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Peonies & Tulips

They took center stage. The peonies and the tulips snuggling right up next to one another. From there, the rest of the table was super easy to set. Red became the color story and we were off and running with a table for deux. These were the first peonies of the season for us, the lone bucket at one of my favorite flower stalls at the Market a happy sight. They sat perky at the shop on Saturday for all to enjoy, made the ferry trip over, made the ferry trip back, and are now in the city on the dining table to be enjoyed like crazy this week. A peony might seem dainty, but quite the opposite. 



The Year in Flowers

This last Flower Friday of the year is a look back on the last twelve months of blooms. Whether a single stem or a large mass, the beauty of flowers for the soul is like air or water to me, as I know they are to many of you, necessary on many levels. Here are some of my favorites I think you might remember, and for certain know you will enjoy…



A Summmaaaa of Blooms

As the sunny season wraps up today, Flower Friday is all about the blooms we enjoyed along the way. From the very last of the peony as Spring faded away to the bold yellowy reds of the season ending dahlias, and all sorts of goodness in between. Whether singularly or in abundance, this Summer was a stellar flower time for all to enjoy.



Blooms, 3 Ways

There are so many ways to enjoy flowers, and this week it included 3 ways that they found their way into our world.

Out on the island, simple but oh so regal and ever fragrant grocery store lilies from the Vashon Thriftway graced our outside dining table. 2 vintage blue Ball jars, each with a stem in it, and we were set.

Dinner at our friends Peg & Brian’s home where the first of the season hydrangea from their garden graced the table where we enjoyed dinner under the stars. Big treat–Peg prepared a bundle for us to take home to enjoy as we were departing.

And lastly, but certainly not least, the end of season peony. I am amazed that there are so many still around the Market stalls. But I will take it! 

Be it the grocery store, a garden, or a farmers market, may your Flower Friday include a bloom or two, or many…



Still Going Strong

Flower Friday are the peony I hand carried, actually make that L.L. Bean bag carried, back from New York. I placed them here & there in single stem vessels so we could be greeted by fluttery goodness in various spots as we walked through the rooms. The joy they have brought, downright amazing. I shot these earlier in the week, but they are still going strong. Almost 2 weeks. Crazy! Caretaker Bill sent us a photo from the house with the bush a riot of dancing blooms. Was so bummed to have missed them do their thing, but these are making up for it. In spades. Hope you like…



Watermelon Placemats 

It generally takes just the spark of one ‘thing’ to get my mind racing when it comes to putting a table together. The one thing in this instance, were the paper watermelon placemats I found at the recent show in New York. I could not wait for them to arrive to have them be the centerpiece and starting point to a Summer shop table display. Add to that red napkins with little ant motifs printed about them and a bundle of white peony, and I was off and running.



The Equisite Peony

Snapped these three blooms the other day at the Market and thought they would be amazing for Flower Friday. The stems brought from Hawthorne are doing their thing and are opening beautifully but are not ready for their close-up, so to speak, quite yet.



A Preppy Pink & Green Table

My preppy heart always swoons a little when pink & green collide. There is just a happy freshness to the combo. So when we got our hands, finally, on those dreamy pink peony last week at Hawthorne, I could not wait to set the table. Single stems dotting the setting, with a hefty Juliska vase holding a big grouping on one end, and the ferns anchoring the other. Having guests to meals is one of our great joys. To be able to break bread with family and friends, I can hardly think of better times. 



A Welcome Back

The scent of jasmine the moment we opened the front door was our welcome back last eve. The warm weather while we were away was indeed happily received by everyone in Seattle, as well as apparently the jasmine. Oh my. It is crazy how much it grew in two weeks. I really wish this photo was a ‘scratch & sniff’ so you could all enjoy the sweet beauty of the scent. I snapped this photo early this morning right after a quick walk with Bailey. I just had to add a single peony bloom for the shot. We hand carried a good sized bundle from Hawthorne as I just could not bear to miss so many of them blooming after we left. So, by golly, these little puppies are well-travelled and will be enjoyed mightily in the coming days.



Pink & Green Flower Friday

I had hoped, hoped, hoped the post today would be the peony from in front of the house. But those buds are just on the brink of opening, probably just as we depart on Monday. So I thought I would bring you the next best thing. Glorious blooms from my new source here that I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to have found. Caretaker Bill told us about a grower he had heard of and gave me their address. My grocery store hunting had me coming up dry in the peony department, so we were off to locate this possible new flower supplier. Well, let me just say, that was a few days ago and I am still smiling. I was surrounded by so many blooms I had thought I went to flower heaven! Could not wait to share these peony with you all today.