jpg A simple bunch of 5 peony.

20150515-085554.jpg Scattered about the house.

20150515-085632.jpg Set here and there and everywhere.

20150515-085752.jpg The singular beauty of a white peony.

20150515-085936.jpg Each fluttery bloom a small work of art.



The Market Peonies Have Arrived

20150501-052247.jpg A lovely May Day to all of you! Thought we would start the month off with a little peony goodness. The season is quite short, so we have to inhale as much peony beauty as we can. A quick stroll, ok, more like a slow run, as I only had a few moments before the shop opened at 10 yesterday morning. I spotted a few vendors here & there with buckets of peonies. This will of course increase each day as the season ramps up. Which makes me deliriously delighted.

20150501-052926.jpg The light once again casting a luminous glow onto the blooms. They are such delicate yet hearty flowers. I placed individual stems in single vases around the shop. Several times during the day I would hear a gasp as well as “Are those real?” which always makes me chuckle. I know there are some good faux flowers out there, but having fresh blooms just adds such ‘life’ to any space they grace. Big or small. Home or work. Happy start of the peony season!




The Year in Flowers, Part Deux

The flowers continue, as the rest of the year unfolds.





















20141231-093537.jpg The year in blooms…
Thank you so much for following along. I think we make pretty awesome travel mates. Truly, I love having you all along for this ride called life. My hope has always been that sharing some of my/our moments makes us all slow down a bit and savor the moment. Savor those incredibly rich moments we all have. We just have to see them. Cheers to many, many more in the new year!
Sending much gratitude, love & thanks,